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As a fitness and nutrition coach, I will help you achieve the results you want in a way that works for you.

No crash diets
No strict meal plans
No restricted foods
Individualised training – programmed for goals, preferences, tolerances and abilities.


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Megan Raw

9 July 2019

Alex is one of those gems you meet once in a lifetime ...


Attie van Buuren

14 May 2019

Alex has been an inspiration to work with and his calm and uplifting encouragement helps me feel good about myself and my exercise plan. His knowledge and support has created a safe space for me to change my attitude towards food and exercise More...


Marcelle Pillay

14 May 2019

If you are looking for someone who believes in you and supports you wholeheartedly on your health and fitness journey, Alex is your guy! He tailors his offering and builds your workouts around you. Not only is he SUPER knowledgeable, he is also a really great guy! More...


Megan Burgess Hudson

26 April 2019

Alex is really dedicated to his clients and takes an enormous amount of time to really get to know what you need


Leigh-Anne Brierley

26 April 2019

Alex Campbell's amazing coaching has changed my life! I am healthier, fitter, leaner and happier than I have been in years. His guidance and support is unfailing, and his knowledge about nutrition & fitness has help me to understand food, and my relationship with it. I'm learning to love,appreciate and nurture myself and my body, and since I started working with him in January I have lost 17kgs and 74cms (hips, waist, thigh)...I could not be more delighted with the results and for once I am being held accountable!! I am also learning about what I am going to need to do once I have reached my weight-loss goals so that I am going to be able to maintain! Thank you Alex!!! More...


Marcelle Beverley Pillay

31 August 2018

I nervously signed up with Alex in April, JUST for nutrition, cause I don't exercise. In July we added exercise and I have had the most amazing time. Alex understands what I need before I do and he tailors his coaching and training sessions to be unique for me. I cannot believe the change in my body, I never realised that I am actually strong. More...

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Strength training programmes normally include a combination of: * body-weight exercises, * exercises using cables and resistance bands, * movement using free weights like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, and * the use of weight machines. The benefits of strength training are: * Helps build muscles in the right places, which is the way to a lean, athletic look. * Supports weight- and fat-loss in conjunction with a sustainable eating programme. * Helps increase metabolism. * Increases stamina. * Helps prevent & control chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity, arthritis & back pain * Increases flexibility, mobility, balance and posture. * Leads to an increased sense of well-being and self-esteem. * Boosts self-confidence, body image and mood. * Assists with better sleep and overcoming insomnia. * Enhances performance of everyday, physical tasks. * Prevents or slows osteoporosis and muscle-loss in older people. * Decreases susceptibility to falls and injuries. * May help in reducing cognitive decline experienced in aging.

Flexible Nutrition Programme What ACT can offer you: * Full assessment of current lifestyle & eating habits to help identify”limiting factors”. * Behavioural goal setting to develop healthy habits. * Daily tracking of eating habits & weight management. * Weekly tracking & graphing of body measurements. * Dietary adjustments, feedback & goal setting. * Live/Skype coaching session(s). * Ongoing support, accountability & education through email, social media & messaging platforms. The Flexible Nutrition Programme will also include: * Individualised dietary set-up including calorie & macro-nutrient guidelines based on food preferences. * Full education & support on macro-tracking via My Fitness Pal with ongoing feedback, adjustments & check-ins. * Coaching on sustainable progress and maintenance. * Optional exercise programming for enhanced weight-loss results, strength training, muscle gain & physique transformation.