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Ericka IsPatient Jeneine

19 November 2018

Master Chung is AMAZING with these kids! He not only teaches karate but he teaches them respect and discipline!


Marc Grenier

5 October 2018

Awesome people with serious results. Instructos that truly care about the students.


Heather Hudgins Simmons

5 October 2018

My son and his school have had the pleasure of working with these wonderful people. They do a great job and we look forward to working with them again very soon.


Jordanna Shahraki

5 October 2018

This program is really special.
Come check us out!!


jordanna shahraki

6 June 2018

Best Taekwondo training in this area


Ernest Quarles

6 June 2018

An Exceptional experience!!! My daughter started in the afterschool program at Kims Karate when she was in elementary school. She is now in 11th grade and a member of the Alpha Omega Competitive TKD Team. She has experienced incredible personal growth and development, excelled academically, and been a frequent state, regional, and national Olympic Sparring Medal Winner. My wife began her training here and is now a purple belt. Kims Karate is more than just a martial arts center, it is a Family. More...


Carolina Almendares

29 May 2018

my child is going there for many years, the staff is very friendly and professional, a nice place.


Sabrina McIntyre

29 May 2018

I have 5 children ranging from 10 to 31 years of age and they have all gone to this exceptional before and after care program as well as their summer camps. It is a safe and trustworthy environment and it has taught them self confidence and discipline. My youngest is currently on their Alpha & Omega Tournament Team. I never worry about unexpected school closing or early departures. Kims Karate is always there to pick her up and provide full day care as needed. The counselors help with homework and she is learning a skill that will be useful to her the rest of her life. I am forever grateful to Kims Karate for the care that they provided my older children and now my youngest child. She is learning a skill in a safe environment, has help with her homework but she also has fun!! She begs to go there even on days when she does not have to. I can't thank Kims Karate enough for being an awesome before and after care and summer camp provider and for being a positive influence in all of my children's lives. More...


Jessica Hall

9 May 2018

My daughter has gone here for the past 3 years for afterschool and summer camp and we love it. Her homework is always done and they provide extra help if needed. The karate instructors are patient with kids during class and my daughter has gained a lot of self confidence from the lessons. I recently recommended this place to a co worker and they signed their children up and love it as well. Five stars for sure. More...


Jose Amancio Pascaran

8 May 2018

Amazing school! Tough, competitive team! I highly recommend this school.


Demetrius Barnes

11 April 2018

My 5 Year old son is on the autism spectrum. After he was removed from the schools after school program we decided to try Kim's karate and I'm glad we did. My son loves it there, he seems comfortable and happy which helps me relax knowing he is in good hands. The location is huge and the price is RIGHT! They even pick him up from school. I have nothing but good things to say so far about Kim's karate and after care. More...

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