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Fairlawn, Rhode Island

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Ambition Fitness Training

Fairlawn, Rhode Island


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Keri Lynn

2 September 2018

Coming to Ambition is by far the best decision I've ever made. Scott is amazing, he really takes the time to get to know his clients and their individual goals. I'm stronger, healthier and more confident now thanks to him. More...


Sean Cabral

2 September 2018

I've known Scott for a long time now, I consider him a great friend of mine. For as long as I've known him, he has been dedicated to his career as a trainer. It is more than a job to him, it is a lifestyle. He is dedicated to producing results for all of his clients, providing them with the tools they need to succeed and reach their goals. I highly recommend his gym to everyone, whether you may be experienced or just starting off. I guarantee you will learn something new while being pushed to be a healthier stronger you. I recommend an abs/core workout to start off, it will give you a taste of what he has to offer. It's brutal! More...


Cliff Pereira

2 September 2018

I've been training with Scott at Ambition Fitness for about 10 months and it's the best time and money I've ever spent on myself. Scott's personal approach and flexibility are what I have benefited from the most. I came to Scott after several setbacks and mounting injuries due to overuse, imbalances and well, getting older. Years of training, physical therapy and everything I could think of never quiet got me to where I hoped to be. I can say after working with Scott, I am feeling the best I have felt since I was in college (I'm 37). A big part of that was Scott's ability to be flexible and change up our routines based on the progress or setback that occurred during our process. No matter if there was a strain or injury we could always move forward in a positive direction. Scott was also open to work on sports specific training drills with me to get me back on the basketball court competing. Over time with consistency, flexibility and collaboration, I am coming closer to achieving my overall health and fitness goals than ever before. It's been worth every dime, minute, rep and ice bag along the way. Health is wealth, and I'm glad I made the investment at Ambition � More...


Jim Bradley

2 September 2018

Scott has been my trainer since October 2015, and this review is long overdue.

Personally, I was always a big skeptic about personal trainers for the longest time, for a few different reasons:

1) They are expensive
2) Do not always customize the program based on where you are mentally are in the process
3) Boring, routine... workout
4) Felt funny working with a trainer in a public gym

Scott is none of these things. Since my initial orientation with him, he heard my needs; why I needed a personal trainer and what my goals were.
I have accountability issues when it comes to exercise, hence I realized I needed a trainer that just doesn't let me off the hook easily and doesn't make me do routine workouts ( threadmills, the same boring things over and over, etc.)

I have yet to repeat any of my workouts with Scott. They never are boring. He is a motivator but not a drill Sargent, he manages to keep my mind busy and 60 minutes fly by. He also gives his clients his undivided attention IN HIS OWN PERSONAL GYM...where you can focus on your goals free from distractions you have a public gyms.

I work out with Scott 3 times a week in his very clean, very organized private gym.

If you are looking for a personal trainer that actual cares about health/wellness/fitness and his clients. Look no further. I am very lucky to have found him. A hidden gem for sure and I hope to continue my personal training adventure with Scott for as long as my mind and body will allow.

It has made a major impact in my life for the good!


Fleur Defries

2 September 2018

Scott provides a safe and professional environment in which to test the limits of what a person can do. He changes the exercises often enough to keep each workout fresh and dynamic and always has the client's best interests at heart, as well as working with any preexisting injuries a client may have. His communication is clear and straight forward and he is a fountain of knowledge not only when it comes to fitness but also supplemental health and diet. More...


Rebecca Godbout

2 September 2018

Scott is amazing! I've been going to him for a little over a month now and already seeing results. He works with me with everything that we do and is just the right amount of pushy when doing different exercises. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a personal trainer. More...

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