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Ashley Simmons

6 December 2018

Great place to lift, staff and members are very friendly and inviting.


john ohlsson

14 September 2017

Great gym, good classes owners are friendly good plece for all meat heads


Anthony Weber

8 May 2017

Grate place to get your sweat on and friendly staff


Stephanie Alexander

26 August 2016

This gym is a wonderful place to do your workouts, especially if you go many days out of the week. My brother and I were visiting from NY for a few days, and had to go to the gym every day. The owner is extremely friendly and welcoming, and the establishment is well-equipped with machines. Weekends the gym is very open, and weekdays there tends to be more people but never did it come close to crowded.

All of the machines actually challenge your abilities, contrary to our NYC gym. I think we got a better workout there than we did any other time at the gym we had been going to all summer. This gym is well air conditioned, plays awesome music, and has several TVs available at all times. Everything is very clean (older, yes, but absolutely no grime or dirt) and I never felt gross using equipment after anybody. The bathrooms are also extremely clean and smell-free.

This gym has all of your weight-training needs (bench, incline, plenty of high and low weight dumbbells, squat rack, etc) as well as cardio for those who prefer that. Honestly, I wish they had a gym where I live so I could continue going 5/7 days of the week! Absolutely loved my time here and enjoyed workouts taking half the usual amount of time since I didn't have to wait on machines.

If you're looking for a place that is extremely personable but will absolutely not try to solicit you into purchasing classes or attire (unlike my gym back home, where I will be stopped in the middle of my workout to be asked to pay for additional, unnecessary classes!!) this is absolutely the gym for you. I am a woman and never once felt uncomfortable working out there. Nobody at this gym is trying to impress, everyone who goes there seems to genuinely love keeping themselves healthy and in shape!


Joshua Weigand

6 February 2016

Family owned gym where ownership is always present. Real steel feel a gym should have, highly recommend