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Melissa Buchert

4 August 2019

Thank you for the best bridal shower cake a girl could ask for! Beautiful AND delicious❤️


Danielle D.

3 August 2019

Absolutely Amazing Baked Goods! The cake balls and pecan bar are so good! I think the price is a bit high for the area, so I hope they stay around! Think it's 2.50 per cake ball!!


Joseph Tzortzinis

15 July 2019

I love the variety of goodies they have. So difficult to choose a few things when you want it all. Everything looks so fresh and colorful. The vegan treats were a pleasant surprise but my favorite was the pies. More please! More...


Louis J. B.

7 July 2019

Everything on the menu or pictured was not there! They barely had any items in stock and the items were all plain and unappetizing looking!


Marcia Evangelista

1 July 2019

Everyone asked me where did I get this delicious cake, you really made the best part of my son’s birthday!!! Everyone LOVED the Cannoli filling


John Milligan

18 June 2019

For Father's Day, Karen brought home a pair of salted caramel cupcakes, a giant chocolate chip cookie, two chocolate ganache cupcakes, some chile lime popcorn (killer), a golf ball cake pop and a pecan pie bar (shared everything) and I think also banana nut muffins? 1st time trying and everything was superb. Stunning quality and care in every bite. Keep it up! More...


Stephanie Hazen DeFilippis

12 June 2019

I bought a pecan pie, a carmelito, and a s’mores bar for a family party. Everyone complimented on how delicious they tasted. Definitely going back there again!


Heather Marie

4 June 2019

Stopped by earlier today to get desserts for work. Everything was amazing and the staff is super friendly. Will definitely be back.


Bri Desch

16 May 2019

This place is AMAZING! Everything we have had is delicious. Especially the keto desserts!! I don’t know how they do it. :) I recommend this to anyone who wants to stop by and try something new, or special order for an event for people who have particular dietary restrictions. So happy to have a local bakery like this. More...


Jacquelyn P.

11 May 2019

This place is great! Wish there were more places like this around. The staff is super friendly and they always have a good assortment of baked goods. The chocolate chip cookies are huge and delicious. More...


Katy S.

28 April 2019

Love this shop, what a great gem! There is always a great selection when I go and any bakery that pre counts WW points for me is a win in my book! The staff is friendly and the food is fresh can't ask for more. More...


Cher H.

25 April 2019

Hours vary, not open for a.m commute. Pricey. Not a lot of options whenever we've had a chance to go. Pompton Lks still best for coffee cake and crumb buns or danish in a.m. Unless you live near Packanack..then the Packanack Bakery on Rt 23..awesome, great prices More...


Bill Patti Johnston

21 March 2019

Stopped in today, so happy I did! Dee-Licious! So nice to meet you Dee, what a great place! I will be back!!


Richard W.

7 March 2019

Wonderful baked goods, amazing chocolate croissants, and really nice people to talk to. Don't always expect to find the same stuff, as they do try out a lot of things and experiment and really go day by day, but I find that to be a wonderful challenge when going in. I do wish they were open on Sundays, but it is a very small staff. Still, would love to have fresh stuff for breakfast all weekend. More...


Jenn La Rocca

25 February 2019

best pecan pie bars... my dog loves the dog cookies


Heather Tancredi

16 February 2019

Delicious Valentine treats!! For all of us... even for our pup!! Thanks!


Larry Malone II

24 January 2019

Pecan bars are the best. They have not let my tastebuds down!


Debra Drobik Vetsas

18 January 2019

We love this place! Been there a few times- always something new to try- haven’t been disappointed yet! Very friendly service. Will def. be going back!


Zhanna Zonis

14 January 2019

Thank you so much for my son’s birthday cake! It was beautiful and delicious! We will definitely be ordering cakes from you again!


Tanya Van Dunk

6 January 2019

I am addicted to their Pecan Pie bars...but tonight found a new absolutely delicious treat. Their Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pinwheels are the best, and this girl knows her sweets! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars More...


Stephanie Scott

3 January 2019

Came here last week and picked up a variety of pastries. Everything was delicious and the service was very friendly. My favorite was definetly the pecan pie bars :)


Larry Malone

28 December 2018

Awesome food from awesome people


Stacy Lsf

15 December 2018

Hello big chocolate chip cookie!! Wow!! Amazing


Alfred Sterphone III

7 December 2018

Friendly service and delicious food! A winning combo!


Daniela De Simone - Kiss

4 December 2018

I absolutely love it!!! best bakeshop, and it’s woman run, so a great way to support local business! The ladies are so nice and the treats are so good! Anything is possible, which i also love! More...


Teri Leavy

30 November 2018

This shop is amazing! An absolute jem! Its a must!


Lynne Petermann

26 November 2018

We ordered a Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving, it was AMAZING! Yum!


Margarita Awilda Portes

10 November 2018

The chocolate chip croissant was amazing soft buttery. We also tried the chocolate chip scone, which was is very fluffy and sweet. The girls were friendly and helpful . I highly recommend aloha bake shop. More...


Tatiana Bolaños

8 November 2018

Best bakery in the area!


Anne Glazer Kempner

26 October 2018

The owners are so friendly. We had a lovely chat and I walked out with delicious bagels, cupcake, and pastry. Everyone should try out this bake shop.


Amparo Ramos

24 October 2018

felicitaciones suete q bendan mucho


Anabel Ramos

20 October 2018

The fresh baked cookies were absolutely amazing!


Patty Kapr

8 October 2018

The key lime pie is excellent and I am looking forward to getting some of Dee Dee’s scones and chocolate croissants !!


Michelle Richardson Sorgi

6 October 2018

We went today and got some chocolate chip croissants and they were amazing! They were buttery and the chocolate was still melty. We can’t wait to try more!


Tyler Folino Janoski

6 October 2018

Went to Aloha for the first time today and it was amazing! The owner was super nice. Everything was homemade and reasonably priced, especially for the large servings you get. They have coffee and a changing daily assortment of baked goods like croissants, bars, and cookies. We got a pecan pie bar and a oatmeal chocolate chip whoopie pie - both were absolutely out of this world. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try some awesome treats. More...


Jen Forte Smith

4 October 2018

My best friend just opened up her bakery shop and all I have to say is AMAZING!!!!! The chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, chocolate chip cookies and coconut doughnuts were out of this world. I bought an everything bagel there today wow was it good! All of her baked goods are made in store fresh from the oven and put out to be sold. I highly recommend the Aloha bake shop and encourage everyone to go and say hi and buy a pastry!! More...


Elana Cerullo

27 June 2018

Dee did my daughter’s Communion cake and it was not only delicious but absolutely beautiful too! The cake was exactly how I pictured it being and everyone loved it. I highly recommend Aloha Bake Shop thank you again Dee ���� More...


Elana Cerullo

Dee did my daughter’s Communion cake and it was not only delicious but absolutely beautiful too! The cake was exactly how I pictured it being and everyone loved it. I highly recommend Aloha Bake Shop thank you again Dee ���� More...

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