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As a Management Consultant, I assist with transitioning strategy into execution by maximizing the investment in people, processes, and technology.

I focus on three (3) main areas that I believe effect sustainable growth...

• Alignment of Goals, Risks, and Strategy!



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As market competition increases and buyers get more empowered, sales enablement helps you target the right accounts, use sales and marketing content more effectively, have quality conversations with buyers, and most importantly, improve sales and increase the return on investment (ROI) of sales efforts. Businesses that implement sales enablement best practices are 52 percent more likely to have a sales process that is closely aligned to the buyer’s journey. But how do you implement these core components of sales enablement into your small business sales process? The answer is with Sales Enablement as a Service (SEaaS) for Small Business. SEaaS includes: • Enablement Strategy Development • Framework, • Funnel • Content Calendar • Automation with Technology • Measurement • Sales Assets and Marketing Collateral • Skills and Knowledge Base

No one likes to change, but sometimes change is needed. Businesses should be concerned with the company culture, employee morale, and any other issues that get in the way when an organization is trying to implement change. In order to achieve sustainable revenue growth, you must have the following in your arsenal: Clarity on Goals, Risks, and Strategy! Sales Engagement Tools, Processes, and Coaching! Create an Outreach Program and Be Relevant! If the essential revenue-driving elements of a business plan are not in alignment, attaining predictable revenue is difficult, if not impossible. We sync up the human and corporate sides of sales, marketing and operations to achieve successful outcomes. Our strategic framework builds sustainable business models that increase sales, improve productivity and increase market penetration.