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I am a spiritual and emotional healer using a combination of eastern and western philospohies. i work at a deep soul level with my clients helping them to overcome their limiting beliefs, ascestral beliefs, to facilitate healing. My treatments can include soul retrievals, chakra cleansing, consious dying, illuminations, cranial sacral therapy, past life regression, energy unblocking.

in my one to one coaching i use Holistic lifestyle methods fused with Emotional freedom techniques and spiritual development to help clients embrace their life. Free from pain, addiction and limiting beliefs.

Alison Martin Coaching Reviews

Alison Martin Coaching Reviews

Review of Alison Martin Coaching by Anthea
5 18/02/2018 Anthea

I've been working with Alison for the past 6 months and I have to say that my life has taken a 180 degree turn for the better. Her gentle and guiding way has encouraged me to change so many aspects of my life - some of them I wasnt even aware needed changing! Those changes have made me emotionally stronger, physically healthier and mentally more secure and sure of myself than I'v ever been before.

Her unwavering support and encouragment was second to none when I doubted myself or lost sight of my goals. Her ability to take the abundant wealth of knowledge she has acquired and apply it to my life on a personal level meant that I found it really easy to connect with her and understand what she was asking of me each time and the importance of progressing in this specific way.

If you are looking for a mentor, a life coach or someone who can help guide you to a place where you can gain control and power over your own life again - this beautiful soul is your woman!

Alison Martin Coaching replied:
Anthea this really is so lovely to hear. Thank you so so much! you are a dream client to have and i love watching you grow and shine :)
Review of Alison Martin Coaching by Debra Gates
5 Debra Gates

Attending Alison's workshops has made a huge difference to my life. The workshops have helped me see where my energy is and how to spend it in a more kind and loving way. It has also helped me understand how to empower myself so that I do not need to give my power away to other people. This has created more calm in my life and more confidence within myself. Alison has supported me throughout and suggested ways I can improve my ways of thinking. I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they need to work on their self esteem and confidence, or just anyone who wants to know more about spiritual healing and empowerment.

Alison Martin Coaching

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Alison Martin Coaching Q&A

Alison Martin Coaching Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love helping people reconnect with themselves and their passion for life. It gives me no greater joy to see someone transform and let go of whatever it is holding them back. .
we are living in an age where our feminine power is supressed. Those around us tell us how to look, act, speak and think. We try to be everything to everyone; leaving us exhausted, unhappy and lost. It is my mission to guide all women towards their path of remembering. Remembering that they are truly beautiful, powerful and worthy.
I have written a self help book for women called 'The Girls Guide To Inner Peace" you can download the first two chapers for free to get an idea of how i work.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I will share my story with you.
When I look back through my life I realise that for most of it I was unhappy, lost and insecure. Now the funny thing is that when I look in the mirror now, I see an attractive women with a sparkle in her eye. But in the past that smile was simply masking my pain. The pain of someone who was plagued with insecurities, unsure of herself, and her place in the world. Those feelings of separation manifested into every area of my life.
Growing up I convinced myself it was middle child syndrome that was responsible for my inner heart ache. I went to a single sex school so I learnt pretty early on the art of comparing myself to others. I hated the way I looked and I had such low self-esteem that I became an extrovert to fit in and avoid the agonising process of being bullied. I longed to belong and the more I tried to fit in, the unhappy I became. I started self-harming through marking my body and restricting my food intake. It made me feel like I had control over something in my life. I ended up in bad relationship after bad relationship always searching for someone to fix me and make me happy.
As I entered my adult life I flipped in and out of various different ways to numb my unhappiness with life. Alcohol and drug abuse, excessive exercise, obsessive spending, partying hard, casual sex. My relationships sucked too and I ended up in one bad relationship after the next. I was always searching for the next thing to make me happy. As I pulled myself out of one phase I found a new yet familiar friend in the next addiction.
The turning point for me happened while I was working as an exotic dancer. I’d really done a good job of convincing myself I was empowering women. The reality was that I was doing my fragile self-esteem more harm than good. One day after working a particularly crappy shift my self-worth and belief in myself came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks. I finally realised where my life was going to go if I didn’t do something drastic to change, and so I left…
Around the same time I began suffering with health problems, my body’s way of telling me it was broken. It started with heavy periods, then crippling pain during my menstrual cycle. I now understand these to be messages from my body to take care of myself and slow down. Sadly I never listened, until
the time came when my body crashed. I literally couldn’t get out of my bed. I was exhausted. My pain was so bad it felt like a chainsaw was going off inside my womb. Vomiting, fainting and violent mood swings were my way of life. I’d gained so much weight which shattered my confidence even more.
Then I discovered the work of some incredible practitioners in the field of holistic healthcare and spiritual growth. Paul Chek, Louise Hay and Caroline Myss. I instantly felt a connection to what they were was saying. I finally felt like I was understood. I threw myself into changing my life by working on myself daily.
This involved eating the right foods for my body and in doing so I discovered food is an amazing source of fuel and not something to be feared and controlled.
I began getting to bed on time, the more I slept the more energy I had.
I began evaluating who I was surrounding myself with. If I was ever going to heal I needed to ensure I surrounded myself with people that I admired and who honoured their health too.
I worked on my values and set my personal boundaries. Learning to say no was one of the best things I could ever do for myself.
I gave myself permission to be happy, as this was something I had been conditioned to believe was selfish.
I allowed myself the freedom to travel. I visited friends in faraway countries and fulfilled a lifelong dream to visit the Amazon rainforest.
I learnt that exercise doesn’t have to be corporal punishment and found pure bliss in moving my body in ways I love.
Most importantly I discovered how to be gentle with myself, listen to my body and honour myself exactly as I am, no matter how I’m feeling.
As a result of all these small daily changes I learned that I am the only person who can make me happy. I fell in love with my life and became my own best friend.

Why should our clients choose you?

i am authentic, playful and i really walk my talk. I have spent my adult live delving into my own shadow to find my truths and heal my pain. I have spent a lot of time in the amazon jungle working with indiginous shaman and have even spent a month in silent isolation in the amazon jungle for the purpose of healing.
In my practice I use a fusion of eastern and western philosphies to help clients overcome their pain and unhappiness.
CHEKHolistic Lifestyle Coach
EFT (emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner
Shamanic practitioner
Energy and sound Healthing Therapist
Mediation Teacher

Services provided by Alison Martin Coaching

Alison Martin Coaching Services

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Therapy

Hands On Healing This treatment provides a healing and transformative experience to align the emotional body, chakra system and remove “stuck energy” from the physical system. Ideal for those looking to overcome physical pain, trauma or mental exhaustion. Treatments are tailored to the individual’s needs and can include a combination of the following traditions of Reiki, Tuning Forks, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Bodywork and Shamanic Techniques. Shamanic Healing A Shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for purposes of bringing back healing, power and information. The term Shaman refers to those who are medicine men / women, healers and seers. Shaman believe that all physical, mental or emotional issues come from a spiritual imbalance. Many methods are used in Shamanic Healing, including illuminations, soul retrievals, chord cutting and removal of unwanted energy, soul remembering, ancestral work, past life regression, sexual trauma and womb healing, as well as psychopomp work (helping the deceased cross over into the light). The work I offer intends to empower the client to heal themselves, encouraging them to step into their power, purpose and potential. The healing process uses a combination of ritual work with stones, breath work, holding of release points in the body, drumming, rattling and journeying to clear the heavy energy and repairing the wounded areas with illuminating light. Once the imprints are released, we no longer suffer from the wounds of our past. When experiencing Shamanic work, you will need to concentrate on the issue or wounding that you would like to focus upon before your arrival. We will only go as far in each session as feels safe for you at that moment. Sessions available in 60 or 90 min slots

EFT Emotional Freedom techniques

EFT, or Tapping as it is sometimes called, is an amazing, non- invasive therapy that gets to the heart of your road blocks. EFT works to release stuck emotions, thoughts, energy and symptoms gently, so you can live a happier and balanced life. EFT facilitates this healing via the same meridian lines used in Acupuncture. By lightly tapping specific body points and reprogramming the thought process through the spoken word, the subconscious part of the brain can break down energetic blockages associated with: Anxiety and depression Eating disorders Physical pain Fears and phobias Addictions Childhood trauma The technique is both simple and easy to learn and can be used as part of your girl savvy care kit once you have mastered the basics.

Empowerment coaching for women

This process is for you if you are feeling lost, unhappy and stuck. In this one to one coaching process, i will take you by the hand and guide you through a journey of self-discovery. Working directly with me offers you a fast track for discovering the things that are keeping you stuck in an unhappy or unhealthy life, whilst creating an effective, step by step plan to reach the life you truly dream of. Together you will find the magic formula specific to you, to allow you todiscover your best self. You will learn how to: Reclaim your energy Find the foods that nourish your body Overcome your limiting beliefs Fill your life with fierce self-love, giving you the keys to lasting health and happiness The Journey MindBody Assessment My fusion of eastern and western philosophy whole mindbody assessment, allows for a truly unique and prescriptive approach to your health and wellbeing. This assessment is an essential pre-requisite for Fast Track Transformation Coaching, for it is from here that the creation of your dream life emanates. Fast Track Coaching Getting started, being consistent and navigating the road blocks when they occur are the challenges we all face when making big changes. Change can be scary and exhilarating in equal measures. Sticking to changes even when we know they are in our best interests can be hard. On your Fast Track Transformation, i will guide you through the processes of change in easy bite sized pieces. Ensuring that the journey remains fun and interesting whilst ensuring it fits in easily with your current life, family and work commitments. Im always on hand as much or as little as you need and want. You chose; simply select the level of coaching frequency you need. My coaching packages are based on a monthly time period. I recommends giving yourself a minimum of three months on your Fast Track Coaching to allow the process of change to be embedded and facilitated.

Shamanic Healing

I love shamanic healing and I believe I would not of been able to do the work I am doing today without fear. if I hadn’t rewritten an old contract that I had made in a past life to keep myself safe. I brought back my healer which had been repressed for many generations out of fear and a desire to keep myself safe. Thanks to soul retrieval work I have allowed myself to step into my power and can now help others do the same. Much of Western psychotherapy tends to teach small steps - don't deal with more than one thing at a time - don't try to change too much at once. Shamanism says release everything at once - shed the past and that which no longer serves you the way serpent changes its skin - all in one piece. Change the underlying energetic pattern, the underlying mythic map. Let go of the stories, the dramas the traumas and the conditioning, so that you can step into a new way of being. The shamanic work that I do has the intention of empowering the client to heal themselves so that they can step into their own true selves, purpose and potential. The healing process uses a combination of ritual work with stones, breathwork, holding of release points in the body, drumming, rattling and journeying to clear the heavy energy, repairing the wounded areas with illuminating light. Once the imprints are released, we no longer suffer from the wounds of our past. For shamanic work you need to think about the issue or wounding that you would like to work on & clear, before your arrival. This can change as we discuss it and work with it - your unconscious mind will know the real trauma to be released - so don't worry too much, but it is helpful to have a starting point. We will only go as far in each session as feels safe for you at that moment. Initial treatment is 90 mins. Follow up sessions are 70-80 mins. A session can be made up of a combination of the following techniques based upon your needs. What holds you back in your life? With word deconstruction, you choose a word that is holding you back in your life - it could be yes, no, your own name, mother, father, a role, a child, a responsibility, a quality... We then look at that word from four different perceptual states, the literal, the emotional, the soul level and the higher perspective. As you move through the perceptual states you change the 'reality' that you perceive and how you engage with that reality, thereby releasing the binding constraints the word puts on you. Chakra Cleansing Are you at a point of major change in your life where you want to release your old beliefs and ties and way of being, to allow you to step into a new life? This could be brought about by a bereavement, a divorce, moving to a new country or any other major event. It requires having done a significant amount of personal work and energetic cleansing already as it is a very deep and profound process of surrender. In it we recapitulate your life so far - where is there unfinished business, what needs to be said, where do we still hurt, what secrets do we keep (perhaps from ourselves!)? The shaman sits as your witness as you bring this heavy energy to the surface. Then the shaman clears each of the seven chakras in turn, taking away the heavy energy from throughout the client's luminous body, re-balancing with white light, and finally, working through the chakras, bringing in a map of what the client wants to manifest in the future. Releasing binding roles to rediscover your essence In modern transpersonal psychotherapy 'roles' are also known as 'sub-personalities.' What roles have you assigned to yourself in your live? What roles have others assigned to you, with or without your consent? Are all these roles pulling you in different directions, at war with each other? This exercise identifies the roles, where they came from, how long they need to remain in our lives - and in many cases releases them. Once we move the roles aside, we are left with our true essence, our true self. We can then envisage various different destinies for this self and the transformation we can make in our lives if we choose - the person you are today is not the person you were yesterday or the person you will be tomorrow - everything is always in a state of constant change and we are able to transform our destiny if we so choose. Initially we identify the roles and create a mythical map of them. Then we dis-identify with them as necessary, see how we feel about our essence when the roles are gone, and start to work with our potential path from this moment on. Illuminations Illuminations can help to clear deep wounds imprinted into your energy field. Often such wounds result in repeating patterns of physical or mental distress. Only by eliminating the scar from the energy field can the original trauma truly be released. Our conscious mind may be unaware of this trauma, as it may have happened many, many years ago, (or even in a past life whose karma we have carried ever since) but that memory is carried in the unconscious mind, within our tissues and at the energetic levels, and continues to impact our lives until it is cleared from the energetic imprint and replaced with healing light. Soul Retrievals When something traumatic happens in our lives we often cut off/shut off a part of our soul in order to survive. At the same time we make a contract with life that will keep us safe.... However, this splintering of the soul leaves us incomplete. Soul retrieval aims to collect a part of the soul we have left behind along the journey (perhaps earlier in this lifetime, or perhaps in a past life). We undertake a mythical journey to seek the original wound, the contract we made at that time and the part we left behind. We re-write that contract and negotiate with the lost soul part what it needs from us to be safe to re-enter our lives and help us towards completeness. We decide whether that is something that we can indeed give it at this time and whether we want it back in our lives. We visit the chamber of gifts and receive a gift and we ask for a power animal that will help us in our lives. Chord cutting When we form a close bond or relationship with someone. We develop not only a physical connection with that person but an energetic connection forms also. These connections take on the form of chords, which become stronger the longer and more influential that relationship is in our lives. These chords remain attached to us even after the relationship may of ended. This may cause either parties to feel run down, energetically drained or emotionally attached to the other. Chord cutting is the safe removal of unwanted ties to people we may of been either emotionally attached to or drain our energy. Please note before undergoing any chord cutting ritual you need to ensure that you will not come into contact with the other person for a minimum of three days.

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