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As we move along in the great flow of life, we encounter many beautiful events that affect us deeply. Often as time progresses, our recall of these beautiful memories start to fade. We are there to capture those amazing moments that will revive those fading visions inside.


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14 July 2018

You have the best personality hands down. Always angling for the greatest photo. So fun to be around and your work is outstanding. Glad I met you! Keep up the good photography you definitely have the gene in your DNA! More...

23 September 2017

Al made me feel so comfortable. We were doing a shoot for my web page. I forgot he had a camera...Al is amazing...The final product was EXACTLY what I wanted.

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Great pictures are made from being aware of the light and the surroundings. Keep your eyes open, don't drink a lot of coffee or caffeine, always move around so you see things in different perspectives and always listen to your clients needs

What is your vision of your images?
Who are the important people that you definitely need coverage of?
How large a prints do you want to make?

I love it when I hear from clients after many years and they still have the pictures up on their walls. Love that I can provide memories that last a lifetime

I got pulled into it by accident. I did a fashion shoot when I was 19 and sold over $300 of prints a few days later. I was working full time at that time and when I got laid off the job 14 years later, I transfered over to full time photographer. Made even more money.

I listen to my clients. I want to make them happy. I can work in all styles of photography; traditional, candid, news, or portraiture. I keep the masters of the images forever which has rescued two of my clients from losses due to house fires. I love making friends and majority of my clients have become part of the family.