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Alchemy of Movement

Boulder, Colorado, CO

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Alchemy of Movement

Boulder, Colorado, CO



Alchemy of Movement offers adult dance fitness classes during the day as well as large social dances and other events on weekends. We have a beautiful 2500 sq ft studio with a fun but calming vibe that can be rented out for parties, events, lessons, classes and more.


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Bridget Gordon

11 September 2018

I've been going here for about 10 years now. It is a really nice group of people. I love their classes: Zumba with Dance Ur Ash Off and Soul Sweat Flow, in particular (haven't tried the others). Dancing is such a fun way to work out. I used to run for exercise and loved it however it only works a limited set of muscles. Dancing works all the muscles and the brain and is a great antidote to sitting at the computer all day. More...


Susan Hillman

22 February 2018

This is a fun excursion from the daily grind!


Chrissy Masuda

25 January 2017

Service and teachers here are top of the line. Dance experience is useful but everyone is so friendly that it doesn't really matter. Found them through classpass and then bought 6 classes directly with them b/c I liked the studio. More...


Tina Tongen

12 May 2014

The best workout for body, mind, with lots of soul! Their SOUL SWEAT class is aptly named. I become a dance goddess, a honeybee making honey... my heart fills up w so much love as I dance with the beautiful community at Alchemy of Movement. More...

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I love that what I teach is something that people are thrilled to learn and they leave feeling energized, rejuvenated, refreshed, and happy.

I've always been a dancer at heart and have wanted to own a dance studio for as long as I can remember.

You should choose us if we are a good fit! I never promise to be the right fit for everyone, but we are the perfect fit for some. We have such a unique place, you'll just have to come check it out yourself to see if it works for you!