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Tim G.

4 September 2019

Great spot to grab lunch, breakfast, coffee, snack, etc.  Cider donuts are a must.  Pizza is really good, especially for a place that's not a pizza place.


Rebecca J.

6 June 2019

Allen brothers has everything. Their mac and cheese is worth traveling for! The greenhouse is great to visit. The baked goods are great and they have an ice cream stand open in the summer.


VivianLea S.

4 April 2019

Nice place, just off the highway to grab a good sandwhich on fresh baked bread.  Resisted the baked goods....but it was hard!


Steven H.

24 March 2019

Love you guys,  best cider donuts! When I pick up hay I always stop and grab donuts and cookies from you all.


Joseph M.

9 March 2019

Great place to stop when traveling on 91 in Vermont. I do all the time. Great Pizza and fresh sandwiches plus locally made soda. lots to offer. Pricey, but worthy.


Chi Yu Y.

21 December 2018

We are really happy to make a stop here. The kitchen had warm meals ready with great selections. There is something for everyone! Pizza, burger, pasta, seafood salad! I got a nice pulled pork stromboli. It was a bit heavy on the BBQ sauce but it's so much better than what I usually get on the road. My wife actually got a delicious maple pork shank! She's usually tough to please but this time she numbbed away before I got a chance to snap a picture. The staff is also super friendly!Maybe everyone is in the Christmas spirit! We are actually saving this location and hope to come back next time passing through the area. More...


Holly V.

19 April 2018

Where else are you going to find flowers, donuts, great selection of beer and other yummy food items?!?


L S.

31 March 2018

This place is great. We got paninis, and they were excellent!  Their baked goods are amazing. The whole store had lots of great local products!


Sarah E.

10 February 2018

Came upon this place a couple years ago for a bathroom and saw all the great food, beer, wine, gifts, etc....that they have! They have cheap bakery goods, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, maple syrup, snacks, and your usual coffee drinks. The bathrooms are also nice and they give military discount. Now we always stop here on our way up to VT or NH, easy access off the highway too. More...


Tony L.

12 September 2017

Came here for a rest stop - but they have a lot of good stuff going on! We went with the last egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, three cider (cake) doughnuts, and a bacon cheddar pasta salad. Everyone was great, I really enjoyed the salad for all of its denseness. The donuts were morsely as well, and the egg sandwich standard.Everyone was nice and inviting, and the cash register clinks with the sound of sonic the hedgehog, if you are old enough to remember. What's not to like? More...


Jack M.

11 September 2017

We ended up here just looking for a bathroom and had. However, we found a cute farm stand which offered all the wonderful baked goods you could imagine and all fresh fruits, veggies, and plants you might want. The staff are super friendly and everything is delicious. It was about 10:30 when we arrived so we snagged the last egg sandwich. It was okay but certainly better than most of what you can find at little shops. We also had a bacon pasta salad that was very bacon-y and good. The apple cider donuts were also pretty good but would be better warm no doubt. The baked goods were very affordable. I almost went overboard buying pies and breads but managed to hold back. If you are looking for a stop on your drive, this is certainly worth it. Skip the fast food and junk for this tastier place. More...


Jeri G.

4 September 2017

We always stop here on out way to Vermont. Don't miss the cider donuts, both with and without sugar! We are not usually "pie people," but the Four Berry Pue is unmatched by anything we have ever eaten! Just sweet enough and full of delicious berries. With vanilla ice cream it is heavenly. The restaurant offers a nice choice of foods, but we have only eaten grilled cheese sandwiches here as we are vegetarians. They were delicious.Vegetables and plants are displayed beautifully and the garden center use quite lovely. And importantly, the bathrooms are clean!! More...


Ashley W.

3 June 2017

I have a delicious turkey sandwich from the deli.  The grinder roll was a fresh baked roll and  all the turkey and veggies we very fresh


Local P.

23 April 2017

Great friendly staff in the morning! My go to for coffee and a cookies. I like how they always have fresh produce to pick up if I only need one ingredient and don't feel like going to the grocery store.


HikingFool L.

15 June 2016

I've never gotten real food from here, but, if you're a fan of old fashioned Cookie Jar Hermits, this is your place! The people are friendly, and the place is clean. What more could you ask for?!


Bobby A.

31 May 2016

I found this place by a complete fluke. I was running low on gas and took this exit off of Inter-State 91 and so glad I found this spot.It's not just a gas-stop. There's a plant nursery, an ice-cream stand and a great market which has an equally great prepared-foods counter and frozen desserts to buy and carry out. I wasn't hungry but everything at the counter looked great. I did end up buying their frozen chocolate and carrot cakes for my hosts' kids and the whole family basically said it was one of the best ready-made store-bought cakes they had, in that it tasted home-made and made from scratch, super moist and fresh.Definitely merits a detour off the highway. More...


Julie S.

28 November 2015

We were coming home from Burlington and decided to stop in for gas and a quick bathroom break.  What a great find! Clean bathrooms, hot coffee, snacks, hot food, a deli, and all for fantastic prices and a wonderful quality!  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and local products too!  I'd love to say I'll be back, but instead I'll just say I wish there was one like this in NJ! More...


Eva H.

9 October 2015

I love Allen Bros... I've had sandwiches from this place for the last 20 years, and boy, has it evolved! It's totally remodeled since the Hurricane Irene flooding, and these days all their food has a strong local ingredient emphasis and is totally delicious. These sandwiches are on par with some of the best delis around the country, plus if I remember correctly they make them on their homemade bread.There are lots of cutesy Vermont things as well, so it's a great stop if you're passing through on 91. More...


Jen E.

11 January 2015

We stopped randomly for gas and I'm so glad we did! What an awesome place with some delicious vermont goodies. Everything you could need to grab before your Vermont vacay officially ends (maple syrup, baked goods, green mountain coffee, Cabot products, great variety of craft beer). If you're driving back from your snowboard getaway vacay definitely mark this as a place to stop to fill up! More...


Brendan P.

15 July 2013

I came here by accident, after getting lost on route 5 on my way to the I-91 to Burlington. Glad I made a wrong turn! Inside, the deli counter has a plethora of fresh made-to-order sandwiches and comfort foods (chicken fingers, etc.), as well as things like salads (i think) and awesome homemade pastries/cakes/cookies/breads (plus premade deli "Grab & Go" foods! Aside that, regular convenience store stock, and seating space inside are a plus. Can't forget the Mobil gas station right there, as well. More...


Joe C.

10 May 2013

What a nice surprise!Coming back from Montreal with Rolf L. and his girlfriend, we all had to use the restroom and fill up the tank.  Rolf pulled off and this shop happened to be the one attached to the gas station.When we walked in, of course the first stop was the bathroom, which was pretty clean and very large.  Only one stall, but it was large, and the door locks which I always like.Anyway, after we were all done, we were hungry and boom, they have a deli!  We all eyed over their offerings and I forget what Rolf and his gf got, but I had the chicken salad panini style with roasted peppers, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle spread.  It. Was. Incredible.  It was a crispy crust, but every bite doesn't stab the roof of your mouth, also, it was soft on the inside but not so soft that one bite takes everything with it. Soft like a little crunch but you get a bite and no mess.The sandwich was soooooooo good and the different varities of chips they offer were great compliments!  All of us thoroughly enjoyed our food and the ladies behind the deli were very curteous.  The cashier I dealt with (you pay separately from where the deli is) didn't seem too thrilled to be there, but wasn't rude.They had so many pies and local and natural foods that I wanted to try, but alas we had to go.  I grabbed a cinnamon apple cider donut and a plain apple cider donut.  They were ok.Definitely want to go back though! More...


David O.

9 March 2013

Unlike highways in NY and NJ, the gas stations and food spots along I-91 in Vermont are not located right off the exit ramp. You have to drive a little ways until you find the place you see on the highway sign.  We discovered Allen Bro's on our way back to Gotham from Vermont one winter's day. I don't expect to be bowled over by such places and so was very pleasantly surprised to discover the utter deliciousness at the deli here. I had something super simple--a smoked turkey and Swiss sandwich with lettuce, tomato and onion. However, it was made on homemade bread and absolutely loaded with flavor. I was moved to tell the counter woman that it was one of the best sandwiches I'd had in quite some time. The Hillbilly Filly went with the heartland choice--fried chicken with a side of mac n' cheese. She too found her choice delicious. I topped of my humble repast with one of their homemade oatmeal cookies. It was perfect: chewy and delicious and not overly sweet. If you're in the market for more than a quick bite before getting back on the interstate, they also have a nice selection of produce, honeys, maple syrups, and eggs. Next time I'm passing through, I'll definitely stop here. More...


karen m.

15 October 2009

I like this place. The pizza is home made and has a nice yeasty crust. The soup is home made and everything is priced right. Get some nice local apples while your there More...

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