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Annick Cousin-Stoltz

Great gym great people


Nicole McGillis

Love this place!


Kelly MacDonald

Awesome gym, with amazing instructors. Love this place


Jason Overton

Love the staff! Super friendly and motivating! Great start to the day!!


Meadow Gilbert

LOVE this gym, the awesome people that run it and the great group of members. Killer work outs but like a family!


Lisa Gardonio

excellent instructors in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The workouts are hard but you have fun doing it! Highly recommend.


Shawn French

Thank you to all the people who attend this gym and contribute to the excessive noise in our neighbourhood ( all the houses around it). Our children especially love it when their naps are interrupted or are woke early. The best, and most thankful is when it is too noisy to enjoy our back yard. I guess it is all about you, just like the typical Kelowna attitude. More...


Bailey Rose

I love love LOOOOOOVE AOF ! The girls are so amazing and they put us through hard workouts! Such a great atmosphere 💚💚💚


Jesse Young

I never want to take a day off!
All the instructors are amazing and I am noticing a difference in my fitness level after only three weeks. I am addicted!


Jenny Ward

A wonderful gym where the trainers and others who go there make you feel welcome! This gym truly is a second family! The workouts are always challenging, but great for any level - literally any! I also love how no two workouts are ever the same! More...


Jordan Thiessen

Instructors have huge hearts, you can really notice how much they care.


Rebekka Augustine

AOF was my return to bootcamping and I'm so happy I came back *here*. There's a ton of heart, loads of encouragement from the instructors and the other members, and the workouts are fantastic. I love the challenge and the variety, and the sense of community makes it easy to stay motivated. Also MUSCLES! GRRRRR! <3 More...


Anthony Bastiaanssen

The team at AOF literally changed my life. Somewhere back in the Spring of 2015 my good buddy Brad Bredin dragged me in kicking and screaming to my first bootcamp. I'm now in the best shape of my life and I credit Corby, Kristie Hutchison, Michelle Forrestt and now Gena along with the rest of the crazy 6:00AM crew for keeping me healthy and motivated! More...


Ben Rodd

I found All Out Fitness about one month ago and decided to go try out their boot camps. Lifting weights is good but a change of pace, environment, people and challenge is always needed. The girls at all out fitness are great as coaches, personal trainers and are very knowledgeable but, are down to earth easy to talk to people as well. The gym has a touch of old school rawness to it that makes you want to push your hardest, with blood and LOUD music pumping, while keeping a modest and mature respect of the people around you. The boot camps are hard. Its always a challenge trying to finish the routine in the set time, but I have always left with more energy than I came with. The boot camps range from as early as 6am to 5pm with a mix of open gym time and spin classes, you can always find a time thats fits your schedule. And with one class offering child care it makes for a great option for busy moms. All in all its a great place to sweat, laugh, chat and meet new people. As long as I live in Kelowna and All Out Fitness is open, Ill be going for my once a week sweat fest. More...


Jennie Bean

I started with All Out Fitness in April with their transformation program. I had been going to a gym for about a year, but I really had no idea what I was doing and although I was seeing results in fat loss I wasn't making any progress with strength training. When I saw the ad for the program I knew it was exactly what I needed to get my ass in gear. All the trainers are personable, knowledgeable and motivating. In 12 weeks I accomplished more than I though I was cabaple of doing. I had never done a push up or a pull up successfully. I have since finished the 12 week program and have moved on to the bootcamps which are always fun and challenging. I have committed myself to a year of bootcamp at an amazing price and look forward to being a permanent part of the All Out Fitness family!!!! More...


Shaleen Hauck

The First day I walked into All Out Fitness I was the scared girl in the back of the class, grabbing the smallest weights, thinking, I am way to out of shape to be here. I was welcomed by the team, shown modifications for exercises, and given then encouragement to keep going. The team at AOF always made sure to make it feel like I "belonged" from the first moment I walked through the door. Almost 6 months later, I'm stronger and healthier (and thinner) than I've been in years. I can't thank the team and the members enough for the encouragement and guidance they have all offered along the way! More...


Terrie Patricia Lee Anderson

My daughter started at All Out Fitness and kept telling me how great it is, how sore she is after a work out and how fun it is. I was thinking of starting at a gym again, like I do every now and then- get one month, or punch card...anyway, I was reluctant to go to A O F because of my age -- I am 59 this month! --- but have pretty good core strength and love to challenge myself and want to get strong again. I went for a class and loved it so much that I bought 20 passes thinking that that would be enough. Now that I am almost done those I am going to become a member!! I am committed and dedicated and love that I can go to A O F as it makes me feel so good going there! The leaders/trainers are just so helpful and motivating and inspiring, sweet, tough and strong!! : ) I don't feel 'old' in the class at all because everyone that goes is non-judgmental and accepting of all the varied levels of fitness. When I can't quite get a movement down then someone always jumps in to help. It is a pretty tough workout but that is what I want, you want, right? Thank you A O F for making me feel welcome : ) More...


Candace Campbell

I love how the trainers keep things interesting by switching up the routines each day! It's a rewarding workout that makes you want to keep going back. :)

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