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Kourtney Martinez

12 August 2019

We cannot thank Rashelle enough for everything she has taught us and our fur baby Kaizer. He has calmed down so much since we started the training. He's very stubborn, hyper has lots of energy and she managed to calm him down so quickly made think is that my dog. She is so patient, very flexible, super friendly we couldn't have asked for a better person to train him. She got him to calm down and listen so quickly we started calling her the dog whisperer. My Husband and myself had a very good feeling about her after the consultation and didn't wanna go with anyone else. We are sad that she is moving but so glad that she is letting us still continue to reach out to her with questions. Rashelle from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much!! Kaizer is going to miss you. Best of luck in your new town, and we'll definitely keep in contact with questions and updates. More...


Danielle Zamora

16 July 2019

Rashelle is a fabulous trainer. She did such a great job training us to train our dog. She made it fun and enjoyable for everyone. I am SO glad we chose ALPHAcademy.


Danielle Zamora

10 July 2019

Rashelle is a fabulous trainer. She did such a great job training us to train our dog. Reef is a very insecure pup, but with Rashelle's help she has made tremendous growth. She made it fun and enjoyable for everyone. I am SO glad we chose ALPHAcademy! More...


Horbiger Malave

30 June 2019

Rachelle is an amazing trainer. Our 9 year old poodle had some behavior problems and after 4 weeks of training is like we have our same dog but better. We were so please with our results that now our 5 month old labradoole is going thru puppy training class. More...


Amanda Rasco

22 June 2019

I questioned if a puppy could actually go through training but after completing the first session, I could see a difference! I’m so glad we signed up for the lessons - Our strong willed girl has definitely benefited!! Thank you! More...



16 May 2019

Luna Bleu & I are so grateful to have stumbled across Rachelle’s training services after almost giving up any and all hope. Luna underwent an emergency surgery a year ago which unfortunately left residual of some emotional trauma that led to lunging, snapping, growling around strangers which was unusual behavior for her. After reading countless articles, watching video upon video, looking up local dog trainers that quoted around thousands of dollars, we felt hopeless and just accepted this was how life would be now. Then we stumbled on Rashelle’s page and from her first message about the consult we knew this was going to be the perfect fit. Our first meeting she exuded patience, was highly knowledgeable, and most importantly passionate. Within the first 20 minutes Luna was already showing progress. We signed up for four sessions (very reasonably priced) and each week Rashelle had no problem driving across town to work with us, not only did she help Luna overcome her anxiety and nervousness but she taught me an immense amount of knowledge to understand my pup more and read the signs and communicate to Luna better. Even if we had questions in between sessions she was only a text away and was always happy to answer us in a timely manner. Each week was leaps & bounds of growth for Luna. Now she’s almost back to pre-surgery allowing people to pet her and treat her. We even learned new commands and how to go on more controlled walks versus constant pulling and tugging. We would absolutely recommend Rashelle in a heartbeat to anybody needing any training for your pup, you’ll be so happy you did and be surprised how much you learn about yourself during the process. She’s changed our lives and we are so grateful for Rashelle and her services! More...


Jakii Fibelkorn

1 December 2018

Rashelle is amazing! When we first introduced our dog, Kuzco, to her we thought he was really dumb and there was no way he’d learn the more complicated commands we’d be learning later. But after one session with her we knew our pup had been faking it all along! He’s basically a star performer now! More...


Melissa Shannon

20 October 2018

Rashelle has been helping us with our 3 rambunctious dogs since the day we got them 4 years ago. Her training methods and suggestions for behavioral issues work EVERY SINGLE TIME. She has helped us with resource guarding for food, water, beds, sleeping spaces, and toys; how to get our dogs to play nice with other dogs; integrating a 3rd dog into our tight knit pack of 2; and training our working dogs with more tricks than I can count. She not only trains dogs but will help you become a better dog parent. She taught us how to read our dogs' body language, when they were being sassy or demanding, or when they were on guard. She taught us that our dogs were all going to have different needs training wise as we have one reactive dog, one very sassy independent dog, and one who doesn't care about anything. Rashelle has helped us through so many changes in our lifestyle that affect how our dogs behave and react. She is an honorary part of our pack and we love her! Even though we live far away from her now, we still seek out her sound and solid advice from 1,000 miles away. You and your dog(s) will love working with her and she brings delicious dog treats. :) More...

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