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Lissa S.

1 July 2019

This is the maid service I used for my move out clean. They have phenomenal customer service, they're detail oriented and professional on all fronts. I explained to them how important it was to me to have my home cleaned sooner than later because I still needed to do several other tasks before my house could be sold. The All Star Cleaning team read me loud and clear because their actions were spot on regarding the house cleaning. They did a deep clean as well, which is what was needed. The final price was exactly what I was told at the  beginning. Very satisfied! More...


Mikel K.

27 June 2019

They are most certainly all stars. And also total lifesavers! I had a new tenant moving in within just a short 5 day timeframe so I needed to get the property completely cleaned before then. I started frantically searching for a suitable cleaning service that would be able to handle the commitment. All Star Cleaning Services came through for me! I was able to seamlessly schedule a cleaning online, where everything went exactly as planned! Actually, much better than planned. I had 3 whole days to spare, which I used to prepare for other finishing touches that I wouldn't of been able to squeeze in otherwise. Literally, thanks to the cooperation of the All Star Cleaning Service crew, I was able to button up some last minute errands before my new tenant moved in. I thought I'd have to do them while they were already moved in but nope! More...


Dorrie Freeland

8 May 2019

Team 18 has been great for us! They always ask for feedback on what else we need done, if something does not look how we would like it it is always addressed! We have a toddler so there’s lots of fingerprints that need to be cleaned off! They do a great job! More...


Amy Hoback

1 May 2019

Thanks Lexi for making everything sparkle today! It was lovely to come home to a clean house. I appreciate your attention to detail and your special touches.


Shamera Loose

24 April 2019

Kody and Gloria did an amazing job. I couldn't be happier. They were on time and fast, but didn't miss a thing. So happy to have them in my home.


Sarah Armstrong

22 April 2019

I absolutely love All Star Cleaning Services! I moved to Fort Collins from Las Vegas and was struggling to find someone to clean my house. I used two prior cleaners from recommendations and wasn't very pleased with the service. I found All Star Cleaning online. I filled out an online quote and was contacted within minutes. The communication has been amazing from that day forward. Even the cleaners leave a lovely recap note for you after they clean your house. I would highly recommend this company. More...


Cassie Lallak

22 April 2019

Team 19 are true rockstars! They always go above and beyond do such an amazing job! It's so refreshing to not only come home to a clean house, but to have a team that I trust. I love cleaning days!


Liz M.

17 April 2019

I did have the company come back and a great job was done. I now highly doubt their service. The first time I was not happy with the late arrival. This time was perfect and only 1 girl cane. She did an amazing job! More...


Ken Fries

23 March 2019

Just finished the first time clean and I came home to a wonderfully clean home. Thank you thank you thank you. It’s nice doing business with a company that does what they say. You have earned a customer.


Sydney D

19 March 2019

We just started with All Star and I'll admit I was super skeptical and going through sticker shock. We have never had such a large home. The team that all start sent did an excellent job. They were professional with our belongings and with our new house surfaces. I haven't seen the floors look so good since we first saw the house. Thank you for the service! More...


Davis B.

12 March 2019

Called and got a quote very quickly.  They came out and provided great service and my home looks great.


Jane Hilton

21 February 2019

All Star cleaning did a great job! They are friendly and very efficient. I would recommend to anyone. They've only been to my house once but look forward to every other week cleaning!


Google It

21 February 2019

LOVE this company. Their service is excellent, and they truly listen if you'd like additional items completed each week or if you prefer something done in a specific way. The crews are great and friendly, and they even love our dogs. If you're looking for a cleaning company to free up valuable time in your life, call All Star Cleaning today. More...


Jacki Ellis

22 January 2019

I have been using All Star Cleaning Services since last spring and have been very pleased. We have had a great experience with the couple of different teams that we have worked with. Currently we have Larissa and Kelsey. Our dogs are very happy when we come home and the kids love seeing the cute ways that their toys are arranged :) Thank you All Star! We will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for cleaners! More...


Blake M.

30 December 2018

We have been using All Star Cleaning Services for a few years now and have been very happy. We love the reliability of having the same team clean our home each visit. The team is always open to requests when we ask them to focus in on certain areas. The office is easy to reach and communicate with. We are very happy with All Star and have no hesitation recommending them. More...


Paul C.

27 December 2018

We have been using AllStar for a few years.  They always do a great job.  Love the extra touches..things like bottles in shower arranged nicely, toilet paper folded with designs like stars, etc.  Better than most hotels. Have even made the bed when we didn't.  Are flexible with schedule. Have been accommodating when we needed to reschedule or cancel a week.  Always leave a nice note.  If we notice something that needs a little extra attention, when we bring it to their attention it is always addressed. Never had any issues with the company.  Would recommend to anyone. More...


Andrea Aduna

23 November 2018

I have been a customer with All Star Cleaning Services for over a year. I even moved to a different house and All Star made it seamless. Over the past few months I have a new puppy, which has made cleaning the house even more challenging. This last Wednesday, Alex and Mario did such a fantastic job cleaning my house! After a long day at worked, I walked in the front door to a squeaky clean home with everything in its place! I can't thank Alex and Mario enough! I would highly recommend All Star to anyone needing their home cleaned. They pay attention to detail, have superb customer service and truly care about the quality of work they do! Thank you, All Star! More...


Greg R.

7 September 2018

Laura, the owner, is 100% committed to making her customers happy and ensuring her cleaners are taken care of. She simply does an impressive job operating All Star Cleaning Service, it's the best cleaning service in town!


Cynthia J.

13 August 2018

Lindsay L did a great job cleaning our house recently.  She was on her own this time but did a thorough job.  She asked questions as needed and was very detail oriented.  I'd be happy to have her back as my All Stars team any time! More...


Jen L.

17 January 2018

Just an update for my original review to celebrate the awesome work Alyssah and Ashlie did getting our house back together after all of the work being done on our house post-house flood. Somehow they got out the tons of drywall dust that was everywhere and made my house shiny again!! Thank you so much! Woot!!! More...


Miranda M.

12 January 2018

I have used All Star for move-out cleaning twice now. The first time was awesome - I got 95% of my deposit back from my apartment. I wish I remembered the names of the cleaners, but I didn't notice that the team can get bonuses from these reviews until now!Olivia and Aspen did a wonderful job cleaning my entire apartment. The price is worth it. I imagine I will be getting the majority of my deposit back again.I highly recommend using All Star, especially if you despise cleaning, like me :) More...


Arlene D.

9 January 2018

I was so impressed with Krista and Ryan. They did an amazing job. Wonderful first impression. Have requested they stay our team in the future.  I had to be home because a member of the family was having a reaction to medication causing them to be dizzy.  Ryan and Krista were very understanding and worked around the situation. They were very personable as well. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this company. When I first contacted them, I received immediate response and follow up. Will continue using them for a long time. Kudos! More...


Janet S.

15 September 2017

Haley and Aiden have learned what is important to us and make sure to pay extra attention to those areas. Service from All Star Cleaning is reliable and consistent.


Cecilia A.

15 September 2017

I have been using All Star Cleaning for over a year and I would like to say that they have been dependable and thorough each and every time they've cleaned. They are conscientious, trustworthy and are always looking for feedback. More...


Grace S.

15 August 2017

Ryan and Krista are absolutely fantastic. Positive, hardworking, and attentive, they did a thorough job, leaving our floors, tubs, and sinks sparkling clean. They even cleaned the baseboards and windowsills. My family and I are super pleased with the results. I highly recommend this cleaning service! More...


john g.

10 August 2017

Natalie and Emily at All Star Cleaning service do a great job of cleaning my home.I highly recommend them and All Star cleaning.


Jill B.

7 August 2017

All Star Cleaning does a great job cleaning my house. Adam and Larissa are thorough and consistent, not to mention friendly and fast.



7 August 2017

All Star cleaning service is a find! I have used this service for several months and each time I am impressed with the quality of work and pride each person has in their job.


Janie C.

4 August 2017

I love this company. Maddy and crew are fantastic. In fact every one who has cleaned our house from all star has been great. I highly recommend.


john g.

25 July 2017

Jamie and Amelia at All star cleaning do a great job cleaning


Nicole H.

20 July 2017

Tamra and Hayley are great. Very pleased with the professional, friendly service on the phone and in person.


Rick T.

18 July 2017

We have been using All Star Cleaning for 6 months and they continue to exceed our expectations. The staff is professional, pleasant and extremely competent. Jamie & Amy always do an outstanding job for us. More...



14 July 2017

Adam and Larissa did a wonderful job cleaning our house. We had just finished some paint and drywall projects and they did a great job dealing with the mess left behind. When they finished cleaning our house was "Gold * Clean! More...



30 June 2017

Tamra and Hayley did a marvelous job getting our home in tip-top shape. Thank you for your work and careful attention to our home. We very much enjoy the All Star service! More...


Eva K.

22 June 2017

LOVE All Star Cleaning! We've been using them for almost a year and they've been great. The first cleaning was rather expensive but Laura was super helpful in working through that. Sheri was great and then got promoted (yay), and now Candi and Katie are doing fantastic work! The last 3 cleanings, they've gone above and beyond the usual to wipe down cobwebs, clean the fridge, wipe off surfaces that aren't regularly used. They are awesome! Given my family's busy schedule, I am so very happy that I found All Star Cleaning! More...


Julie W.

9 June 2017

This company has been terrific to work with..always professional and the house looks amazing afterwards. They add their nice little personal touches to putting towels together in the bathroom or making up the beds...I would definitely recommend!


john g.

19 May 2017

Elysha and Andrea did a great job cleaning my home


Robert B.

20 July 2016

I am very happy with All Star Cleaning Service. The two times I used them I had fantastic ladies that took a lot of pride in their work. Thank you Katie, Candi, Brittany and Danielle for everything.  Cleaning a home is a pretty thankless job, not to mention cleaning someone else's home. So from the bottom of my heart and my clients heart, thank you for your time and dedication to making it clean. You are greatly appreciated and I can't wait to use your services again. More...


Dave B.

5 May 2016

We have been using All Star for several months now and I can say I am nothing but satisfied.  We have two people come and clean for a few hours every week, and its always turned out great! We have children and pets, so our house if never immaculate...except for the 5 mins after the All Star team leaves.  Scheduling is easy, and moving your dates around is easy as well.  Price is extremely competitive. More...


Cassie T.

2 November 2015

Hanna and Justine are an incredible cleaning team!!  They always do a fantastic job cleaning our home and are super thorough.  They are great to chat with and always are super friendly with me, my baby, and our doggie!!  We love these ladies and their services!!  Thank you! More...


Stephanie G.

2 November 2015

A friend of mine recommended All Star and boy am I glad she did! Both my Dad and I have them clean our houses. They have excellent customer service, and do a great job. What I like the best is the customer satisfaction survey after each cleaning- it's so nice to be asked "how did we do?" Our cleaning team, Tony, Amy and Morgan always get a gold star! More...


Matt S.

25 March 2015

The team always shows up and does what they promise to do.  If we ever have questions or concerns, they are quick to address and solve.  High quality, high integrity and all around great company. More...


Theresa G.

24 March 2015

I have been using All Star Cleaners bi-weekly for four months and they are truly All Stars! I had several house cleaners before moving to Fort Collins and have never had house cleaners this good! I am overjoyed and feel fortunate to have found this team! The first time they cleaned for me, I was shocked at how clean the house was since I had never had my house cleaned so outstandingly well! I was surprised that I only had to tell them what I wanted once and it was done. I was not used to that, having had to tell previous cleaners what I wanted over and over again which obviously was very frustrating! The office staff and owner are efficient and provide outstanding customer service! This team rocks! More...


Krissy M.

23 March 2015

Great company! Always willing to listen to my concerns and go above and beyond to make it right. Great customer service and employees. Always pleasant to deal with. Thanks!!!! More...


Jackson B.

24 November 2014

I really like All Star, my wife and I are pretty particular about how our house is cleaned and these folks really want to please.  I gave them feedback after the first few cleanings and they make sure to address the feedback so it gets better each time.  After they understand what you want and expect they pretty much nail it.  Sarah Jane and Alicia do a fantastic job, More...


J S.

12 November 2014

We have tried a variety of different cleaning services in the Fort Collins area and none can compare to All Star Cleaning Services. We have been lucky enough to have two regular girls, Grace & Sebby, regularly clean our home. They know our home well and are a true pleasure to have at our house every week. We are very happy and will continue to use All Star in the future. More...


John G.

8 July 2014

Extremely reliable, thorough, and friendly. Thanks!


Kristin M.

4 April 2014

I'm breaking my Yelp boycott for this review, because it's worth it. All Stars has been cleaning our house for the last 6 months, and I can't even begin to explain how much of a relief and benefit it is to our family. They are timely and very thorough. Not once have we ever been left high and dry with a no-show (which has happened with other cleaning companies in Fort Collins), and never have we been disappointed with the quality of their work.In fact, they go above and beyond. I don't care if our beds are made and have never asked a previous company to add this to their service list. All Stars does it automatically. And you know what else? They organize and line up all of the stuffed animals in my preschoolers bedroom. He thinks it's hilarious, and runs up to his room when they are finished to admire their work. No joke. I love it because I'm not wasting my precious weekend time cleaning our house. I work long hours and would rather spend my time relaxing on the weekend. All Stars helps to make that happen for me by taking this off my plate. So, if my kids love it and I love it - I know other people in Fort Collins will love it. More...


Lisa P.

10 March 2014

I've been using All Star Cleaning Services for over a year. They are friendly, professional, and thorough. They have a system for keeping track of all the little things that I want them to look out for, and one quick email resolves any problem or adds a new item to their checklist. And most of all, I truly appreciate the natural cleaning methods. I've decided to reduce the toxic chemicals in my life (especially cleaning chemicals) and it mostly started with owner, Laura Smith, who did an education session at a meeting I attended. I used her tips and recipes for years before I could afford to hire All Stars. Now, I could never use a conventional cleaner, because the chemicals have such a toxic smell to me.Thank you, Laura, and all of your staff! More...


Sara D.

24 February 2014

All star cleaning services is awesome!  They have cleaned for me for years and are always detail oriented and professional.  The owner is kind and caring and is  genuinely  interested in customer satisfaction.  The cleaning team that comes to my house are punctual, friendly and get the job done quickly, yet thoroughly . I would recommend them to anyone who wants a Quaility clean from a honest company that cares for their clients.Sara D More...


T W.

20 February 2014

I hired All Star for a move-out clean in July, 2013. Moving is already stressful without having to worry about cleaning the house enough to get your deposit back. This was the first time I had ever hired a cleaning service and I was very pleased! The team was able to come over and clean while I was out, everything was spotless when I came back. Our landlord was thrilled and we were able to get our entire deposit back without having to re-clean anything that All-Star did. Excellent work! The owner Laura is very friendly and professional, would recommend to anyone. More...


Anne M.

20 February 2014

All Star does a great job on my house. They're reasonably priced, easy to deal with, and  respond very well to feedback. I look forward to days when they come. (Hey, wait--that's today! Clean house tonight! Woohoo!) More...


Fawn B.

20 February 2014

I have been using All Star Cleaners for several months and I am SO happy. As a busy mom with a full time out-of-the-home career I don't have time to clean my house well and still find time for my family or myself.  It's really wonderful to come home to such a clean home. Worth every penny!  Highly recommend!! More...


Vicky G.

30 September 2013

I've had help with housecleaning from a number of individuals and services off and on for the last twenty years. All Star is by far the best service I've ever had. Not only are the employees well-trained, they're all a pleasure to have in our home -- friendly, responsive, and trustworthy. They use environmentally friendly products that leave our home clean, but without overwhelming scents. They're always on time and are sure to call ahead if there is any change in their schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend All Star. More...


Lanette H.

18 September 2013

I have interacted with the owner, Laura Smith, and her staff.  Laura is such a bright, motivated and savvy business owner.  I am amazed at how much she values her client's feedback and uses it to gauge and improve her company.  Fantastic owner! More...

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