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Your one stop shop for One on One Personal Training, Nutrition guidance, Meal Prep services, & Bootcamp classes. Located next to Montoya Boxing gym, this is your gym for both boxing classes and personal training!

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27 August 2019

If you’re wanting to start to work out and you’re a bit lazy!! This place can you the push to make you keep going and not give up. The trainers are great they will motivate you, show you want you need to work on, Also they will tell you what food you need to eat. This place will encourage you to work out, you’ll meet good people and have fun working out. I recommend them anytime. More...


Teyada Beaver

27 August 2019

LOOKING FOR RESULTS..... I would highly recommend Alphastetic Competitors. I’ve been coming here for the last 4 months, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to workout. My trainer JORGE is amazing and will push you to the fullest to make sure you get the results you want as long as you follow his instructions. They have great meal plans for those that need help on what to eat, and also have a boot camp training on Saturday. The best part of this gym you meet new people and build friendships with everyone there. So if your looking for a great gym come out and ask for JORGE who is my trainer or Angel another great trainer. More...


Norma Ochoa

30 June 2019

Muy muy agradecida con mi entrenador Jorge que me ha ayudado a perder 23 libras en dos meses y 7 de grasa Wow No lo puedo creer súper feliz con mi resultado y gracias a mi entrenador gracias Gracias Jorge y le seguiré echando ganas con su ayuda


Emily Beakey

30 June 2019

This gym is amazing for all ages! No matter where you are on your journey this gym fits everyone so many great people & trainers!! I’ve been training for almost a year now & I will continue to do so. Make your appointment today!! More...


Chrissy Cruz

23 March 2019

If you want a change in your life, motivation and a healthier lifestyle then this is the place to go! I've been training with Jorge for a month now and I feel better and seen so much progress in myself. I would totally recommend Jorge or Angel(other trainer) to anyone! Don't just think about it, do it and you won't regret it! More...


Mikaela Vela

23 March 2019

If you are looking for a place to train and push yourself, this is definitely the place! The trainer treats you with respect and helps you obtain your goal! I have only been going for a short amount of time, but I can truly say I feel a change physically and mentally ! I am looking forward to the rewarding change that I am sure I will reach thanks to the incredible trainer and his passion for promoting health and well being ! More...


Denise Vela

23 March 2019

Alphastetic Competitors has definitely helped me reach beyond my goals by helping me loose weight and gain muscle. Here at A.C. they are organized and considerate. Just like any other journey it can be unsettling when you first start but A.C. always answers my questions or concerns whether it's to help or guide in the training routines, which are made for me; to help me in my goals. Plus A.C. gives great advice in nutrition and what I should be eating when I'm in doubt, not to mention offers some great food prep services when I'm busy with school. It's definitely a great place to checkout, scheduling with them is easy and flexible. More...


Perla Garcia'sj

21 February 2019

Shout out to my dude angel for the incredible transformation.He really pushed me out of my comfort zone, pushed me past my own limits and, helped me feel comfortable with my own body again.He knows exactly what works out would help me to reach my own goal. More...


Brittany Booth

26 July 2018

Alphastetic competitors is a great studio ! New and vibrant I love that it is a close group of trianers. Angel is an awesome coach and has greatly inpsired me in my fitness journey. For anyone looking for close personal development and a wonder teachers I would recommend Alphastetic Competitors. More...


Eduardo Hernandez

26 June 2018

This is a great gym that really cares about their customer and really help people to meet their goals I have know Angel Diaz since high school and he has always been willing to help people anyway he can also he gives good advice and makes sure you stay in a good health life


Danny Luna

22 May 2018

I have been training with Angel Diaz, owner of Alphastetic Competitors for few months already. I have lost 12#s, waist has gone down and i can see it in my body. He has been very professional in guiding me with my food and i have gained so much knowledge when it comes to working out. He pushes me in every single workout and does NOT let me quit. If you are looking to get in shape, give him a call. Real professional guy that has even competed in the 'NPC', a men's physique show. More...


Vanessa Moreno

22 May 2018

I have been training at the Alphastetic Competitors private training studio ever since the grand opening (April 2018), and so far I am loving the results. I have lost a couple pounds and have made more muscle. Angel Diaz was always self-determined to one day change lives and to have positive impacts amongst others. Now, he has finally brought out a brand that is here to help us bring out the best version of ourselves. Without a doubt, he has helped me through it all. He has helped from how much water I should be intaking, calories, how many times I should be working out, and has helped correct my form during workouts. He always test my limits and he has pushed me to be better each and every time. Such a friendly environment, very nice people I’ve met there, and comfortable feel as well. Angel loves what he does and that is why he is so good at it. Overall, if you have goals you would like to reach, I would definitely recommend giving this place and trainer a try. More...


Krystal Hinojosa

22 May 2018

Great environment, and very professional. The trainers really care about you, they put a lot of effort and work into trying to help you achieve your goal. When you arrive know that you will be treated more than just a client, they will always take care of you like family! More...


Daniel Diaz

22 May 2018

Nice training studio and great trainers. Looking to get into shape but lack the motivation at times? Then you need to go check out Alphastetic competitors. I promise you will get all the extra push you need More...


There is no secret to achieving the body of your dreams, no magic pill or "short cut" there is only one solution and that is, dedication, consistency, and a structured program. Follow these steps and YOU will get YOUR dream body!