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Alan Gordon MSc. BSc.(Hons 1st) is an advanced Biomechanist who provides personal training as one of his services. A Biomechanist is a very advanced expert in Fitness/Exercise and Injury Biomechanics and professionally ... is dramatically more advanced than any actual personal trainer. Alan has been retained to assess 2,648 personal trainers since 2002, and he has 47 years of professional experience.

There are only 18 Biomechanists in the entire UK, and as well as being the only one in SE England ( including London) the Midland and the Cotswolds, Alan is also the only Biomechanist anywhere ... who has a First Class Honours degree in Nutrition amongst his qualifications, all of which in total, took 11 years to achieve.

His two specialist areas are the Over 45s of both genders and Women's Exercise, Injury and Nutrition. He has GPs, Physios, Osteopaths, Pilates teachers and personal trainers amongst his Oxfordshire exercise clients, as well as perfectly straightforward, non medical/exercise people. He is personally recommended by Professor Sallie Lamb, Oxford University's Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation.

Please note here ... that the only reason the term 'personal trainer' is used on his website as a title at all, is because the vast majority of people don't know what a Biomechanist is, or their professional abilities.

Alan lives in Worcestershire ... but works with numerous clients in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Dianna lloyd-Hughes. BSc. (Hons 1st) Sport & Exercise Science

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Company Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

It is clinically impossible for any person anywhere, to safely achieve their goals ( whether they be injured or fully fit) with a 100% guarantee of no injuries or problems, without their personal movement ( ie. their Biomechanics, which is totally unique to each individual person) being thoroughly tested before any exercise or exertion of any level or depth is attempted.
I fully and comprehensively test all of my clients' personal Biomechanics in full, first and foremost, so they go forward performing ONLY the physical actions and exercise formats that are precisely correct and safe for their body, and their body alone. The hard clinical fact is, that the biomechanical testing is precisely what makes any exercise and physical actions personal to the body of that individual, so no biomechanical testing beforehand, means in hard clinical fact, that you're NOT getting 'personal' training.
Literally every single person is significantly biomechanically different and it is only with this detailed biomechanical testing ( taking a minimum of around 90 minutes to perform properly) that an unconditional safety guarantee can be given, as well as of course, giving someone genuine personal training.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Carefully and methodically establishing the person's genetic/biomechanical potential, limitations and boundaries in bone structure, metabolic rate and unique personal musculo-skeletal responses to exercise prescription. Walking the CORRECT path .... based safely on totally personal and' unique to that person alone' physical/exercise approaches.

What do you love most about your job?

Assessing the goals/problem ... establishing the solution ... and seeing the smiles on the faces of the successful.

What inspired you to start your own business?

A love of human movement since a teenager ... and the solutions and remedies that specifically applied Exercise and Injury Biomechanics provide.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have 47 years experience and as one of very few Biomechanists in the UK, I have realistically dependable qualifications, not borne of training periods lasting a few weeks to a few months, like the very vast majority of personal trainer training courses. If anyone needs a down to earth 'reality check' about trusting someone to look after your physical health in any way, remember that fact ... dozens of exercise and personal trainer courses are measured from a couple of days to a week to a couple of months, and that includes Pilates teacher courses too I'm afraid.
Now ask yourself the question. Is your body less important to you than the wellbeing and condition of your teeth. No?
Then would you happily sit down for an injection and perhaps a filling or some crown work, from a dentist with a few weeks to a couple of months training? Probably not, as simple common sense would immediately stop you sitting down in that dentist's chair.

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