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Dalis P.

3 August 2019

This place is super awesome! I ordered a whiskey sour and they make their sour fresh which I thought was super rad. Food was pretty tasty as well. Anyways, 10/10 glad I came across this olace. I'll definitely be back :) More...


Antony V.

3 July 2019

Came late when the kitchen was closed so can't speak to the food, but the atmosphere was chill and the staff were friendly.  Nice selection of beers and ales.  Outside areas where you can smoke.  Hidden in a parking lot and not particularly noticeable even when you're right on top of it, it's worth the search.  I'll be back. More...


Steph R.

28 June 2019

Ambience is super chill and people are very nice. Would definitely be back. Burgers where good too


Benny C.

1 June 2019

They have pliny the elder and blind pig on tap which seems kind of hard to come by in southern California. The venue is pretty laid back.


Ana L.

16 May 2019

Recommended by my cousin who is a Lincoln Heights local and I'm so glad I listened to him.. for once. This place is sort of a hidden gem. You have to drive through this parking lot to get here but I'm so glad I found this spot! We came here during the night and it was sort of creepy, but all was well once I saw the taps. They have a variety of beers here AND food. I know that they have HH here as well and I've been meaning to come back... One thing I LOVE about this place is that they sell craft beers. They also carry Pliny the Elder, which has been impossible for me to find! They have TVs and would broadcast the games. Beers are a good price and they pretty much have a full bar as well, so they make cocktails. I always had a good time here and they offer plenty of seating! More...


Steve C.

14 May 2019

Very nice building plenty of space with a patio section, awesome food got the Sweet Potato Fries, Hot Wings and a Black and Blue Burger was so delicious. They have a great Craft Beer selection from many local craft breweries like Highland Park Brewery, Russian River, Bottle Logic, The Bruery and many more also have mixed drinks with Tequila, Vodka. Overall a very great experience and the staff was great too. More...


Li Shan W.

7 May 2019

Barbara's at the Brewery is a favorite hit up spot for USC health science graduate students, since it's right by the USC Health Science campus.Happy hour here is great! Get the poutine or the nachos, or better yet the TOTCHOS!!! More...


Nathan S.

3 May 2019

Cute place with a great atmosphere. Nice spot to hang with friends and have some good food!


Carlos Herrera

25 April 2019

Good beer selection. Great service. This is my go-to bar for a chill tima and good conversations with friends. Very laid back atmosphere.


Gerraddoo G.

16 April 2019

Came here to eat a lil something.  Had the chipotle shrimp tacos.  FOLKS THEY COME WITH AVOCADO, nice touch. Had myself a triple and a Belgian strong ale.9.7 ABC and 10.25 abv..freaking legit as fack..So if ur the neighborhood this place is hidden as heck.  Scope this place out, I'm sure you will like it..Rochelle was a good bartender as well. More...


Chelsea W.

31 March 2019

Barbara's is a great fast casual bar. Everything is good- vibe is chill. Great consistent no fuss no sceney-ness.


Betsaira R.

30 March 2019

Definitely enjoyable!!! Food and beer were yummy!! It would have been 5 stars but it took a while to even get acknowledged while we stood at the bar!!! I had the Blackened Chicken Sandwich which was delicious and the husband had the Pub Burger which he said was really tasty and juicy.... All in all a must come again experience!!! More...


Danielle K.

29 March 2019

Stopped in for a quick bite around 3pm on a Friday, and omg if this place wasn't closer I'd be here everyday! Ordered food at the bar and got my number, sat down and the food cake out super quick.


Dong Hai Nguyen

26 March 2019

You can get Pliny the Elder here...on tap...need I say more? But seriously this place has a great selection of beers and some tasty food options as well. You can't go wrong here.



26 March 2019

A few steps away from Stronghold climbing gym. Service is great, people are very friendly with a community feeling. Food is good and delicious selection of drinks. Really fun to go to after climbing at Stronghold. More...


Rohit Reddy Aguvaveedhi Reddy

26 March 2019

Nice spot to hang out. Very spacious and you don't feel rushed. There are a few outside sitting spots as well. They have a good Poutine, and it's kinda rare out here.


Brandon L.

27 February 2019

I met a couple of school friends here and 3/4 of them got lost. Barbara's is hidden within these industrial looking buildings, but the yellow paint gives it away, located under a staircase. Hope that helps. :) Food: I ordered the ponzu chicken tacos and the side of fries. They tacos were tasty and I liked the use of sesame seeds and a generous slice of avocado. The diced chicken was covered in a ponzu sauce that also was tasty, but on the salty side. It comes with a few chips and a side of salsa which I should've used more on the tacos. The salsa helped dampen the saltiness of the tacos, so I suggest using the salsa with the ponzu chicken tacos. The selection of beers is excellent and the bartender allowed us to sample some of them. Ambiance/Service: We came around lunch time on a Friday and the bar was packed. There are ample tables and a nice patio one table outside that accommodated myself and 6 others. The servers rotate through and kept our table clear of finished plates and serving trays. I'd come back. It's a great place to sit down and enjoy beers. The menu is bar food, so keep your expectations low. More...


Tania Rodriguez

24 February 2019

Always friendly service! Great place to chill. The times I've been it's never been too crowded, which I love. It's spacious, perhaps that's why it doesn't feel crowded. The food I've had has been delicious, too. More...


Alice H.

23 February 2019

Cool local spot in the arts district. Lots of parking available...to the point where we had trouble figuring out where the actual restaurant was. We walked into the Barbara's office building first before wandering around and finding it.Ciders and beers are good, obviously. Food is average and overpriced. A place of poutine fries is $10 and $5 extra for chicken so I just got the plain fries and it was just fries with cheese curds and the tiniest bit of gravy.The female bartender that helped us gave us samples of everything we were interested in but was kind of unpleasant in general. More...


Peter F.

18 February 2019

Nice spot to meet up with a lot of friends, very spacious and plenty of parking in the area. Ok we went to celebrate a friends birthday after doing the Chinatown Firecracker 5K/10K run on a Sunday. We met about 11:30am. The place has a couple patrons but we filled it up fast. I ordered a stout and some nachos with chicken, and some hot wings. Ok here we go. I didn't really the flavor of the beer to much. I'm not a big fan of craft beers personally, I just like a simple beer without all the flavors. But if you like that stuff, this is a great place to grab one fir yourself. Ok the hot wings where great, typical hot wings nothing special so that is exactly how I like um. I tore them 6 wings up. Ok as fir the nachos with the chicken. They looked great until I ate the chicken in the topping. The chicken was very dry. So I just ate around it. I was hungry I just ran a race. Well there where like 40 to 50 of us there and we had a great time. Plenty of laughs and there is a great staff there. They will introduce themselves when you place your order, with their name. That alone made me smile. More...


Brenna P.

2 February 2019

Super lowkey brewery in LA near Chinatown. It's a little scary walking around out there if you're female but once you get inside it's great! Had the shrimp tacos, Russian river saison, and some fries and all were great and also very reasonably priced. Will definitely stop by if I'm ever in the area again! More...


Dylan B.

27 January 2019

Great bar food! Visited my mother while she was living in the artists commune at the brewery and I was glad to have such great food so close by!



25 January 2019

good place. it wasn’t packed at all and it was nice to sit and have a drink with friends without loud music blasting the entire time. also the bartender was friendly and recommended a DELICIOUS blue probiotic beer—that changed color!would definitely come back here. nice and chill place to be at. More...


Eric E.

19 January 2019

Their ponzu chicken and fish tacos were amazing!!! I would come back just for the tacos! They also have great beer, good food selection and the place has a really cool vibe. Plenty of parking and low key spot. Love it! More...


Jared M.

18 January 2019

The Bacon Burrata Salad is my shit. Keep it on the menu and I'll be coming here forever.... seriously though I legit love that salad haha


Bridget P.

11 January 2019

This is a cool, casual, unique spot! I hadn't heard of it so when I was invited to come here, I wasn't sure what to expect. It's the yellow building tucked away in the back of artist colony lofts, so most of the patrons you see are all artists who know each other. Very friendly, communal vibe. It might be hard to find, but I was happy to go to a DTLA bar with a free, real parking lot!Inside the bar, you'll find a dark, industrial, hipster, down-to-earth atmosphere. I had a few really great Old Fashioneds and Irish coffees, and they have a fantastic beer selection too. I didn't try the food this time. They don't have table service, so you have to order everything at the bar... which is fine if you come in with a big group. I really like the cozy, front patio for privacy and people-watching.Fun fact - This complex used to be the Pabst brewery back in the day, and the first large brewery in Los Angeles. The building attached to Barbara's was where brewing took place, then the kegs were rolled across the high bridge (now for pedestrians) to the other side for bottling. The faint, old rails that you see in the parking lot was where the railway once ended, and the beer was loaded directly on to trains right there for distribution across the country. If you get to see the inside of the lofts (it's private property, but if you got lucky and got invited like we did) there are a few cool pieces of Pabst memorabilia here and there. This is all according to a resident who invited us here, but when I saw the old traces of railroad track, I was really interested in knowing the story. More...


James Johnson

26 December 2018

Very cool spot amongst the Brewery art lofts. Not too hard to find and normally parking is ok. Food is quite good recommend the black and blue burger with a local IPA! Extremely helpful staff. Order at the bar and they bring to your table. More...


Hayley Hellstern

26 December 2018

I had dinner as part of a group. Some servers were great, brought us our drinks, and were very helpful when I asked about gluten-free options. Another server was a bit rude when someone at our table asked for a beverage - she told him she didn't do that, and to that he had to go to the bar to order. But overall, a good place to dine out with a party. More...


Joseph Tolle

26 December 2018

Barb's is the best watering hole in the area. It's unique in that it is a crossroads of artists and health Care professionals. Family owner, this place has a great service staff and will buy or shake your hand as soon as you sit down or walk through the door. They have a regular and revolving menu with one of the best very selections in the area. Simply the best . More...


Erick I.

17 November 2018

Been coming here for a few years and it's a great place. BUT... unfortunately the female bartender on Saturday's and the bearded dude on Friday always acts like they hate working there or act as if I'm bothering them. Customer service workshop needed for them. I know there's a-holes who show up but you can't act like every customer is a burden on your night. The dude, who's constantly there and I have forgot at the moment (brain fart) always does an amazing job though. Anyways, burger and poutine are great. Specials are usually on point and try the beers before ordering! More...


Michael A.

30 October 2018

5 stars for having Pliny the Elder on tap, and at a reasonable price (~$8ish)! Stopped by Barbara's a few weekends ago (10/13/18) while the Brewery Artwalk was going on and was beyond impressed by this place. A great selection of beer, and a killer ambiance to pair with it. The bartenders were nice and friendly, and easily accessible to order drinks from. Prices were reasonable, and though it was a popular weekend, the lines weren't long at all.With a bar area separate from the dining room, and both front and back outdoor areas to hangout at, Barbara's is truly a one-stop shop for all your needs. While I didn't try any of their food, I'm hoping to come back soon to give it a try. Located right by the famous Brewery off the 5 freeway near Lincoln Heights, the area outside is quite cool and fun to explore. I'd definitely recommend giving this place a try next time you're in the area, if not just for a taste of the rare and tasty Pliny the Elder! More...


john d.

21 September 2018

Best spot in this part of LA.  Great beer menu and food.  Healthy options as well and salads. Usually unique daily specials.  Friendly staff as well.  Love this spot. More...


Joseph M.

12 August 2018

Stopped for lunch after spending the morning in Chinatown and very pleased with the service and menu selections.


Dhruvil P.

31 July 2018

Every time pass the freeway I see big old The brewery sign.Finally went their calm place. Good place to sit and relax with drink. Away from downtown hussel and noise of car. Good collection of beer.Their food is yummy I went for quesedilla, it was fully loaded must try. More...


Nancy J.

30 July 2018

I'm not a big drinker, but my buddies are. My beer aficionado friend was experiencing a little heartbreak, so I thought I would cheer him up with a group outing. The industrial space has its hipster charm. There was ample seating, but we opted for the dark bar area. The self serve water station behind our table even included a lemon-infused option. My friend took advantage of the chalkboard specials and ordered the barbacoa tacos. The regular menu had some impressive items: vegan picadillo, house made veggie patty, and falafel wrap were just a few reasons why I won't get bored of the food options any time soon.I ordered the kale salad, which was generously topped with supremes of orange and grapefruit. It was a refreshing choice during our summer visit. This spot was a hit with my friends. We sat by the kitchen door and admired the dishes every time the servers stepped out.Parking was a little tricky. Barbara's is tucked away in the far end of the parking lot. We were able to find four spots, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to carpool to this location. More...


Edward T.

29 July 2018

Great food and beer selection. It's a bit hot as it's kind of a industrial conversion, but definitely a great spot at night when it's not quite so hot.



23 July 2018

Barbaras at the Brewery Arts District is a hidden gem. A place to reflect, contemplate, rejuvenate, and collaborate. Barbaras is very private, and takes a bit of effort to find. Located within the industrial Brewery Arts Complex in LA, This establishment exudes the energy and creativity of the artists only, who inhabit the complex. I found the service to be good and friendly, the food generous and robust in flavor, and the spirits diverse and satisfying. An enlightening experience, if you persevere to seek it. More...


Gabby G.

13 June 2018

I lived at the brewery for a short nine months and this is the ONLY thing I miss about it and I still come here all the time.  Great beer selection, great food, who ever works the kitchen knows how to make a delicious burger. Like seriously one of the top 5 burgers I've ever had. Friendly staff. Never had a bad time here! The only downside is that they let people smoke on the patio still. Nothing like trying to enjoy a nice day with good food and beer and having five different people blow smoke in your face. Still five stars though! More...


Julia T.

2 June 2018

I popped into Barbara's on a whim to cool off on a hot day while exploring the neighborhood of North Main I find charming. Please note, **this review does not include the food**. I did not order from the kitchen at Barbara's, so please read other reviews. I tried the nut brown on tap. It was delicious. Not syrupy or too sweet like I often find in browns. Refreshing, balanced, smooth, a good brown ale. Nice selection of tap beers, and also appreciated the Saratoga sparkling water. The best part of the experience here was the outdoor seating, which I believe is the sum of three sort-of-separate sections, and is therefore sort of intimate in this way. Sitting on the patio,sipping a beer, and enjoying the somewhat rustic, industrial view was the most peaceful public experience I have ever had in LA, and for this reason I quite like Barbara's. The interior dining room, bar, and restroom I found a just a bit stale. It wouldn't take much to turn this place into destination gorgeous, but the relaxed, sort of sleepy vibe may be what keeps this place so peaceful.It's a little deceptive that it isn't an actual brewery, but should I ever be passing through North Main again, I would be inclined to stop by and get refreshed. More...


Melanie D.

29 March 2018

This restaurant/bar space has a cool vibe. There are plenty of tables throughout and it has a nice bar area. Staff is friendly and efficient. There is a decent selection of beers on draft.  Bar food is average. The nachos (without protein $12) was enough for 2 to share but not a huge portion. The guacamole was fresh, but the rest of the dish was pretty unremarkable. The reason to patronize this place, however, is for their beer and ambience.Parking - free street or lot More...


Jordanna J.

16 March 2018

Barbara's is my favorite happy hour spot. It's tucked away and a little hidden but please go discover this gem! They always have a great selection of local brews available on tap. My personal favorites are the ones brewed in whiskey barrels! But there is a broad selection, IPAs, sour-mashes, ciders, hoppy beers, coffee infused etc. The staff are great as is the food! Go get the Black and Blue burger or try the poutine! Both are delicious and worth every calorie! More...


Sarah P.

6 March 2018

Food was good. Beer was good. Some gluten-free and vegetarian options. Friendly and quick service. My only dislike was how loud it was - like shouting to be heard across the table loud. But if you don't mind that, it's great. More...


Scott K.

3 March 2018

UPDATE:  Katy makes the best coffee in the entire f**king world.  All is forgiven.Positives:  * the food;  even an undisciplined herbavore like myself can appreciate "vegan food that eats like a meal".  The chorizo tacos were delightfully greasy, and the braised greens were triumphantly delicious and well prepared.  And I'm from Tennessee, so ....there ya go.* the atmosphere is laid back, friendly, artsy, and I was enjoying until ...Negatives:* Ordering at the bar means if you get up to wash your hands and order some dessert after powering down some food, you lose your seat.Mentioning this to the bartender/server guy, he got testy with me and offered to kick the patron out (Not at all what I had in mind), and got quite rude.  Completely unnecessary.  Offered to bring the manager over.  Completely unnecessary.  Suggested I hadn't left enough of a human footprint at my table.....waaaaaaa More...


Ladee L.

14 February 2018

Hadn't been to BBs in years. Had the southwest salad, huge portion of egg, avocado, and beans. Friends had the chicken nachos; the chips were light and crispy. Just right amount of shredded chicken, beans, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. Very satisfying. My other friend ordered a grilled chicken w bacon sando on sourdough with fries. She was satisfied. The beers on tap are vast. We tried a guava infused beer, on point! More...


Nita F.

1 February 2018

This place is really good! Rotating beers and great food. I usually go for the carnitas nachos with extra pico, they are really tasty. They also have wine, and that's always a plus. More...


Guillermo M.

28 January 2018

Great food, great vibes. Stopped for brunch with the old ball and chain on a chill Sunday, and it was great. Good beer, great food, cozy spot, friendly staff, its a repeat for sure. Fish tacos were fresh, great taste and paired with an IPA. Will recommend this place. More...


Leo L.

28 January 2018

I checked this place out during my lunch break,and it was pretty cool...food and drinks were good..they have a good beer selection also...only issue I had was with my Moscow mule it was served in a regular glass instead of the traditional copper mug..but that's just me being picky it was still good More...


Bianka G.

26 January 2018

A hidden gem. If you didnt know this place existed, i wouldnt blame you. Tucked away in outskirts of DTLA and the beginning of Lincoln Heights, you might think where the hell am I? This bar is in the Artist colony so theres a ton of cool artwork to look at while in the bar. Also, because its so well hidden, theres tons of parking in the lot!Now when you get there you have to make your way to the bar and order up front, once you order at the bar you grab a number and take a seat, indoor or outdoors. The menu had a good variety of options- salads, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and sides. They even had some Vegan options which were great for the vegans and/or non-vegans in the group. A couple of them ordered the vegan burger and it was a hit! I ordered the carnitas tacos (3) for $8. The amount of carnitas on each taco was great, but my only negative were the tortillas. Super dry and hard. I thought the red salsa was good too. The fries are also great with the perfect amount of salt. super addicting. I hear the onions rings are bomb too but they don't make them everyday. bummer.Overall, the food was great and with plenty of beer options to choose from and hard alcohol, might as well call this place a home-run. More...


Erik H.

22 January 2018

Great relaxing little bar with good drinks, great staff, and delicious food. A little on the pricey end


Anna K.

19 January 2018

fish tacoscobb saladgreat selection of beer,dog friendly.order at the bar,food delivered to table.friend's quesadillaand fish and chips were forgettable,but the fish tacos and cobb salad were great.


William S.

19 January 2018

The Southwest Cobb with chicken is sooo good. Great ice tea, and super bunch of people behind the bar.


Mabelle T.

11 January 2018

Paid a post-climbing visit to Barbara's and shoutout to Greg & Corey! They were really patient regardless of our massive group coming in last minute. Service was top and selection for drinks and food did not disappoint. The fact that they offered Kombucha automatically makes this place deserve 5 stars.Side note, I learned about the brand Kombucha Dog tonite and I'm beyond inspired. The fact that Greg educated me about the brand and it's mission also inspired the rest of the others in our group. Well done, Barbara's At The Brewery - I will definitely come back with even more friends! More...


monya m.

16 November 2017

Fun brewery in a somewhat sketchy part of town. Great food and drinks, and a super-chill vibe.


Ruriko S.

27 October 2017

Barbara's At The Brewery is a cool place to hang out with friends!The atmosphere is so vibrant, staff is so cool, food is in overall good enough.This restaurant is located close to LA County/USC hospital, that's why most  doctors hang out in here so feel free to choke or pass out.My friend who works at the hospital brought me here and I had a great time. I ordered the kale salad with salmon which was not bad at all.They have a parking lot so feel free to bring your car, specially if you are at the hospital don't walk during night time, just drive. Barbara's At The Brewery will be on my hit-list in the very near future. More...


Nathan L.

25 October 2017

LOVEEEEEE THIS LOCATION! The brewery has a great list of Beers on Tap....FOOD IS AWESOME and has a great selection. I came here with friends who were vegan (I'm not at alllll vegan, but good to know for variety) and they loved all the vegan options. Came here to watch the game and was tough to find a spot but it worked out in the end. For a brewery, the service here was actually really really good and people were helpful. He industrial location makes this place a hidden gem and can't complain about anything here! 5 STARS EASY More...


Salvador D.

24 October 2017

It may be a drive away for my crew and I, but we love this place. Varied selection of beers on tap. Tasty appetizers. Service is great.


Kandece B.

11 October 2017

The restaurant gives you the feel of a summer beach house. The area is spacious once you walk in and the wait staff is helpful. Each day there are beers on the wall that are there for you to explore! I got their BLT sandwich and a delish ale More...


George L.

23 August 2017

Great variety of beers and drinksBartenders are friendly and knowledgeable Can get crowded!Good selection of foods to go with the drinksGreat place to unwind after work.


Dinh T.

20 August 2017

Always on-point with their beer, drinks and food. It's quiet, clean and calm.


Albertine V.

17 August 2017

Always great staff and delicious food. Plus all kinds of beers and cocktails. They are always fast and it's comfortable with lots of seating. Love it


Brad S.

12 August 2017

Solid spot with a strong beer selection and above average food.  The outdoor seating was perfect for our early evening dinner.  The carnitas tacos were the star of our order, which also included the wings (average at best), pretzel sticks (solid), and fish tacos (pretty good).  It was a little off the beaten path, but worth checking out just for the tacos and the beer selection. More...


Kevin W.

8 August 2017

Delicious food and even better beer! Looking forward to coming back here with a big group and enjoying the fun neon decor


Victoria R.

24 July 2017

Came here after the Women's March and it was packed - clearly, everyone needed a beer.Great selection of beers. Sometimes it was unclear where to order the drinks at versus food. I'm not sure if this was because the staff was overwhelmed by the amount of people there or this was normal.We also had some very solid food. Definitely would come back again.Cool, hip neighborhood with a decent amount of parking. More...


Meemo W.

22 July 2017

went here after a session at stronghold.  so ppl go to the bar, order what they want, they'll give the drinks immediately, receive a number, and then sit down so they can bring the food out to appropriate tables.tried the steak poutine and sausage/peppers pizza.  honestly, the pizza is not bad but it has a very basic kind of quality to it, like one of those giant frozen pizzas that can bought from a market.  the poutine though was pretty good though there were only 4 small pieces of steak, and it was $10 more!  yaa, not worth that kind of price imo.  perhaps the chicken would have been better as it's only $4 more.  the actual poutine was good though.  lots of cheese, the gravy was awesome, and the fries were of a good kind.  the fries stay firm and don't get all crumbly.  vibe was pretty chill, service was friendly.  had a good experience here. More...


Brittany G.

14 July 2017

Great vibes and great service. I would say the food is a solid 4 stars, but happy hour is where it's at!


Holly H.

9 July 2017

I had their Craftsman Heavenly Hefe and poutine. The beer was great and the poutine was to die for! Nice big chunks of cheese and a mushroom gravy. The bartender was very nice and gave samples of different beers to try.Bonus: there's plenty of parking at this place!And I love the industrial neighborhood. More...


Chris S.

7 July 2017

I love the Brewery and Barbara's is one of my favorite spots for a daytime beer. Most people only hit the Brewery for the semi annual art walk. I like stopping here to grab a burger and a beer on any given free day I have. More...


Shae S.

3 July 2017

The best food, drinks, environment and most importantly... STAFF! I'd highly recommend this establishment to anyone and everyone. All patrons are treated with the utmost respect and like royalty! I could go on and on and on, but I'll spare you the novel ;) Hands down one of my favorite spots in LA and I don't see that changing anytime soon... here's to next time! Looking forward to it, as I always do. Thanks Barbara's for always being so all around amazing, day in and day out! More...


Katie S.

1 July 2017

A low key brewery and bar food spot in dtla. spinach and artichoke dip was amazing. don't get the veggie burger. a description from my friend: "the patty is like a fish cake but with no flavor". Open and spacious interior with some neon + fun decor. There's a nice outdoor seating patio too ! Most of the beers here average $7-9. the malum beer ($7) is a light sparkly beer HIGHLY RECOMMEND. More...


Katie B.

30 June 2017

The basic burger is VERY good and the bar and dining room have a chill artsy vibe. This place is great excuse to hang out the Brewery Complex, which everyone should check out at least once. They only had one dining room server when I was there, but the service and bar staff are friendly enough and competent. I was slightly peeved that they didn't tell me you have to get up and refill your own drinks, since I waited for the server to refill mine for almost the whole meal, but I got over it, lol. More...


Alena B.

14 May 2017

By far the best pancakes I have ever had in my life. They had that crepe vibe about them and they are delicious. Create environment, excellent service, awesome music. Rochelle was absolutely marvelous!  She was knowledgable, friendly, bubbly and all around great gal. This is my favorite brunch spot. Thanks for making my mother's day super delicious. More...


Ariana A.

13 May 2017

Came her after going to the stronghold climbing gym. They were only serving the limited menu, but we had wings and guacamole/chips. Surprisingly very good for bar food! Loved the atmosphere and the bartender was very nice and funny. It's in a strange area because it's very industrial and hidden. I drive by here every day and never knew there was such a great place around! I'll be back with my boyfriend this time for the BBQ pizza! Yum! More...


Kevin L.

10 May 2017

Those fish tacos I got to stem my hunger before the rock climbing expedition next door certainly surprised me.  First off they were big, like the biggest I have ever seen.  I didn't have my measuring stick with me but I would guess around 8 to 9 inches.  The batter was nice and crispy as you would expect at a place with this much beer.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to drink as I needed to climb and did not wish to break my face on the ground or hurl up this wonderful taco.  The tacos came with a little side of salsa and chips which were nice and crunchy.  The salsa was nothing special but when you dropped it into the top of the taco it gave a little spicy contrast.  The tacos also came with a dollop of sour cream which isn't my favorite but was good none the less.  On top of that was also a big scoop of avocado of delicious avocado, they did not skimp out the on the good stuff. More...


Eddie T.

3 April 2017

Went here after work and have to say it has a nice atmosphere. I noticed that a lot of the staff from my work go here as well. Prices are average and the drinks and food were pretty good. Will definitely come here again with my co-workers. More...


Otoño L.

22 March 2017

Came here for lunch, cause I was in the area and hungry. First timer here. Have to say that even though the chicken sandwich didn't come out as I expected, the server was gracious and changed my order for the Basic Burger instead. Loved it. Simple, juicy and fresh. The fries were good, too. I'll be back to sample their drink selections, as well. More...


Bernard A.

16 March 2017

This place is fantastic!   Just go.  Don't ask questions, just go! Now!  The location was a bit tricky to find, but once you do.....damn!


Byron R.

15 March 2017

Came here on a whim as it's a 10min walk from home. Nice hidden spot with plenty of beer options. Got the cheese board which my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed. The bartender at the time, Corey I think his name was, was very polite and helpful. Gave me a Lagavulin and an Old Fashioned. Overall a cozy little spot (to me atleast) on the weekdays, would gladly come here again. More...


Melinda C.

26 February 2017

After visiting a local winery for some wine tasting, I NEEDED to eat and tut suite!  Did a quick Siri search and thus was listed less than half a mile away.  It was a little hard to find (follow the signs in the buildings!).  Once you find it, order at the bar and find a table.  Had the burger brunch.  Pretty delish!  We'll be back!! More...



1 February 2017

Like that this place is still low key and not many people have discovered it. At first it is very difficult to find, which is why I gave them 4 stars. I really don't have any other complaints about this brewery. Their happy hour menu is good nothing spectacular but most places offer average appetizers for happy hour. Their beer selection is good and I can't wait to try other drinks. More...


Robert A.

15 January 2017

This is a cool hidden spot worth a visit.Beer choices are plentiful (but not overwhelming) and prices aren't bad. The "real" food choices sounded tasty but I chose from the happy hour selection (a quesadilla: not great, not bad. just aight). Next time, I think I'll opt for a burger or one of the chalkboard selections. Overall, a chill, laid back place to imbibe after a long day's work and unwind from the day. Look it up. Check it out. Have a drink. More...


Julie C.

2 January 2017

Really cool place to hang out! A little hard to find. Once you turn into that small street, follow the sign and walk through the shady looking parking lot towards the small green sign that says BAR. Came here on a week night with coworkers for a drink and some late night dinner. I had the basic burger ($13 ish) and it was pretty delicious! The patty was soft and the right amount of thickness. I do wish the buns were a little more solid as they were becoming all mushy under the meat juice. Grab yourself a beer and just chill a while. Service - everyone was really nice. Really good vibes here all around Parking - pretty good. There's a small lot as well as street parking. I would love to come back More...


Terrence D.

21 December 2016

Great beer selections and cocktails. Food depending on menu is average fare.


Ramon L.

15 December 2016

I work pretty close by and I thought there was really no good spot to grab a drink in the neighborhood but Barbara's provides!It's located in a small area of refurbished warehouses and has a nice atmosphere to the place. Spacious with a good amount of seating. I felt as ease to unwind and blow off steam with some coworkers. The drink selection was good. The food was good, not great. But I think the atmosphere was great. More...


James W.

11 December 2016

Needed a place to meet co-workers and ex-co-workers, Barbara's At the Brewery fit the bill. We ordered our food, food came out pretty quickly, everything looked good.  But, then, my biscuits and gravy came, what a disappointment. The menu says "scratch-made biscuits", so I'm thinking, ok, they should be nice and big and fluffy....to my disappointment, they were small and hard, like hockey pucks. My advice, skip the biscuits and gravy!  My wife got the eggs benedict, which were pretty good, nice thick slice of ham on top of english muffins and nicely cooked eggs on top. I guess I would go back and try a weekday lunch or dinner sometime... More...


Jorge A.

11 December 2016

Excellent selection of craft beer as well as a creative menu. Nice place to catch a ballgame. They do brunch on weekends. Greg is possibly the coolest bartender there and his service is outstanding. Try the Nachos!


Esteban D.

27 November 2016

This place is so yummy! And they bottomless mimosas! Great ambiance! And great staff! Must eat here !


Kim P.

12 November 2016

amazing brunch!!! OMG! and also amaze dinner and drinks!! seriously do not skip this place if you are in the area!


Melissa G.

7 November 2016

Fun and different. Great selection of beers and both I had were great!! Ambience fun and different.


Wei-Li S.

3 November 2016

I often work here on my laptop after a gym session at Stronghold.  There are plenty of outlets on the wall in the bright, naturally lit dining room (the bar area is much darker), with huge tables for me to spread my stuff out and comfy sofa-like benches where I'd be happy to lounge on all day.  The food is great (a tad on the pricey side) and I love every dessert I have ordered here.  Great place to hang out with a climbing buddy too! More...


Layla H.

31 October 2016

Always happy to find a good bottomless mimosa spot in the neighborhood! I like their brunch menu, especially their chilaquiles. Been here a few times for lunch - the burgers and fish tacos are a-okay, but nothing special. I mostly come back for the awesome beer selection!The restaurant is spacious with both indoor and outdoor seating areas. There are a ton of parking spots in their lot. This is a good, casual spot for groups and for lazy weekend brunches :) More...


John B.

23 October 2016

The blacken chicken was great but the fish tacos ROCKS. We'll be back for more. This location is surrounded by all sorts of artist.   Get day of food and exploring


Justin F.

18 October 2016

IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS. This is the palace. The bartenders are on their game and some of the best in the industry. The reviews that say the service is bad and people are rude are just pompous $&@!bags. The patio has some of the most creative, funny, successful artists on the planet. Love to all. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE. More...


Sarah P.

17 October 2016

Ive been here 3/4 times so far. The food is good (it did come out cold once but it was fixed right away) The service was good. Its always been the Asian and Armenian (I think) girls when Ive gone. Very friendly/accommodating...the Armenian girl gave me a free drink for the food issue. Mellow and nice environment...it seems to have a lot of locals. It is definitely a place to go to if you're not looking for anything too loud or crazy on the weekends. More...


Jennie F.

15 October 2016

I love Barbaras one of my favorite spots! If you are a fan of IPAs this is the place to be! Plus the food is pretty tasty, but I'm usually  there just for beer and the Art!!! Very cool decor! Just be chill and pretend you're a local when walking around the lots the security's can kick you out. More...


Alexia P.

4 October 2016

We had the special today, the deviled eggs were SO GOOD! And nice fresh arugula salads. You're doing great job there Chez Ross! Always lovely to take our friends to Barbara's Resturant at The Brewery these days! More...


Chrys S.

1 October 2016

One of the best places to eat and have a decent beer near USC HSC campus! Great food, amazing selection of beers, friendly service and great prices!


Katie S.

26 September 2016

I had a wonderful time here.  I have some food restrictions so I get nervous eating out, and the staff were super friendly and accommodating.  My burger and margarita were delicious, and the atmosphere was sunlit and relaxing.  Great place to grab a beer and chill with friends. More...


Albert M.

8 September 2016

great out of the way hidden in the cut spot. it was my first time here and I can't think of 1 bad thing to say. Tap beers are $2 off during happy hour and there are 20 to choose from. the food was delicious. a friend I shared the Carnitas nachos and a smoked trip tip sandwich. AMAZING, the carnitas were as authentic as could be and the smoked tri tip was just simply awesome. this place is a must try.......if you can find it More...


Jackie O.

25 August 2016

I've been to the Brewery in the past, can't recall whether I've been to Barbaras or not. It's a cool spot though. Definitely close enough to downtown to chill after work but also close enough for my Pasadena peeps to meet without coming all the way down to L.A. Met a couple of kind regulars. Bar staff were very busy but attentive. I only had fries and a martini, but the other food looked interesting albeit basic bar food. There is a lot of space though so big groups would do well here. Wondering if they ever crank up the music and turn it into a real party in there? Guess I'll have to go back to see. More...


Alma D.

15 August 2016

Food is fresh. The atmosphere is great with locals and the art display is interesting. Place can be hard to find but worth the experience. They have indoor and outdoor sitting. Great for locals. Ask the questions and you get the help. More...


Patrice R.

7 August 2016

The veggie burger was amazing! The fries were good too. I ordered a muis strawberry beer and really enjoyed this place. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, but we were right next door at the rock climbing gym. If you're close by this place is low key and a must try. More...


Johnny C.

6 August 2016

Home away from home.  Yummy comfort food and a robust beer rotation keep us coming back every week.  The friendly staff and eclectic crowd make Barbs a must see when visiting DTLA, the Arts District, or catching a post climb drink after hitting the Stronghold Climbing Gym. Where else can you brush sholders with the Brewery artists, UPS crew and the medical staff from the nearby LAC-USC medical center.  Great place to catch a brunch or a dinner. Family friendly. More...


Leo I.

6 August 2016

Damn! If you're looking for an out of the way spot, Barbara's is it. C'mon film people, after wrap Barbara's is a great place to unwind, eat and get a great beer!. Kim, Carla, Garret, Greg, Mike, Nina will take care of you. Best out of the way spot in L.A.! More...


Jackie S.

28 July 2016

Really cool atmosphere, delish food :) we went for lunch and got the burger and pulled pork- would totally go again :)


Diana W.

18 July 2016

Walkable and same area as stronghold indoor rock climbing gym. Wknds are empty, a/c super chill. Possible wifi junkie spot. Beers! $4 large fries, $5 pineapple carrot cake! Not a scene, not a hipster place. Very simple and sun light atmosphere. Reminds me of a more comfortable setting of a college community lobby but attached to a bar area. Don't expect service. They do bring the food to you but go up to the bar for any soda drink refills or questions. Outdoor Patio: They have patio seating tables and patio benches at both ends of entrance/exists. More...


Manny F.

12 July 2016

Great day time spot with a good selection of beer. I've been coming here the last few years and they usually half a good selection of good too. Parking can be a little challenging at times - and occasional too many hipsters. More...


Pranay R.

25 June 2016

An oasis in the heart of the Brewery Artist Colony, these guys are always super friendly and the food is delicious. The relaxed atmosphere definitely captures what the Brewery is all about.


Jim R.

22 June 2016

The bar serves fairly standard pub fare with a range of decent beers. I've never been on a weekend but I found the service to be good and timely.


Steph K.

21 June 2016

This is a little hideaway with a lot of regulars.  Great rotating craft beer taps from local breweries.  Food selection is limited but they have daily specials sometimes meatloaf or grilled cheese or order from the menu burgers, veggie, and bar food too.  The men bartenders are much friendlier then the girl ones and I'm not sure why.  But not offended.  There is a small patio out front (2nd floor) and out back.  Smoking is allowed More...


Kacie A.

13 June 2016

Came here to watch a playoff game with friends, not really knowing what to expect. Pretty neat spot! We were pleasantly surprised. Nice tables for groups to come and enjoy a game together. And they had healthy vegan options for me! That's what really won me over. We shared the vegan chorizo tacos, kale salad with grapefruit and avocado, and chips and guacamole. Food was excellent, with some traditional bar food like burgers for our other friends, but the kale salad was a hit with me. Only downside is our service was pretty nonexistent, had to go up to the bar for everything, and it wasn't even all that busy. More...


Shelley V.

6 June 2016

Every time I come here I have such a great time. First of all the staff is outstanding. The beer list of local breweries are amazing, and the food is wonderful. Great spot to just hang out. :)


Gabriela T.

23 May 2016

I'd give it a five cause the food is bomb & so is the beer but 1 of the bar tender always seems to have an attitude- that or it may just be her tone. Anyway good place to grab lunch at and catch up with a friend More...


John G.

5 May 2016

Hop concept, heavenly hefe, and the red ale. Three of my favorite beers here but all of them are just as good. Always love coming here after work, right across the street so it's always easy access after a long day. Very chill atmosphere, especially on Thursday nights. Dog friendly too, so never a problem to bring your pup. Very affordable as well, lots of young professionals to mingle with, and overall a ton of fun. Making this a weekly tradition from here on out. More...


Michelle P.

3 May 2016

Yes. OH MY GOD yes. I learned about this place through a friend of mine after we went climbing at Stronghold. This place is exactly what I need sometimes. The atmosphere is fantastic. The beer selection is to die for. The black and blue burger is my favorite thing. I was disappointed with their wings, but this is LA so that's no surprise, but still. If you're drunk enough, it doesn't matter. What a fantastic place. I love it here so much. More...


Matt H.

25 April 2016

My climbing buddy and I took a trip up to LA to check out Stronghold gym, in part because we knew we could swing by here for a midday treat and get back to climbing.  I don't know how the regular menu is, but the brunch menu on Sunday is a little limited.  Still, I ordered a brunch salad and it was really good.  The salad was simple, with arugula, parm, avocado, tomatoes, vinaigrette dressing and two poached eggs.  Yep, poached, runny yolks and all.  As I said, it was really good.  My buddy had the eggs Benedict, which looked OK, but they could have done with an upgrade in the muffin. I had a smokey mezcal margarita to go with lunch, which was also really tasty. I am not in the area much (ever), but the combo of the gym and Barbara's makes it more likely I will make the occasional trek up to LA. More...


Elizabeth H.

25 April 2016

Great hidden gem.  Not easy to find.. But so worth the hunt... Casual atmosphere and great food and Drinks!! Blue cheese burger was the best one I've ever had.. Today I had fish and soyrizo Tacos Yum! More...


Henry R.

14 April 2016

Freaking amazing the whole thing from deco to food freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Came to have pre game warm up before the dodger game and man was it the best decision we ever made. The food was top notch. We the basic burger with fries. Wings. Nachos home made pastrami, a few drinks and the blow it out of the water. Will I be back hell yeah will I tell others hell yeah!!!! To bomb people a hidden gem in the city of angels. More...


Orlando F.

3 April 2016

Incredible food but more than anything KT provided world class service.Deffinitely we're coming back!!!


Jones C.

5 March 2016

Just moved to the brewery and I'm so happy to have such an awesome place to eat/drink. The food is always really good and well priced. The staff is a big part of what makes this place great. Feels like the show Cheers when you come in. Trying not to drink as much these days, but the beer selection is so stellar that I keep falling off the wagon lol More...


Kris W.

2 March 2016

We had a quick lunch here as we were working nearby and the line at San Antonio winery (the only place around to eat lunch that we knew about) was practically out the door.  I'm glad we found this on Yelp, and when I say found, we really had to search :) a little better signage might be nice but I guess that's part of the ambiance of the place. Inside it was nice with plenty of seating for lunch. Food was great. Next time I'll try to swing by after work and try a beer. More...


E L.

29 February 2016

Yes!  really hidden place but they have great food and beer selections!  You can sometimes find great and rare beers from Russian River Brewing company! yes Pliny the elder!  and i had a consecration last week also!  there's an outdoor patio for you to smoke and drink outside!  Burgers are great here!  check them out!  parking is free in the private lot!  don't get lost walking there! More...


mimi y.

25 February 2016

This place is a hidden gem! We had a pizza, salad with Salmon,  and some dessert. Everything was delicious including the beer! The bar is hidden in the largest artist colony in the world. The place is hip and trendy with great food. What else can you ask for More...


Raymond C.

22 January 2016

Great place friendly atmosphere the staff is very attentive. Parking is kind of a bummer had to park out on the street and walk about 200 yards to be able to get to the place but it was worth it. I would definitely come back with a bunch of friends there's some outdoor seating that looks good. Sat at the bar, the bar tenders know what they're doing. Can't go wrong with the pizza, the spinach and artichoke flatbread was excellent. More...


Chris C.

19 January 2016

Awesome beers, great people, low key spot and good food! Had the nachos, they were great, and also the artichoke dip, which was served with pita and was super delicious.


Tomas G.

13 January 2016

Excellent. Come here! And since I'm required to write more,the food is Excellent. Come here! The beer selection is Excellent. Come here! Yes, I've copy/pasted. But who cares! I speak the truth, friends! Happy foodie-ing. More...


Jessica F.

7 December 2015

One of my favorite places to go with my other half. Such a small intimate bar with the most amazing beers on tap which varies from the best Ipas and Stouts. They do serve wine FYI and hard liquor for all you non-craft beer drinkers. The employees are always the sweetest with explaining the menu . We went recently after not going for about 2 years and wow its still as good as I remembered. Not packed at all. ( hope this review doesn't jinx me ) I have yet to try to food here , but from the reviews it looks amazingly delicious. Super plus for serving Pliny the Younger on tap. More...


Jesus H.

2 December 2015

I came here with some coworkers during lunch and to my shock our office is literally minutes away from this place, yet I had never heard of it until today.  As with another other establishment in the Arts District, Barbara's At The Brewery is very hip and modern.  They have tables and seating area outside and plenty of areas to sit inside.  Not to sure how this place gets at night but since we came around 12:30pm on a Wednesday there were plenty of seats open. We first went up to the bar and placed our order.  It seems like they have a pretty solid beer menu but I sadly didn't get a drink, this time.  They also have plenty of food options to choose from: sandwiches, burgers, tacos, etc.  I went with the Blackened Chicken Burger which comes with the choice of fries or salad.  I went with the fries and they come with some light garlic seasoning.  The chicken burger has bacon, guacamole, tomato, lettuce and they give you a HUGE piece of grilled chicken.  I must say that my burger got a bit messy towards the end but it did not stop me from savoring every bite.  The burger and fries will run you $9 which is a great price for meal. Honestly this place is fantastic for lunch, but it is a bit hidden so it may be hard to find if you don't know where or what you are looking for.  Definitely planning on coming here again sometime. More...


Joe A.

21 November 2015

This is a place where you can have a drink and  conversate with many individuals from all over the world. Barbaras is  smack in the middle and surrounded by  lofts used either for living, business  or both. Artist, musicians, writers, models, u name it and most likely you'll see them winding down with their friends and favorite cocktail at Barbaras.. Thursday's was my day of the week  friends a I would meet at Barabars, due to the fact that my employer UPS is a neighbor to this spot, located just across the street, it was conievient for coworkers to meet there, hangout, chat, and enjoy a good evening. Plus Thursday is payday so everyone is happy. Many many good memmories from this place. Just like Home. Check it out if u ever thirsty and your near by, on Main st off the 5 Fwy north, near General Hospital & close to County Jail, so be careful have a good, but don't drink and drive Bcuz u might end up in a County Blue Jumpsuit. Peace out people & FOREVER  God Bless. More...


Margaret W.

13 November 2015

What a little hidden gem. Located in the artists colony. The place is a little hard to find and looks a little sketchy if you're not familiar with the area. What you feel when you enter is lots of good vibes, music and a lively atmosphere.  Great selection of beer on tap. The food was delicious. More...



1 November 2015

Good hamburger but not great. The tacos looked good. The beers were quite sublime, with subtle tastes and aromas, but no stouts or porters on my second trip; guys, you always need a stout or a porter on tap AT ALL TIMES. That's just a basic rule. Thursday night at 10:30 PM was nice and low key. Lunchtime it did not feel particularly elegant. Overall I recommend it. More...


Jason Y.

28 October 2015

came here to get a bit to eat. Wofe was searching around for a bewpub on the way back to NorCal....it's in a place called "The Brewer" NOT what you think, a art and work place with this place as the restaraunt. Bucnh of loacal and not local craft brews, plus full bar. They actually had Pliny the ELder there as well, somewhat hard to find.No food review More...


Frank C.

27 October 2015

When I think of Lincoln Heights, the last think that comes to mind is craft beer.  Thanks to some locals (and Yelp), Barbara's at the Brewery has become one of my "go-to" venues for better-than-good beer and food.This little section is known as the brewery, which is filled with talented artists.  Barbara's is this community's only place to wine & dine.  Pretty hipster.I arrived at a time when the full menu changed to a bar menu.  But don't panic!  Even the bar menu is better than some places regular menu.  My buddies and I indulged in an order of Chipotle Chicken Nachos and Spicy Wings.Chipotle Chicken Nachos were delicious.  Chips were light and crunchy.  I didn't bite into a stale one all night.  Decent amount of flavored chicken, and there was plenty of tomatoes and other stuff.  The wings were good.  I don't think wings are their specialty, but their wings are still a cut above a bunch of places I have frequented.The star of my evening was their DIPA (8.8%) from Highland Park Brewery known as "The Achiever."  Hoppy and delicious.  After a few sips, you'll swear you just drank Christmas.  There is a pretty decent selection of other craft beers, but this DIPA had me from the get go.  I hope they keep this in their rotation.Definitely looking forward to going back with some others that will also appreciate their ambience, craft beer, hand crafted cocktails, food and free parking.Enjoy! More...


Jairo B.

20 October 2015

Sweet location, awesome set up inside and a killer rotating beer list!  Russian River, Phantom Carriage and Noble specialty ales ! !?   fuck yes!


Dani D.

19 October 2015

Always good. Always friendly. They can pour you a beer on tap or make you a mean martini. For food, consider their specials first: ALWAYS delicious! There's always a well prepared fresh veggie. The last special I ate? It was a creamy chicken spaghetti. What made it so perfect was that even though it had a creamy texture , the tomato shined through on the sauce. You don't expect it, but while this place features the kind of food you might expect at a bar, it's elevated above that with perfect balances of flavor time and time again. My favorite things in the regular menu: BLT, French toast, nachos, pizzas, and tacos. But Barbara's is even more than the food and drink: there's art! Great art by many of the best artists of Los Angeles.  If it's not obvious, I love this place. I expect you will, too. More...


Rebecca B.

15 September 2015

I came here for the first time on a Monday night and I loved it. It was a casual and relaxed environment and  there's more than one outdoor area which is nice. The bartenders were friendly and they had a nice selection of craft beer including Stone Brewing,  Avery Brewing, Highland park brewing and more! I will definitely be going back! More...


Monica J.

16 August 2015

Three words: Pliny the Elder.  On tap, $8.00Found this little nugget of information on Tap Hunter.  Great open feel with nice beers on tap - it's not easy to come by Pliny, so this place feels like a unicorn.


Jason L.

14 August 2015

If I could compare this building to a reptile, it would be a chameleon. Well, not exactly this one, but the building with the smokestack that reads THE BREWERY (it's actually a rock-climbing gym). Spice is the variety of life. I just assumed that Barbara's was the building with the smokestack, but it wasn't. At least it's located in the same complex. Fun times, man. More...


Al L.

10 August 2015

After a morning bouldering session at the nearby Stronghold Climbing Gym, we stopped by here being such a convenient location. I got their arugula salad with salmon while my friend got their kale salad with chicken. I thought the salmon was grilled incredibly well, and the salad was tasty with generous portions. Will come back here to try their burgers, fries, and drinks in the future. More...


Daniel B.

4 August 2015

This place is the only place to eat in the brewery. Luckily the food is great.Barbara and the staff also try to be super accommodating if you want any substitutions (provided it's not too busy). A couple of times I've asked for the Tabouleh with a portion of Blackend Chicken and some beans (I'm on an annoying diet). Both times these versions of the food came out absolutely delicious.Great portions, price is reasonable, filtered water is free, but know that the menu changes after 3pm to a bar menu, so all the stuff my diet will let me eat is gone. :)I had the chips and guacamole. That was pretty good, but I broke my diet. Whoops.Also, they have many beers on tap that look pretty good. More...


Albert G.

31 July 2015

Always a winner here. Solid service Solid food. Great place to bring a bunch of friends and catch up.


Bita M.

28 July 2015

This is an awesome spot inside of an awesome spot! The Brewery itself is an amazing artist colony and located inside is this awesome restaurant/bar. Came here with a friend that lives at the Brewery and I was really impressed by the beer selection and quality of food. The menu doesn't seem like anything special (your typical wings, burgers, tacos, etc.) but everything we had was delicious and well prepared. We ordered:-Arugula salad with salmon: SO GOOD! Salmon was cooked perfectly and the salad has a delicious dressing -garden burger: large party with good flavor-burger and fries: I didn't try this but it looked and smelled delicious-various beers: they have a bunch of different ones on tapObviously there's cool art throughout. The bartenders were nice and helpful and everyone is very friendly since the place is located in the middle of the coolest study community. Check out the Brewery and stop in for a bite and drink at Barbara's while you're there More...


R L.

26 July 2015

Okay, James the manager is a class act. He called, apologized and refunded me the entire bill. That is the best response I've  received in a very long time. I'm so glad as  I had torn feelings about not returning as I do really like the beer and food. I will spread the word about this experience.  One suggestion I'd give James since I know he will read this review is to encourage the staff to have a better attitude.  Sometimes don't get the service with a smile type of attitude.  Thanks again, James! More...


Andrea H.

1 July 2015

New chef. New GM. New attitude. Had the fries and burger and it was exactly what I want from a brewpub. Awesome beers selection that feels like a roster from a beer fest, hand crafted cocktails, and awesome clientele make this bar a great place to hang. You can hear your friends talk, dogs are ok on the patio, and new artwork from residents line the walls. Definitely have an old fashioned, the burger and don't miss the carnitas nachos when they have them. More...


Lou R.

19 June 2015

We had the best salmon with risotto cake and spring broccoli ever as a special last night. Hope it becomes a menus regular. And the carrot cake was good as always. More...


Drury S.

14 June 2015

Great selection of beer, and good food.  We were there on a Sunday which had brunch until 3.  Service was good, and lots of tables both inside and out.


Anne Explores LA +.

14 June 2015

Small draft beer selection. I've always wanted to check this place out. It's located in The Brewery art colony. It's hidden, so the people who visit are probably people who live at the large complex or people like me who have heard of it through the twice a year open house event during the year.They had Russian River Blind Pig, which not many places have this on tap. I was told they stopped distributing the bottles when I visited Plaza Market. I also got to taste The Bruery L'Deracola.  A nice beer selection and some beer I can't find at many places.Service was really friendly and attentive. More...


Brian U.

7 June 2015

Awesome food (chop with kale and bacon, Brussels sprouts and tres tacos were all outstanding and the tacos were huge). Great micro brews too. Attentive and friendly staff so everyone from hipsters to the rest of us feel at home. More...


Jayne L.

6 June 2015

Great place to have a wonderful selection of food and spirits (beer, wine and cocktails). Bar serves the entire menu. Pace yourself bc every bite of food is amazing. Love you Barbara.


Rosy L.

2 June 2015

Came here on a Sunday evening, real cool spot. The food is delicious. I ordered their blackened chicken bacon, tomato, avocado, chipotle ranch burger IT WAS SUPER GOOD. Their fish and chips were delicious. Food looked very very fresh. This place is hidden. Its located in an industrial location.Their floor is straight cement which keeps the place nice and cool and its also dim which I love. They have outdoor seating as well. Free fresh iced water for you to self serve next to the bar. We are coming back here for sure but with a larger group on a weekend. 5 stars! More...


Jake S.

8 May 2015

I really really love this place. It's got it's own little community, and everyone for the most part is super friendly and awesome. The staff has always been really nice to me and the food is really damn good. The beer selection is pretty sweet too. More...


Alla A.

17 April 2015

Love this place. Cozy, industrial, unique with a full bar and great food. Good for a night out or for a quick lunch. Never get tired of this place. Definitely recommend if you're in the area!! More...


Coburn H.

17 April 2015

Good pub food, nice selection of beers, pleasent and knowledgable staff. Good all around, plus you're in the brewery, people watching is a bonus


Dan C.

13 April 2015

Great bar!  Awesome beer and an amazing beer selection!  First time visiting from out of town but I will definitely be back.  Attentive and friendly staff that make the place even better, More...


Giao T.

5 April 2015

Laid-back place that offers decent to pretty good food at a decent price. I am a wine drinker but yeah yeah, I know, this is a brewery. So yes, I have their beer which is pretty good. (After trying out their wine once). The beer selection changes often, as in every time I come, the selection varies. I've been here probably a handful of times in the last couple of months.The menu selection varies from the burger and fries, fish and chips, tacos, to entries like trout. But since it's a bar, I think we usually go with more "bar food" type items which have hit the spot after a couple hours climbing across the lot at the Stronghold Climbing Gym.Oh, and service is pretty good. Maybe it's because I go with regulars that the bartenders know. But anyway, we'll continue coming here. More...


Karlin C.

26 February 2015

It's really good! I come here a lot! Today I ordered the special: Filet mignon fajitas(14.75 or something like that.). If you are complaining about how service sucks, YOU HAVE TO GO UP TO ORDER! THINK!!! :0 Wow. Anyway the food is always great. Their Caesar salad is SO GOOD. Burgers are yummeh. Buffalo wings are okay. The fajitas are so good! Come here! They also have a full bar. More...


Davina D.

31 January 2015

I tried the food finally during the day and it was good! Made me change my mind a bit about it even tho its really not a brewery still and they only have happy hour literally an hour, lol... Chicken mole nachos are awesome tho and dumplings with sweet Thai chili sauce! This place needs to advertise on the outside cuz it's hidden behind warehouses unless your a yelper or know from a friend you won't know about it! More...


Jason R.

21 January 2015

My home away from home when in LA. I only wish it was open more and longer. :) The coffee and beer is always rolling and the food is fabulous!


Christian M.

18 January 2015

I enjoy Barbara's wide variety of unique beers and try their lunch and dinner specials almost daily. (My favorite go-to dinner is Barbara's meatloaf dinner plate, followed closely by the spinach salad topped w/ chicken or w/ salmon)  They also offer decadent desserts such as chocolate cake and/or cheesecake as well as standard bar food such as buffalo wings, onion rings, fries, sweet potato fries, soups, and much more...  Barbara's also has a great ambience, with art from featured residents displayed and also a few permanent fixtures now part of Barbara's history at the Brewery.  The lighting, music, art, friendly staff, and rich downtown LA artistic culture makes Barbara's a very romantic date spot, and/or the perfect place for your next creative business meeting with your co-workers and/or clients.  Please drink responsibly and be courteous to the Brewery residents.  #BestWaterInTown More...


Jamaal M.

9 January 2015

Great place to just come and hang out with people and have some drinks.  I usually come here after 11 pm so there aren't many people here.  Thursday nights get pretty crowded. Don't really know what's going on but I stay away from here on that day.  The drinks here are really good.  I usually try one of their stouts that they have. My favorite is the Russian but I can always do a Hef. Saw my first fight in an artsy area at this place. I must say, it was pretty exciting to watch with a drink in your hand.  I highly recommend this place. More...


Annie L.

9 January 2015

Wonderful!  Super casual vibe.  I just wish they didn't close so early.This place is literally a hidden gem and so close to home; I never considered visiting until my cousin recommended it.  He's not a Yelper, but if he were, he'd definitely be the Duke with the amount of times he visits!  There's bar seating, indoor seating, cafeteria-like area seating and outdoor seating.  Drinks are fairly priced (3-4 for about $30) and they never disappoint.  If you're into fruity drinks, try "Something Fruity."  It's delicious but dangerous. More...


P R.

20 December 2014

I was here as a tag along for a birthday for some woman i never met, it was awkward for me personally. Anyways this place felt comfortable, the food looked great, but i had pizza. Really the only reason im giving them 5 stars, they are the only place ive seen so far that carry Plymouth Gin, Jesus the gin and tonic i had, amazing. More...


Rick H.

7 December 2014

My new favorite brunch place. Bloody Mary's are amazing. That is coming from a Bloody Mary snob. Can't wait to go back.


Isabel T.

5 December 2014

Came here to lunch in a Friday. Very chill, quiet and neat. You have to order at the bar and serve yourself water. Serves don't stop by to ask if everything is okay, which is ideal if you don't want interruptions and if you're looking for a private spot. The restaurant is a industrial area so I think most people that were there for lunch were from nearby offices. I got the Macho Nachos with chicken and I really liked the chicken and the tortillas used. Good portions. Not sure if I'll come back again. More...


Marina M.

20 November 2014

Yummy food!! Went around 1ish, food was great! Parking can be tricky since its in an area that doesn't have many places to eat! Had to order from the bar, took a little while but really cool spot! Would definitely come here to chill and work on my laptop :) More...


Kostas P.

19 November 2014

Great spot for a beer and a game. Great beer selection. Food is above average. People working were nice. I really enjoy the bruery brand beers and they had two on tap. For Lincoln heights, you can't beat it. More...


Linda F.

5 November 2014

This is an out of the way place that seems to cater to those in the art scene. Unless you are in the Brewery area of LA, you may not ever come across it (either by seeing it or hearing about it).This is a laid-back place where you go to the bar to buy your beverages and place your order. A waitstaff member brings your food to the table when it is ready.We went for brunch and had a wonderful surprise! As laid-back (clean and tidy) as the front of the house is, the back of the house puts out fabulous food. Our variety of food included a salad special (with poached eggs), a brunch burger, breakfast burrito, and eggs Benedict. Everyone enjoyed their food. All of this plus 4 Bloody Mary's (exceptional!) and 2 Pilsners came to $84.26. What I consider a value in LA. Beautiful plating!It was not crowded but it did take a while to get our food -- we even checked in at the bar to see why it was taking so long. So, don't go for brunch if you are in a hurry. More...


Marielle C.

30 October 2014

I've only ever been to the arts district once a long time ago so i was very lost while driving in.Plenty of parking on the lot.Outdoor seating area.Decor felt very inviting.Bar area separated from casual dining area.Water is self serve.No wait service.Must go to the bar to order everything.We ordered mainly bar foods.It wasn't amazing but it wasn't horrible.The beer selection is fun but a little hard to read on the walls.Left the tab open, and after asking for the bill at the end of the night, they charged the entire bill to the card that held the tab open.We were a group of 4, we worked it out but it would have been nice to not immediately charge the card. More...


Joe E.

18 September 2014

A beer bar in the middle of an artist colony. I'm not kidding. It's like driving into a compound. Very eclectic crowd that makes you think that just by being in the vicinity, you could write a movie script or paint a classic just from the creative vibes flowing through the place. Reconstituted warehouse has plenty of seating in the bar area, a big open dining room, and outside on a few patios. Old tap handles line the upper walls of the bar. You can tell beer is important by the handles and the former kegs that once graced the fridges. 4 stars for the beer that's been on tap on our few stops here. Alpine Nelson IPA, Noble Big Wig IPA, and Firestone Pivo Pils to name a few. At the top of our pint price point, 6-9 a glass. No chilled glasses is also a bummer. Beer stayed mostly cold. We finally tried the food last time we stopped. Ordered the burger with a desired medium rare. Got a visit from the waitress afterwords telling us there were no buns. Uh. Ok. Toasted sourdough would suffice. Burger came out with no pink in the center on untoasted bread. Disheartening, especially when they charge 11 bucks for it. Should have got it somewhat right for that price. We'll see how it goes next time. Want to hope for the best. More...


Chi T.

5 September 2014

It's rare to find a brewery that serves good food, let alone one that's close to a climbing gym that I'll be going to fairly often.  We stopped here after doing some climbing at Stronghold, and boy, are we glad we did!They have a good selection of beer on tap, but it's constantly rotating.  I asked the bartender how often they rotate them, and he said daily, much to my surprise. We've been here twice and both times, most of the beer selection is different except for Modern Times Black Ale House, that was there both times, and that happens to be the one we like the most.  Anyway, they have about 15 beers on tap, and if you're not sure which one to order, ask them to let you try some tasters.  I love that they do that without charging us, because the last thing I want is to commit myself to a 12+ ounce glass of something I don't like. We usually ask for tasters for 2-3 beers and decide on one.  As for food, we've had their vegetarian burger that comes with a side salad. At $6.95, it's a great deal, especially since the salad is huge!  The burger is big, good enough for dinner and then lunch the next day.  I also recommend their quesadilla.  It's an appetizer, so it's small, but it's really good. We've had both their cheese and chicken ones and both are excellent.  It comes with a large serving of cream cheese and shredded lettuce. If you order the quesadilla, be sure to ask for their green habanero sauce. It's got a serious kick to it!  All in all, I really like this place and will be coming here pretty much every time I go climbing at Stronghold. More...


Swati C.

24 August 2014

Great roaster of beer, fun music, nice bartenders, and you can pretty much be in your own zen space if that's your thing (that's my thing sometimes).


Michelle V.

21 August 2014

$7 for a GREAT cocktail. What else can you ask for? There's a bearded bartender that does pretty good cocktails but all of them are pretty good. Really low key place to hang out with. I'm not really an old fashioned type of person but my friends come for it and it tastes pretty good. The cherry they put in is amazing.Cocktails/Drinks 5/5: Usually pretty decent and they never mind fixing your cocktails if you needed adjustments. They have a decent selection of beer that rotates time to time as well.Prices 5/5: Decent/Great prices for a place right outside of DTLA.Ambiance 5/5: It has a homey feel, like you can dress up if you want or come in PJs if you want. No one would look at you funny, it's slightly divey, slightly hipster. Service 5/5: The bartenders are super nice here. More...


Michael T.

17 August 2014

By FAR, the most eclectic, ever changing, quality tap lineup.... Cool and cozy inside, chill music, free thinking clientel....on and onBeer Nerd destination for sure.Check tap list online for what's what todaybarbarasatthebrewery.com…You're welcome. More...


Jeff E.

19 June 2014

Great tap list that changes regularly. We can't comment on the food because we just came for drinks. However, it's a really cool under the radar bar.  The bartenders are really friendly, the people hanging out seem really laid back (seems like locals who live at the Brewery), and they have lots of space to gather, including two outdoor areas. Plenty of free parking to go around.  Definitely worth a drive over. More...


Justin Y.

22 May 2014

Went here with the homies today after class. Had a golden ale and amber ale....all for $9 (can't beat happy hour prices). It's a really chill and hipster environment with pretty good drinks and decent food as well. Never too crowded and a sweet spot to hang out during the weekdays. I have been going to Barbara's over the past 4 years in pharmacy school and I would definitely recommend it. More...


Michael M.

23 April 2014

Now, I think that I should begin this review by stating that I do not write reviews of Food and Beverage facilities.  also, I am a terrible writer. So bare with me.     I have eaten all over Los Angeles, From the upscale dive, to fine dining, and taking it  home with tacos! However, the experience that happened to me was by far the best in Service, Hospitality, and community.    I arrived at the Brewery for a meeting of the minds with like minded artists. I did not know what to expect. First off, The beer selection is fantastic. It seems as if Barbara is diligent about keeping the goods good and the goods cold. This is super important to me.    I was greeted by two fellas whom I later identified as James and Mike.  Look for them. Look for a strapping fella in a fedora and a great long beard on the other.    All goes well on the front. The meeting took place and suddenly: to be honest i found myself a bit intoxicated. It seemed as if an hour had gone by and the whole night was depleted.     The bearded fella noticed that I had been a little tipsy. He showed me the menu, Made some suggestions, and off I was dining on superior pub style food. Very fresh, Very clean.     I began to feel better immediately. After a spell I made my way home.         I think that the moral of the story is that while you are at barbaras, You feel this certain sense of community, Service by a handful of people that Love their work, and the most important thing of all? I felt safe. I felt as if there were folks that had a sincere heart enough to reach out and take care of their guests. No matter what. This is not easy to find.     I recommend barbaras at the brewery for anyone that is looking for good food. good drink, good service, and quality human kindness. three words:  A-MAY-ZING More...


Jay K.

29 March 2014

First and foremost, I have to mention the sweet potato fries. I don't know where they get them or how they make them, but they're awfully good. I find myself craving them randomly. The place has a bohemian feel and an avant-garde vibe. No doubt, since it's right in the middle of an art community. The selection of beer is great, plenty to try during happy hour. The food is surprisingly superior. The chef is creative, offering meals you'd find in finer establishments, while still having a choice of blue collar grub. The place is hard to find, hidden almost. If you're on yelp, take a good look at the pics and you'll be okay.Thumbs up! Creative vibe, craft beers, good grub, perfect place to hang with good friends. As always, let me know what you think. More...


Susan W.

10 March 2014

I love this place for lunch - great specials - and for a drink/dinner after work - bartender makes great margharitas and martinis!


Cindy J.

25 January 2014

Great craft beer selection. Happy hour prices are good. Went with a large group on a Friday and it wasn't super crowded, so that was a huge plus.It's hidden away and you could easily miss this place if you're not looking for it.Bar food is pretty good, and the $3 PBRs were nice to the wallet.Would recommend to anyone who loves craft beer! Will be returning. More...


Jenn T.

20 January 2014

Came here for some drinks with friends.  This place was not easy to find, hidden in the warehouses and amongst things that are hard to figure out in the dark.  Once you get here its a nice little bar, lots of seating and space to sit.  They have a rotating tap menu, which had piney elder on tap, WIN!.  They also have pretty decent food menu with specials too.  They have lots of parking and friendly bar staff! More...


Aura C.

12 December 2013

Stopped in right after going to an open house at Hipcooks.  I can't speak to the food, but the beer was just fine.  Pretty affordable. There was plenty of seating.  I would go back after going to Hipcooks. More...


Mathew N.

23 November 2013

You can smell the wheat from the parking lot so you know this place is authentic.  It reminds me a lot of breweries in Seattle and I didn't know that such places existed in LA.  The decor is industrial chic and the other patrons are a bit pretentious for their own good.  However, the heavenly hef was great and the bacon on the BLT was cooked just right.  It's a bit tricky to find the entrance.  The shared parking lot is large and the entrance isn't quite adjacent to the large brewery tower. More...


Erika M.

14 November 2013

Cool spot. Kinda hidden. Like treasure-map-kinda-super-hidden. But once you find it, they have great brews & really good food with a rotating menu. I had a mushroom ravioli that was damn delicious. And, they have lots o' TVs for you sports enthusiasts. My friend told me it also gets crackin' during artwalk. Fyi. More...


Rigo J.

3 November 2013

15 taps, 10 of SoCals finest, Thrillseeker, Winter Yulesmith,  Santas Lil Helper, to name a few. Great prices on brunch menu. If ur a NoCal fan Consecration & Pliny on tap, 'nuff said More...


Will W.

1 November 2013

This is a neat little bar/grill hidden inside the Brewery Arts complex, if somebody didn't tell me about it I'd have to come across it randomly on yelp to know about it!. It's well laid out, with outside patio sections and also a dining section and the bar itself is separated from the main area. I didn't try the food but this place has a very intriguing mix of craft beers. Most of the draft beers were about $6-7 a pint, so I'd say about average price you'd pay for a craft pint. There was a number of craft brews in bottles as well.They also serve wine and or cocktails if you want something stronger. I hear the food is fantastic, but I didn't try it this time. But I would definitely come back to this place, it has a neat vibe and I think it would be good for a number of things, from having some brews with friends, to being a cool place to take a date to (either as a starting point or ending point, its out of the way to be in the middle.) More...


Lincoln D.

7 September 2013

The best. Great food, reasonably priced. Fifteen craft brews on tap from Russian River, Stone, Eagle Rock, Craftsman, The Bruery, Beachwood Barbeque, Smog City just to name a few. Sunday brunch menu includes $5 for two micheladas and a variety of fantastic brunch choices. Patios are lovely, projector inside for big games.Great ambience with rotating local artists featured on the walls and permanent neon infused sculpture art hanging above. The staff all know what good music is so that's what they play on a regular basis.Super nice people, fun, good vibes, vibrant, peaceful and lovely atmosphere. Lunch and dinner specials are different everyday. The (Dinner Only) Chicken Nacho Plate is nuts.Perhaps the best staff on the planet. Lots of space in an awesome high ceiling, converted loft / loading dock space located inside the Brewery artist complex. The art walk is twice a year and Barbara's caters to that by setting up an additional beer garden type situation to accommodate the thousands of people that come through every year to support their local artists, hang, and check out the many beautiful studios, workshops, artwork and living spaces. More...


Sharon M.

2 September 2013

I love this place.  Friendly people, amazing bartenders.  They make the best drinks in town, without the slightest bit of pretentiousness.  (You'll never hear them refer to themselves as "mixologists").  Not to mention they play random cable channels on mute, so I can peacefully watch some random sci-fi with closed caption while gulping a sazerac made by James.   Like I said, amazing. More...


Sam G.

28 August 2013

Barbara's is the best place ever. If you like artsy people and good food/drinks, then there is no other choice but here. Just go, like right now. You will be happy you did. More...


Keith B.

18 August 2013

Barbara's is a major GEM in Lincoln Heights.  There is an amazing selection of beers on tap, and they are always rotating, so there is always something new to try. If beer isn't your thing, there is also a full bar and great selection of wine. The food is outstanding, and this is coming from a vegetarian.  There are plenty of options for me and they are all really good. I love grabbing a veggie burger and a beer and sitting out on one of the three sunny patios! The nachos are also an amazing treat for a group of friends, or just to mow down yourself. I've also eaten there with meat eaters, and I have only heard positive remarks.  I highly recommend Barbara's if you find yourself on this side of town and need a drink, snack, meal, or just a cool place to chill.Enjoy! More...


A M A.

15 August 2013

You know the "most interesting man in the world" from the Commercials? Well, he drinks here on his day off. Hemingway probably would've hung out here, adjusted for contemporary peccadillishness. Bukowski definitely - if he was ever sober enough to shuffle over the bridge. There's a gang of present day Pollocks and Lautrecs wandering in and out ordering fish tacos, bitching about curators and the shit going on at LACMA and MOCA. At about five weekdays all the guys from the morgue and UPS stop by to mix it up. To top it off, I think every single bartender is a musician - in an actual band - and not mediocre wannabe bands, but real deal on the cusp ones.Consequently - this place is no Yard House or Spago. The food is decent, the drink is very drinkable. There's nowhere else like it in LA. More...


Alice A.

14 August 2013

Best thing about this place is that whenever I go there, I meet interesting people that are friendly and open.  I can count on meeting someone great every time I set foot in the place.  I really haven't found anything else like it in LA.  I'm from Vermont and it reminds me of how people are in the cafes and restaurants there-- very comfortable.  The cocktails and beer selection are also excellent.  I love the patio... the food is really good, though I wish there were more vegetarian and vegan options, but they are accommodating with substitutions.  It's not visible from the road, but don't give up!  It will be well worth your while. More...


Carol L.

14 August 2013

This place needs more reviews and more pics!  It's got such a quirky and low-key vibe. I was surprised to find such a cool place in this area, thanks to my friend celebrating her birthday here.  Lots of indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of room for large groups.  There's a full food menu and specials, plus craft beers and a full bar.  And check it, FREE PARKING in the lot or off the street nearby.I'll update after I try some food.  I only stopped in to buy the birthday girl a drink. More...


Philip H.

12 August 2013

One of my favorite places in LA. Good food, one of the best beer lists in town (and PBR in 24oz cans), and most of all: you are surrounded by creativity in one of the largest artist colonies in the world. Interesting mix of people from artists, to USC docs in scrubs, to UPS guys in brown and locals from the neighborhood. Been going there (at times daily) for years while I lived at the Brewery and now always visit when I am in LA. Great Sunday brunch with delicious Bloody Maries, too... More...


Laura S.

11 August 2013

I love Barbara's! Serious connoisseur beer selection with a desire to just share it with you PLUS they will make you a fresh ginger soda with an amazing bite. Food is great and the staff is super cool. They have great taste in music and will play great songs for you. They have great taste in movies and will play great movies for you too. Tons of easy parking. They are one minute past Chinatown. Being in the middle of one of the largest arts colonies in the world will give you these advantages. Best vibe. Come here. More...


James W.

11 August 2013

Barbara's has hands down the best curated beer selection of anywhere I've been in LA. Food's good and there's seating inside or outside. I couldn't ask for more from my local bar/restaurant. More...


Angie J.

11 August 2013

This is the bar restaurant in the middle of the Brewery Artist Complex - "the largest artist colony in the world."  So, you will find all sorts of folks here... from local artists - who live in the brewery lofts, to County USC Dr's drinking in their scrubs, UPS drivers trying to forget their day, and DTLA'ers from nearby.  It's a nice mix of people.THE BAR:Barbara's is a great spot to go with a group or just a friend.  It's not too loud to hear each other if you want to talk, but also you can take a big group and get rowdy on the patio (smoking is allowed on the patio, a rare find in DTLA these days).  The craft beer selection is extensive and creative. The bar has stiff cocktails (my favorite - A Dirty Shirley), a decent wine collection and even fresh homemade ginger ale for those sunny afternoons you just want something fresh. THE FOOD:I live at the Brewery, so I know the menu well...  The food is great.  They have specials each week that make the rounds of Chicken Mole, Kobe Burgers and Tilapia.  My BF loves the chicken tacos.  My favs are the Burgers (Garden, Kobe and regular are all good!), Margarita Pizza (add bacon if you are naughty) and the sweet potato fries are the best.  The pineapple, carrot cake is a favorite treat I get every once in a while when I finish a painting... super sweet, moist and a HUGE slice!  The kitchen has some weird hours so pay attention.  Kitchen is open 11-3PM and then 5-9 PM during the week.  Saturday, the entire bar and kitchen do not open til 6PM.  Kitchen closes for dinner at 9PM.  M-Sat, Kitchen is not open for breakfast except brunch on Sundays and only til 3 PM.  They do need to work on those hours.PARKING:  Free and plenty of it.STAFF:  I think the staff is getting a bad wrap here, on yelp.  The guys get busy, but they are always there with a smile and ready to serve. It's tough with no wait staff and handling an entire bar/restaurant with food and drinks.ATMOSPHERE: I rarely see it packed where it's "asses and elbows" at the bar - which is a good thing in my book.  I hate going into a bar and trying to push my way through a crowd to get a cocktail.  It gets busy Thursday and Friday nights, but the bartenders always have time for you. Because this bar is located in the heart of an artist colony, it has a unique feel with art by local artists on the walls and a chopper hanging from the ceiling.  The patio is where most of the regulars reside so enter at your own risk, but you will have fun conversations with creatives and freaks alike.I recommend stopping by if you are in DTLA, but Google map it first because it can be hard to find.  Of course, us locals like it that way.  There is no sign for the bar.  Just look for the yellow building in the middle of the compound. More...


Normal O.

11 August 2013

I also wrote a review in Barbara's West Catering, but this is the actually bar and restaurant, so here's a new review. :)I LOVE BARBARA'S! I've been going there for about 10 years... seriously. My friends lived at The Brewery long before I lived there, so we frequented Barbara's over the years... we have often said that Barbara's is the perfect place: it's kind of like Cheers, except they have a captive audience... and they don't abuse their position with that captive audience by serving crappy, overpriced food. Their food is top notch (kitchen closes at 9 and they're very strict), their drinks are great, their prices are totally fair, their service staff have become my friends over the years, and we always go there even though there are hundreds of other places we could go.They have a great selection of exotic and craft beers, which rotates plus a very great menu.If you're in the neighborhood, go by! More...


Bec S.

11 August 2013

Barbara's is a great local hangout! The beer selection is terrific and always changing. They also have a great selection of liquor and wine. Food-wise there is something for everyone and the prices are good. Whenever people visit us at The Brewery, I always take them to Barbara's and they love it. It's very much like Cheers, with tons of regulars hanging out all the time. Great for lunch, an easy no-fuss dinner or just to catch a drink with friends. Its easily one of the best spots in Lincoln Heights. More...


Danilo R.

30 May 2013

This is my favorite place to drink in Los Angeles and that is not because I'm a neighborhood local. I would drive far away to enjoy myself here. Rarely is it ever as busy as the downtown bars and often is a place for an intimate get together with friends at night. The ambiance is relaxing and the service is great! The selection is beyond amazing often serving local and prized brews that rotate weekly! More...


Fred K.

16 April 2013

Always a great selection of craft beer.  Love to chill here and just sample unique beers. There is always a good selection of chalk board menu specials .  The place is a little hard to find but that is the charm.  I try to go there at lease couple times a month.. More...


Melissa P.

9 September 2012

This place is my usual Friday night watering hole...it's a cool place to hang out at when you just feel like chilling out with some friends. The crowd is always interesting and the bartenders are way cool. It's also nice that the bartenders know me by name (might have to do with the fact that I'm there so much). They have a good happy hour between 4pm and 6pm and the food is amazing! The pizza to try is the BBQ Chicken Pizza and as far as appetizers go, try the chicken nachos. Yum!!! The decor is artsy and I love that they change the art every week, you can find some marvelous pieces many times. Additional to the art, they play some good background music, they have a nice selection of draft beers and ales and they have a projector where they display major sports games. ALL in ALL, a great brewery to visit any day of the week (Okay, okay...so I'm there more that once a week)! ;) More...


Brittany B.

18 December 2011

I discovered porter here, among other things.  The only reason I can't give it a higher rating is because I consumed nothing but porter.  But it was good--really good.  Atmosphere: reminds me a bit of Tatum Lounge at CalArts--same vibe, similar crowd (just older), but better because of the porter.  Parking is ample.  A memorable night. More...


Jena S.

9 September 2011

Regularly rotating taps, great people and spontaneous music sessions.If you're not in the know, maybe you should be.  Located right at the heart of the Brewery artist loft compound is the place you can frequently find me.Tales of quirky bartenders and neighborhood artist regulars... and much more await you.Relaxed and also a restaurant- get here before 9pm or be forced to get food elsewhere. You can even host a work meeting here if need be as there is wifi and outlets with ample room to sit.  Watch the big game... or a NASA landing on the big screen.  Sundays are only open for brunch.During the week it closes at midnight, so this is a good go-to place before continuing the bar hop... if you don't stumble into something else interesting to go to around.  (With other spaces nearby occasionally hosting parties, you really never know.)Parking is EASY.  Park anywhere in the surrounding lots unless it's marked off that you cannot. (There aren't a ton of spaces that are marked that way.)Take a date here if they're artsy & haven't been.  It's a bit off the beaten path and far quieter than other more popular venues in the nearby fashion district or downtown.A synopsis of some adventures had at Barbaras:-Bartender rickrolls bar.  Three regulars start dancing to Amadeus.-Music sessions by a couple of gents there.  (Most all of the Bartenders here are musicians.  A music video was filmed here in April: youtube.com/watch?v=f8FG…)-Smokers on the patio chatting it up.-Secrets.-Artistic collaborations.And oh so much more...See you there?Cheers! More...



11 September 2010

Awesome. Absolutely love Barbara's! Great environment, cool staff, and great bar to hang out at in the evening. Simple but tasty food and nice menu.



21 April 2010

Home away from home. I love this bar. the bartenders are really friendly when you become a regular. the food is good. i like that they also have a catering company and that people who live in the near by studios can have a drink to go...lucky them



11 March 2003

I was first brought here by friends who decided to celebrate their birthdays in this local resturant/brewery that usually fills with the local artists that live in the surrounding lofts. I went again, only to find that their food is decently priced and have yummy mash potatoes as well as side dishes. Most people linger at the bar area, while those eating can choose to lounge on the comfy couches or sit at a table. It is rare to see outsiders here, but being one, I still felt welcomed. More...