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I offer in-depth counselling and psychotherapy, to help you work through and resolve the things you want to change. If you are ready to tackle some personal or relationship issues, I will accompany you every step of the way. I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with 25 years' experience working with all kinds of people.



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Psychotherapists mostly love their work, as every client is special and unique and we get to know you really well. There is just so much to learn about psychology, human nature, and what helps people to develop and refine their incredible personal potential. I also love teaching psychotherapy, and sharing therapeutic ideas, which are just so helpful in everyday life. Here are some ideas that might possibly help.

Is Psychotherapy right for you?
Here are some ways to think about this, Are you interested in

Personal growth
Would you like to overcome your current limitations and rise to meet new challenges?
Release fears and worries that hold you back
Become more positive and change aspects of yourself that do not bring you fulfilment
Dissolve old patterns of thinking and behaviour that are outdated and no longer serve you
Find peace of mind, self confidence and a spirit of adventure!
Come to terms with painful loss and change, and learn how to grow from difficult experiences
Take time for a life review and renew your sense of purpose for the next phase
Learn about your personality style, and preferences and what support you need to succeed in life
Overcoming Difficulties in Life

Learning to accept, understand and work with profound wounds to your sense of self. This work is about slowly coming to terms with what has happened, as much as it is possible to do so, and learning to live more skilfully with the fallout from challenging events and situations, including trauma, loss, change and abuse. The understanding, empathy and also the experience of a psychotherapist in this field can be life-changing and empowering.

IMPROVING Relationships

You want to understand and change something that is happening in your relationships
You need help and support, individually or as a couple
You and your partner or family member would like to work on your issues together with a therapist who is neutral and supportive and can help you understand each other better and improve your communication.
Mentoring and Life Coaching

What is it you wish you could do, but you have blocks that prevent you? Are there things you feel you can’t change about yourself? Is there something you long for?
You are experiencing stress, reduced quality of life or a lack of achievement; relationships at work are challenging, or you need help with specific aspects of your work, such as organisational, managerial, communication or writing skills
you want to focus upon some very specific work or career-based goals, with targets and assignments

Consider psychotherapy if some of these apply to you:

You have been experiencing psychological and emotional symptoms that reduce your quality of life for three months or more
You feel stressed or unhappy, and you want to take control and become more positive
You need support and some objective feedback
Your suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, and you know it’s time to deal with it
You experience depression, sadness, low mood, or a sense that nothing has any point
You have been going through grief and bereavement that is prolonged and prevents you from functioning
Consequences of trauma
Consequences of abuse
Consequences neglect or abandonment in early life
Consequences of displacement
You would like support with issues of gender, and gender re-assignment
Problems in relationships that you cannot resolve
Certain situations or relationships keep repeating
You have low self confidence and it’s time to improve it so you can realise your potential
You want a reality check and to confirm if you are going in the right direction
You are required or requested to attend psychotherapy; this is something we would need to discuss as it needs to be your own free choice

You have a diagnosed mental health issue and you would like a personal psychotherapist in private practice to work alongside your psychiatric team
Depression and anxiety-related conditions can respond well to psychotherapy, and you would need to discuss the possibilities with your potential psychotherapist as treatment is offered on a very individual basis
If you have an autistic-spectrum diagnosis, such as for example Asperger’s, psychotherapy is one way in which you can learn relationship and communication skills so you can perform to a high level
If you have been diagnosed with a personality disorder and you want to function as normally as possible, psychotherapy may be helpful, especially if there is no specialist treatment available for you

Eating Disorders: psychotherapy can offer much needed support and self insight for people struggling with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive and over-eating; for some it is very supportive to receive private support outside of the health care system, although the results in reducing symptoms are variable. Group approaches may be more effective than individual psychotherapy.

A psychotherapist cannot prescribe medication. You can continue taking medication while in psychotherapy, and you can discuss whether this may affect the work you will be able to do.

Psychotherapy may not work for you if:
You would find it difficult to attend regular sessions
You do not believe there is any benefit in exploring the past, what is past is gone
You would prefer a short-term problem-solving approach without going into other aspects of your life
Working on yourself and talking about how you feel doesn’t appeal to you!
You want a very quick solution (magic is possible, but it takes time and focus)

Working in private practice gives me the freedom to offer you a comfortable, relaxing environment, privacy, and the amount of time that you personally need to establish wellbeing and change in your life. Psychotherapy offers you change and freedom. It's powerful.

Five Fundamental Principles of Psychotherapy

Each person has intrinsic value, and is worthy of love, respect and opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment. Psychotherapy attempts to provide conditions where these opportunities can be developed.

The pursuit of authentic personal wisdom alongside psychological, emotional and spiritual freedom require self knowledge and insight. Psychotherapy provides a special situation wherein these qualities can be fostered and developed.

Psychotherapy is mindfulness in action – a mindful enquiry into your own states of mind and being – that is both rigorous, dynamic and peaceful.
Your past, including both your personal past and the history of your family and culture, does not have to determine your future, but if you do not have a method with which to apprehend it, you will continue to be driven by unhappy or uncomfortable aspects of yourself that you do not fully understand.

Social change can be effected by individuals who become harmonious and balanced in their own lives – and who do not create chaos and conflict.

I am experienced, compassionate and really care about each one of my clients! I also have a lot of training behind me.
Psychotherapy is a human relationship that offers you feedback, insight and guidance. You receive in-depth support and reflections about many aspects of yourself and your life, such as

Your personality and style of relating
How to understand your life issues in a creative and dynamic way
How to get unstuck when you seem to keep repeating an old way of doing your life
How to develop a constructive approach to problem solving based on positive psychology
How to use mindfulness skills to stay present in the midst of stress and confusion
How symptoms you may experience – for example depression or low confidence – are key to understanding how you can begin to feel better
How the past is still driving your behaviour even when you think you’ve forgotten about it
How your fears are holding you back from being fully yourself
How to manage difficult or painful emotions
How to understand what is happening in your relationships

Psychotherapy is a unique situation, as it is a close relationship with a purpose, and it does not ever become a social friendship. There is confidentiality, and a full code of ethics and practice that the practitioner is accountable to. There are times in life when we can’t see the obvious about ourselves, and the clarity and support offered by deep and informed listening will take you much further and faster than you can go on your own.