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Michelle Chacon

3 July 2019

Robert was very professional and knowledgeable. With 5 kids running in and out our carpets have taken a beating. They look so much better. I will be doing all my bedrooms next. More...


Maria areyano

30 April 2019

Robert always does a great job! We have used his services several times and have always received good results. He’s keeping an older carpet looking good until we can replace it. We will continue to call Robert for our home cleaning needs. More...


dawn wood

21 April 2019

Robert is amazing and did such a great job! Definitely will be calling again!!


Sarah Hayden

21 April 2019

Loved meeting Robert and my carpet looks amazing! Most impressive, he was able to remove KID SLIME (dried on like glue!) in multiple places. Wow!!!! I will use Robert and All Clean Chem-Dry exclusively going forward. Price was great also! More...


Victor Sinow

20 February 2019

From the first phone call through the very end of the job, Robert was professional, transparent, and incredibly competent. It was a pleasure to work with him, and my carpets / couch couldn't be cleaner! The results speak for themselves and I will be a repeat customer! More...


Denise Truong

22 December 2018

Absolutely amazed by All Clean Chem Dry! I work in property management and had a tenant move out that had left the carpets heavily stained and dirty... Robert was able to go to the property quickly and clean it all up, including pet stains and pet bacteria. So excited that he was able to save this property owner from having to completely replace over 1000 square feet of carpet. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. Excellent job! More...


Darcy Francone

22 November 2018

Robert came out and cleaned a sofa that probably hadn’t been cleaned ever. Had two very noticeable stains. Was very thorough and professional and got the job done.Would definitely use again.


Christie Vick

23 October 2018

We are so happy with the wonderful job Robert did on our carpets. The carpets look amazing and he was able to get rid of the pet odor. The process was pretty quick and the carpets aren’t soaking wet like they are with other companies. Robert was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and flexible. I am so happy with the carpets and with the customer service we received. I highly recommend this company. More...


Sara Ward

25 July 2018

Great job of cleaning area rugs! Would definitely use again!


Kim Neel

21 May 2018

So happy with this service!! The pet smells in my house are gone and everything looks clean and bright.
Robert is so pleasant and professional. He has been doing this for many years and it is obvious from the quality of his work. More...


Janet Cangemi

21 May 2018

Very pleased with the results of Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. Robert thoroughly explained the process up front and as he went along, so there were no surprises. My carpets look great and I would definitely call him again, . . courteous and professional! More...


Irene Simonsen-Davis

15 November 2016

We have used All Clean Chem-Dry in our home and rental properties for 20 years. Robert does an amazing job each and every time, be it carpeting or aggregate. He is a pro at removing pet stains and odor and since we have had Collies over the years, that is really important to us. Robert is professional, helpful and so nice! I give 5+ stars! More...


Carrie Bartlett

24 October 2016

Very professional! Robert the owner of All Clean Chem-Dry called prior to arrival. He was very personable, and did an amazing job. He cleaned an additional large area rug at no extra charge. Upon leaving, he gave me a generous discount for a future cleaning. I was very impressed. More...


Dashelle Galvan

19 October 2016

I have two dogs and a 4 year old, so I get a lot of stains on my whitish carpet. We had tried other carpet cleaning services before and not only did they take a long time to clean the carpets but they took a long time to dry as well. And they usually left our house smelling musky. We decided to try Chem-dry even though it was a little more expensive. And it was worth it! Robert came and explained to us the science behind Chem-dry and how it cleans and eliminates the bacteria under the carpet which causes the smell. It was faster then normal carpet cleaning methods and dried in about an hour and a half! The carpets looking amazing and Robert was very friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely be calling Robert again! More...


Georgiana Tahan

12 October 2016

Whenever I need our carpets cleaned, I call Robert at All Clean Chem Dry. He does such a nice job, taking his time to not only clean but carefully moves furniture, so nothing is damaged. I know things will always look nice. If you need your carpets cleaned and want pleasant professional service, call Robert. He's a small business owner that gets it. More...


Sonia Hyman-Williams

11 October 2016

With my family suffering bad with allergies, I thought it was time to try something different. I was skeptical about spending more money, however, I am very grateful that I trusted Robert, but the proof was in his work. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did my carpet turn out beautifully and the furniture did also, leaving an overall freshness throughout my house. Price is no longer an option, to have my children sleep in a non-chemical room, is priceless. Thank you again, All Clean Chem-Dry... a customer for life!!! More...

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