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Hi, I am Randy and my company helps people regulate their brains using Neurofeedback (NFB) and talk therapy. We partner with doctors and mental health professionals to address problems of brain dysregulation including the anxiety-depression spectrum, ADHD, addictions, PTSD, behavior disorders, insomnia, eating disorders, migraines, seizures, autism, concussion and emotional disturbances.


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Sherry Schmalz

25 August 2019

Doing the Neurofeedback was helpful to me. I personally needed more than twenty sessions, as I had a crisis in the middle of my rounds, but I do feel the program helped me deal with the event with more calm than I would have had otherwise. I'm still struggling with insomnia though. I would recommend this program to all who seek help dealing with life's issues. The staff are amazing and supportive! More...


Elissa P

22 August 2019

The changes I’ve seen in my husband have been incredible. Alpha NeuroHealth has definitely improved his quality of life. It’s a good practice with great people. More...


Melinda Edgington

24 April 2019

The missing puzzle piece I needed to be able to function at an optimal level in all areas in my life! So very grateful for Alphanuero health.


Amber Rose

22 April 2019

This place honestly and SURPRISINGLY did change my life! After experiencing some mind blowing traumas in recent years I developed PTSD so badly I felt like my heart was always racing toward a panic attack and my memory was shot. If I didn’t create reminders in my phone for even the simplest of things I would not remember it. I was scared I was actually getting dementia! And their seemed no hope in sight for PTSD I thought I would just always be broken, that it was my new normal. And then I was referred to Alpha NeuroHealth and it was like an honest to goodness answer to so many prayers. I no longer have anxiety at all and I can actually remember things like a normal person again! Even if I think back on my traumas, it just feels like experience now that I have moved on and healed from. Truly incredible no wonder Dr. Phil has been talking about this therapy for over a decade now. Also the service is incredible I really felt surrounded by care and like they valued me. I just can’t say enough good! SO WORTH IT. If you have any neurological issues, I KNOW this will help you a great deal More...


Tea Nio

22 April 2019

This place has truly been a great blessing! I have seen some wonderful and positive changes in my child's behavior. The people that work here are great! They listen to your concerns and help you understand step by step of the work they do. More...


Kaden Kelson

24 October 2018

I must admit that I was initially skeptical about dealing with my attention deficiency by going to the Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic, but after only 10 sessions, I haven't been so motivated, focused, and wanting to learn at my University. It has helped me tremendously! And the doctor and all of his assistants are great, patient, kind and willing to answer any questions you have. More...


Cheryl Day Christensen

2 August 2018

We have been doing this for anxiety. This is amazing! It brings hope for relief from so many disorders!


Doug Knapp

2 August 2018

We have seen very noticeable differences in members of our family. Great alternative to medications!


Daniel Rincon

2 August 2018

Excellent staff, very accommodating, and you can definitely experience a change in symptoms fairly quickly! I love these people


Brandon Christensen

2 August 2018

Nothing that I've tried in the last 20 years made any difference. This is the only thing that has helped me and I'm loving it! This IS the real deal.


Rosie Gracia

22 May 2018

I was suffering with terrible anxiety due to complications of a surgery. After only a few sessions I was back to normal. It really helped me go through a rough time so much easier. I highly recommend Alpha NeuroHealth!!! More...


Jared Michael Dobson

22 May 2018

This new version of nuerofeedback is at least 7 times more effective then the other place I went to. They solved my issue in 10 sessions when I was stuck for years.Nuerofeedback has changed my life I went from wanting to kill myself to waking up feeling happy. Life is amazing now and I am so lucky to be alive. More...


Travis Christensen

22 May 2018

I have struggled with anxiety my whole life and the folks at Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic helped me overcome obstacles I had been stuck trying to overcome for 3+ years. You will not find a group of people that care more than those here. Fantastic people and incredible technology I haven’t seen anywhere else. They’re equipment is far superior to what other facilities are using. I highly recommend them. More...


Lindsey Lefler

22 May 2018

I am happy to review Alpha NeuroHealth Clinic. I don't live in St George, but these guys are willing to bend over backwards to make it work for you and your circumstances. I really appreciated that. Everything was top quality and professional. I have no problem recommending this business. More...


Jodi Oldroyd

22 May 2018

These guys are very knowledgeable about these studies. They explain everything to you in laymen terms and make sure you understand everything. Make sure to check your insurance for coverage, however if you can make it happen it is amazing the ways this will help you in every minute of everyday life. More...


Watching the transformation that takes place as a client’s brain rebalances, and their symptoms dissipate.

As I watched friends and family regulate their brains, I was overwhelmed with the desire to help other improve, and live a happier life.

We have an excellent success rate, please let us show you how we can help!