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Alicia's Catering provides catering services for ''All your elegant occasions and memorable events". We provide catering for weddings, corporate luncheons, picnics, graduations, anniversaries, or your special intimate affair. We know how demanding setting up an event or a function can be!


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Maxine Monroe

28 July 2019

My first time hiring a caterer. If I knew it would have been this easy, I would have hired her for past events. I am very particular and I notice everything. I interviewed 3 caterers and sample their food. Alicia's tasted the best and for a reasonable price. Several guests and family members asked me for her contact info. Alicia contacted me several times, weeks before the event to see if I had made any changes. I was glad she did, because I had changed two meats on the menu and forgot to call her. They arrived on time, dressed professional, very polite with the guests and family members, and the line move rapidly as I requested. Meats and veggies were hot and potato salad cold, just like we like it. Alicia and her staff did an amazing job! Thanks Alicia! More...


Lorraine StOnge

11 June 2019

Fabulous. Good was outstanding as was the service. I highly recommend Alicia Waters for your event.



2 July 2018

Great working with Alicia from beginning to end. Great service and great food.

Everything was delectable, savory and delicious.


A salmon fillet baked to perfection with skewered grilled shrimp topped with a creamy basil & kale sauce.

Customization: I give my clients more flexibility in terms of deciding which food dishes they want to be served at their event or occasion. The main reason behind this is that people have individual tastes and they want their event or occasion to be special and memorable.

Being in the culinary field it's always changing and you can learn something new everyday and food is changing constantly and you can be a apart of it, it's creating new dishes and menus and a bonus those smiles you put onto the clients faces as well.

I chose to start my business because of the passion I have for cooking. As long as I can remember as a little girl my mother would be in the kitchen everyday with breakfast and dinner and I would be right by her side. Each holiday was a special treat for me knowing the pies and cakes all while getting to assist and lick the dessert bowls and spoons.

Choose Alicia's Catering because we are more personnable. We take pride in our service to others as busy as life can get from work, to family, or retirees. Your part of my family when you are working with us even though it's just business.