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America's Escape Game on International Drive in Orlando, FL is the #1 new scary escape game attraction in the USA, with best and challenging escape rooms. Find out Things to Do in Orlando!! America's Escape Game is a real live adventure game designed for small groups and is the newest entertainment concept challenging everyone!

America's Escape Game

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Rachel Rozewski

30 July 2018

It was great! We were visiting friends and had our young daughter with us. We did the Tomb and it wasn’t at all scary which was perfect - just all about problem solving. I was impressed with the layout and the puzzles involved. I would highly recommend it! More...


Ning Ovathan Christopher

23 July 2018

A group of 4 of us came here for part of my surprise birthday celebration. My sister called ahead to plan it and everyone was friendly and patient over the phone. We were greeted warmly by Judson and Andy once we got there. We did the Face Off challenge. We've done a few escape games before, but this was the first time any of us did a head-to-head one. The competition factor added to the excitement of the game. It was so much fun. They even surprised me at the end with one of their t-shirts as a bday gift. We will definitely return to try some of the other rooms! Thank you guys for an awesome time! More...


Lisa Kimber Hayes

23 July 2018

OMG we did the asylum and it was AWESOME. So exciting and scary. This is the second one we've done here and had a great time. We didn't make it out of the first one but did this one with wait for it .......... 5 minutes to spare. Definetly a heart racer. We did it with 3 so there was stuff for everyone to do. More...


Scott F. Cummings

23 July 2018

We booked the Asylum escape room with a party of 5 and had 3 other players added to our group. We all had a really good time and escaped with 6 seconds remaining. The room was well decorated, the props all worked and the theme was great. There was a good back story and lead in as well. We have done about 7 other escape rooms and this one was very challenging. We had to use all 3 clues as some of the puzzles were on the difficult side, but very fun. Once we had a prod in the right direction, they made sense. I love haunted houses and this room gave us a bit of that thrill too. The staff was great. We had Ash as our Game Master and he did a fine job. There were a number of sophisticated props that relied on more than just a lock. Those are my favorite and they had plenty of them in this game. If you are an escape room fan, I would highly recommend you try this room! More...


Alexander Diaz

23 July 2018

I was very surprised with the experience we had. I figured it would be childish and easy but wow was I surprised. My team couldn’t even pass it! You have to look and think when and where your not supposed to. It’s definitely worth the money and I know I personally will be returning. Thank you for the great experience guys! More...


Julian Goebel

23 July 2018

The asylum room was a great and immersive experience which I highly recommend for any horror fan.

The clues weren’t too obscure but not too obvious either, nor did it put too many clues on your plate at once. I would recommend it for a larger group or for someone with a bit of escape room experience. Our 2 player team was able to get though about 90% of it so an additional set of hands may be needed for your first play through to complete it.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I’d gladly visit them again.