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I'm a lifestyle and storyteller photographer specialized in capturing emotions and candid / spontaneous moments. Capturing connections and emotion is my goal. Let's celebrate life, family and relationships!

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Franziska Weber

14 December 2018

Alicia has an amazing eye for capturing the true essence of a moment and getting the best out of you. And, you’ll have fun in the process. She connects with her subjects in the blink of an eye, gives the most actionable prompts and makes you feel so comfortable that you’re pretty much forgetting you’re part of a photo shoot. A 100% recommendation! More...


Katie Standish Nay

14 October 2018

Great morning photo shoot with Alicia! It was a bit chilly, but she knew just the ways to keep my kids entertained and happy, despite the weather. Alicia is a very talented photographer with creative photo ideas. We loved working with her and would recommend Alicia Mayorca Photography to friends and family. Thank you for your expertise, Alicia! More...


Sarah Gibson Elliott

14 October 2018

Alicia did a wonderful job with our family photos. She managed to keep my 3 year old son focused and happy during the session. There are so many photos that I really love! She’s also sweet and delightful! Highly recommend. More...


Liz Zilist Pfau

6 August 2018

Her work is really artistic and she is a pleasure to work with. She made my family comfortable, and captured gorgeous shots.


Javier Obregon

26 July 2018

She is able to capture amazing moments using natural light increasing the intensity of color and texture


Samantha Uhl Lipnisky

26 July 2018

Alicia was a pleasure to work with, she was great at capturing candid moments with my daughter. We didn't have the best weather to work with on our day and she managed to turn the icky weather into a positive!


Nicole Weber Kerstetter

26 July 2018

Absolutely thrilled with Alicia Mayorca Photography. Alicia has a warm and relaxed vibe which helps guide the photography experience; she is skilled working with kids and families. Alicia has a brilliant eye to frame and arrange angles as well as fantastic ideas for location. My children told me they enjoyed the photo shoot because they could be free and play while she snapped candid moments of them in action. I highly recommend you book with Alicia for your next photography session! More...


Heather Colleen

26 July 2018

Alicia was amazing to work with. She was open to trying a new location with us (that we wanted) and we just loved her pictures! They bring a smile to my face EVERYTIME I look at them. She got to know us during the shoot and it put us at ease as she snapped away. I would highly recommend her for family sessions! We will be reaching out to her again in the near future. More...


Cathy Veth Hart

26 July 2018

We just had family photos taken by Montrose Beach and Bird Sanctuary. What a beautiful, unexpected place to capture some very sweet photos of our family. Alicia was warm and easy to work with. She made our family feel very comfortable the entire time. She did a wonderful job and hope to use her talent again in the future!! More...


Heather Payne

7 June 2018

Alicia is incredibly warm and easy to work with! She made my kids laugh and feel at ease. Not only that, but she was very patient with their shenanigans; which was embarrassing, but she just kept rolling and the final product was so organic and beautiful. Alicia is a lovely person who captures the feelings in the moment. Highly recommend her services! More...


I truly believe that the connection between the photographer and their subject plays an essential role when capture amazing moments. You must click with your photographer so you can allow the access to your family dynamics, personalities and bonds between each other.

I will ask about personalities, What makes you laugh or smile. I will ask about family milestones. Incentives or rewards allowed for kids. And about priorities or must have images you would like to get.

Documenting stories and creating something completely from scratch is immensely satisfying. I love that I am able to be creative every single day, meet new people and experience new things. Meeting new people and capturing their unique story is mainly why I do this!! I love using my camera to capture people and capture, keep and share moments. My portfolio is not just a collection of pictures. For me, those photos are memories that people generously shared with me and I just happened to create a beautiful picture in the meantime. 

Motherhood was the trigger! As the girls arrived to my life I realize that the most important thing in the world are family and MEMORIES. I understood that family photography is not important, is ESSENTIAL. Reason why I dropped the engineering world and decided to turn the skill I love into my business, because I want to be able to spend more time surrounded by families doing what I love the most: Capturing connections. Every minute that I spend shooting, and every hour that I spend editing photos is so important to me!

Because I am the person who is not interested in capturing how you look, I want to capture who you are!! I want you to look at my pictures and think were you where, how was you feeling. I want you to remember the personality of your children during that time of your life. I want ti capture part of your legacy.