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All Clear Now is an established hypnotherpy and psychotherapy business. It offers people positivity and change. Change can be difficult for anybody, but with positive hypnotherapy and or a combination of talk therapy. Positive change is achievable in all areas of life.


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8 November 2019

Having been counselled by Dale Melton for anger management ,i truly believe my life will be so much easier as long as i do what i have been taught ,Dale is very professional in what he does ,value for money, he goes above and beyond worth double what he charges , if needed i would not hesitate and see Dale again Thank you so much Dale

8 November 2019

Dale is very understanding, easy to talk to and his support and guidance has helped me tremendously

7 July 2019

This guy is worth every penny! He knows his stuff! Thank you so much for making my husband and I happy together again! You were just the help we needed to be able to talk about our problems without arguing. You seemed to be able to explain our feelings better than we can in such an impartial way. Thanks again Dale! More...

2 May 2019

I came to dale with a few different issues, (filling up the sink, over and over with hot soapy water, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse) not really knowing where to begin and how to explain my problems, dale was able to help me to feel comfortable and relaxed to be able to explain these issues, in order for him to help and support me, to deal with them. Dale was professional and very patient with me, and the filling up the sink ritual had stopped within a couple of weeks of therapy. More...

15 March 2019

Dale is professional and very easy to talk to.
He put me at ease when we had our first conversation on the phone and that has continued through out the sessions.

Dale is currently helping me to break old habits and make new healthier habits. I am looking forward to seeing the final results of this work.

11 March 2019

Hi very help full and friendly essay to speak to

3 March 2019

I’ve had a few conversations with Dale over the phone in regards to what form of help would benefit myself, I have opted for both counselling & hypnotherapy. I must say Dale is very professional but also very easy to talk too. Dale made me feel at ease & before I knew it i’d Told him my biggest fears. I look forward to my sessions for the progression in myself with Dales help. Definitely recommend to anyone. More...

Thank you Kim. It's very kind of you to take the time to leave me a positive review. Very pleased to be able to offer you my help.

2 January 2019

Polite and useful conversation. Decision on hiring deferred due to change in situation.

14 December 2018

The service is fab, and even though I have only been twice so far I feel like it is helping me massively. Dale is a lovely person which also helps.

3 December 2018

After trying other Counselling services, All Clear, were recommended to me by a friend.The support provided by Dale has been so beneficial in helping me move forward. Dale tailored the support to meet my needs and not just of the shelf support. I have no hesitation in recommending All Clear and would urge anyone looking for this type of support to contact them to discuss your requirements. More...

20 October 2018

I recently attended hypnotherapy sessions with Dale Melton of this company.Dale Melton was very professional, understanding and I can honestly say his treatment for my anxieties, depression was excellent. In addition he hypnotized me to stop smoking, which has been successful.I totally recommend his services. Far better than any treatment I have received on the NHS. More...

19 October 2018

From the first point of contact I found Dale Melton very professional, very thorough and he helped me tremendously more so than councillors through the NHS.

In addition he was able to use hypnotherapy to stop my smoking.
I can't emphasise enough how good he was delivering help with my anxiety and depression.


18 October 2018

I tried numerous times to give up smoking and sadly failed. After looking for a hypnotherapist local to me, i contacted Dale.
I had a Brief Talk to him over the phone and made a appointment to go and see him. On meeting Dale, i felt very comfortable and relaxed with the therapy. I found it to be relaxing and very positive. I didn't even think of having a cigarette and i met some friends for coffee later that day, and still did not want a cigarette. I am pleased to say i am now a Non smoker and have been for 3 weeks. I would like to Thank Dale for helping me and i recommend him to anyone who is looking to change there life style.

27 September 2018

I went to see Dale for Relaxation some time ago, and i have to say, I found him to be very informative, Friendly and i felt very comfortable. .. The Relaxation was Amazing, i have to say, and i found that it helped me a great deal....I have since recommended Dale to a few people, and i would highly recommend his help and services to anyone seeking, and Looking for a Hypnotherapist for whatever service's that Dale can provide,..So glad that i went, and i will be returning for another Relaxation..Thank you DaleTracy More...

26 September 2018

I have a very stressful Job and I found myself struggling to relax and switch off. My sleep was being impacted also. I came to the conclusion that I needed to seek some help to learn to relax. I decided to try Hypnotherapy in the hope it might help. I reviewed many websites looking for a hypnotherapist that I felt I could connect with and that I would be able to work with. I made contact with Dale Melton and straight away he put me at ease and gave me the confidence that we would be able to work together. I had several Hypnotherapy sessions with Dale along with some talk therapy/life coaching sessions and I cannot recommend him enough. Dale is an excellent facilitator/guide through Hypnotherapy and is a non judgemental sounding board. Hypnotherapy helped and continues to help me learn to relax and quieten a very busy mind. The recordings that Dale produces have also helped me improve my ability to fall asleep more easily and have improved the quality of my sleep. More...

26 October 2017

Good community centre, friendly, helpful staff. Good facilities.

12 October 2017

Nice place with some activities on offer.

8 September 2017

When I had a appointment with dale I was I bit nervous about it but as soon that I met dale I felt relaxed I dont think I need to go back tho to c him as it worked for me

5 September 2017

I was pretty nervous when I first booked my appointment I didn't know what to expect. But soon after meeting Dale I already felt better, when I underwent hypnotherapy it was a experience I wouldn’t forget and have definitely learnt how to deal with situations better.
I am happy to say the hypnotherapy worked for myself and have recommended Dale to other people to help just like he helped me.
Dale remained professional and very understanding at all times I felt comfortable and probably ended up telling him my life story at the end of my sessions.

Can’t Thank him enough!!!

Thank you Kirsty for your positive feedback. Im just very happy I could help you. All the best for your future

29 August 2017

Newport's most diverse get together carnival every August bank holiday of the year

9 August 2017

Its a very friendly place and lovely food

3 August 2017

Great nite out for boxing. Fab atmosphere x

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A good balanced diet is essential to someones health and well being. Food is energy, food is life. Apart from providing the body with essential nutrients it also can be attributed to a healthy mind, healthy mind healthy body.

I love understanding the persons problem and feeling as if I had it myself. Then seeing the client and letting them realise that I understand where they are and where they want to be. Then session by session if more than one is required. Waiting for them to come back and listen to their progress. We are not miracle workers, but even now the power of the work we do still amazes me. The human mind is incredible.

I went for hypnosis many years ago and I was so impressed with everything I wanted to understand more. I first learned myself by reading and learning vast amounts of literature. Then I took professional courses and gained my diplomas and set up practice immediately. I wished I had done this as my first career option as. Saying that though, all that we do gives us life experience which there is no price for.

Clients should feel comfortable with their therapist. Its part of the process especially with clients requiring more than one session. The rapport between client and therapist is a unique one. Based on trust, confidence, empathy. Perhaps 90% of my clients say that I am the first or only person they have told something very private and confidential. When clients tell you these things you know that relationship is built very strongly.

With me I am a professional but also a human being. I have lived life and experienced life. I am not here to judge anyone. Only to give the my time, my understanding, empathy and professionalism and of course my skills in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.



People, couples, or even friends sometimes come to loggerheads, or life can become stale in relationships. With therapy, a common goal can be assessed and obtained with a mediator. Often things may need to be more in depth and each person neglects to see or fulfil their own needs as well as their partners. Having an independent unbiased person can see and hear both sides and help each other hear the other person and see life as they see it. once that is achieved moving forward to a happy result can be obtained by all parties.