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London, UK

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London, UK


Alana Simone - Coach
Self – confidence is defined as an attitude, which you possess about yourself. This attitude enables you to go forward with your daily life and attain your goals. When a person is self – confident he/she is in control of their own life, thus, they know what they want and how to get it.



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I spent a long time working on my self-development and self-confidence. I gained a new sense of being. I loved my job and still do, that’s including Occupational therapy and Life coaching. I also found a passion in helping others, and also found a passion in helping myself. This new sense of worth began to transfer onto my clients and patients, thus, providing me with a new purpose. I love life and I love being. I never want to just exist and allow each day to just pass me by. The passion I have for helping others especially in gaining confidence and eliminating or working on those limiting beliefs to gain more self-worth/value is solely my purpose of being.

I had to sit and reflect on my performance and others to realize my limiting beliefs and reasons for my lack of confidence. It took me a while but I got there in the end. Now I can go on and on, but I won’t, because I am sure everyone who is reading this has experienced their own journey and has their own limiting beliefs, but I thought I would share a brief description on what I went through.

I experienced… hands down one of my worst years financial and social. I began to battle my thoughts feelings and actions, alongside society, social media and financial pressures. I began going through an emotional rollercoaster. However, what’s funny is that I knew exactly what changes I needed to make. I was coaching on a regular basis and my clients were experiencing breakthroughs, however, I did not practice any of the strategies myself.

• Emotional and sensitive (A trait I have grown to love as it transfers onto my passion in helping others and have an immense sense of empathy).
• Love to laugh and make others laugh
• Love to cry (I never hold my emotions in)
• Caring

I am sure there is more to me, but that’s all I can think of right now ☺

“I found a passion in this area of coaching as it helped me channel and develop an inner courage to do things that fear was stopping me from doing. Therefore, I adopted a sense of need and passion to transfer these lessons onto others. Fear is our biggest issue when it comes to leading a life that we want, thus, developing and increasing confidence will enable us to step out of that ‘oh so comfortable zone’ and begin to live a fulfilled, meaningful life of success”.


Supporting people who feel lost and stuck in society or want to merely change their career direction. Here to help those who feel that their 9-5 is draining them and have that gut feeling that they will be a lot happier if they work on the life they desire.