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John G

14 April 2019

Big fan of the team at AIM, have been a longtime client of theirs and have consistently experienced fantastic results from their SEO services and they have helped us get terrific results for our law firm. Highly recommended!


Robert Neumann

22 March 2019

Ross and I had a pleasant and productive no-charge conversation for about a hour recently. He was generous with recommendations about using internet marketing to generate leads from my website. There are a lot of details that he seems on top of. These include lead magnets, e-books, and helping leads opt-in to stay on my emailing list. All of his recommendations will help me optimize my website's visibility on the web. Thanks Ross for great value at a reasonable price. More...


Greg Goodman

22 December 2018

Working with Ross is a pleasure.I had the chance to collaborate with him on a web design project recently (me as the designer, him as the SEO-guru) and I found his suggestions, feedback, and commitment to be an incredible asset to my client. If I didn't have my own team, I would totally hire Ross for my online marketing needs. More...


Nicole V.

31 October 2018

Ross is amazing!  He took the time to sit down with me and go over our website and ad campaign.  He was so patient and got all of my questions answered and even gave some additional suggestions to help which most people probably wouldn't do.  His take on everything is very honest and it's comforting to have someone take a look into these things and give you feedback that you can trust.  I'm super grateful of how knowledgeable he is and am really looking forward to working with him more.  I highly recommend! More...


Philip A.

23 May 2018

The team at AIM did a superb job developing our two websites, theAGIF.org and auerbach-intl.com, and went above and beyond expectations. Although another firm did the initial design, AIM incorporated all the text, embellished it, added a lot of graphics and features, and suggested excellent improvements. And even though the job became bigger than expected, they accelerated the delivery schedule, maintained the original price, and provided wonderful instructional videos for us to update some content. Truly outstanding service and outstanding results, bringing us to a higher level of professionalism. We could not have found a better choice.Philip Auerbach, PresidentAuerbach International Inc.-Translations-Express!®  80 Languages. Always Fast. Always Accurate. -World-Quest Marketing® Countries. Strategies. Cultural Cues. -The Auerbach Global-Impact FoundationTM  Advancing Non-Profits' Missions Worldwide More...


Brian B.J. Kang

21 May 2018

Ross is knowledgable in the SEO and internet marketing space. Connected with him a couple of weeks ago and he provided me with information I did not know in the online marketing space!


Susan Hornbuckle

21 May 2018

Weve worked with Alameda Internet Marketing for a few years and Ross is great at optimizing whatever we need done, he explains it in terms that we understand and is very responsive to emails and change requests. He has helped us get a great website and he has managed it amazingly well! More...


Art B.

1 May 2018

Ross was a wonderful strategic person to talk to.  We were completely new and have not even signed up with him and he was so willing to provide us with so much information and contacts!  You can see he has gone through the growth process and is very dedicated to what he does.  Thanks Ross! More...


Sonya B.

22 January 2018

I've worked with enough internet marketing businesses over the years to recognize that Alameda Internet Marketing is a smart choice for website design, site maintenance, and online marketing. My employer chose AIM about 3-years ago to build a medium-sized Wordpress site that has worked very hard for our growing business. Ross and his team remain accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable about the ever-changing online arena. We are a small business with random needs and yet are always treated like an important account. They also offer optional monthly service packages that are fairly priced and effective. More...


Brian K.

28 August 2017

Ross is highly knowledgable in the internet marketing space. I connected with him and he helped me add tools to my business I did not know about. Thanks Ross!


Jessica S.

25 August 2017

I absolutely love working with Ross with Alameda Internet Marketing!  One of the most frustrating things with online marketing and media these days is not knowing who is selling, who is honest and what you should ACTUALLY be doing.  So many companies use scare tactics just to get you to buy and it is great to have a resource that you can ask questions, expect honest answers and know that each recommendation you are getting is truly in the best interest of your business.Highly recommend AIM! More...


Mike V.

1 June 2017

Ross spent an hour with me on the phone giving some critical advice on how to increase my web presence and how to better interact with clients in order to position them to be brand ambassadors.  I look forward to working with Ross in the future More...


Cheri Corfey

21 May 2017

I started working with Ross and his team at A.I.M. almost 6 months ago and my business' web presence went from non-existent to "being found"! Because of A.I.M's SEO work, a web inquiry resulted in an affiliation that has taken my business nationwide! And their Reviewability Service has allowed me to obtain client testimonials that have increased inquiries from YELP and GOOGLE resulting in new clients. Thank you Ross and Alameda Internet Marketing! More...


Joe Dalipe

21 May 2017

Professional services and prompt response times. Not only do they do what we ask fast but they keep you moving in the right direction with their knowledge on internet marketing.


Tamar C.

27 May 2016

Great fast service! Highly recommended!I run into some technical issues with my SEO plugin. No one knew what to do and how to fix the issue except Ross Taylor from Alameda Internet Marketing. My hosting company, my IT support as well as web designer were all scratching their heads as to how to fix the problem. I contacted Ross and he fixed the issue in minutes!Over the past couple of years he has helped me with ongoing issues like search engine optimization and converting my site to mobile friendly in no time at all. He is fast, efficient and reasonably priced. More...


Tony Kuttner

21 May 2016

I asked, and Ross delivered. He created the site I need for my business, and made sure I not only have the tools I need to manage and expand the site, but also made sure I know how to use them.Ross definitely provides value well beyond his price. More...


Cristin S.

27 November 2015

When it came to developing my new cafe and the online marketing tools to go along, I don't regret for one moment in choosing Alameda Internet Marketing as my consultant and designer. Ross's expertise of everything web was not only reassuring but refreshing. He exudes an air of genuine care about your vision and the direction of your business. He had great advice on where content should live and how to get the best ranking and visibility for your site. Since we built my website in WordPress, I also received training on how I can manage updates on my own so I could save money and time, which are huge when starting a new business. Thank you Ross! More...


Tamar Cohen

22 May 2015

I had a very good experience working with Ross. Before I started working with him I knew nothing about SEO. He worked on my website and my ratings much improved. But the best part was the 30 min video and the follow up call. I can watch the video over and over and continue to learn from it. I know have a valuable resource specifically to my site that I can go back to when I want to update and improve on my own SEO positioning. Working with Russ was great and I would highly recommend him! More...


A. S.

8 April 2015

I couldn't be happier with Ross and Alameda Internet Marketing.  I spent 6 months with a scammer company (Do NOT DO Business with Madwire Media!!!) and after pouring money down the drain, Ross came to the rescue.  Since starting with Ross, I get calls and emails daily from his marketing efforts and that's just a start.  Recently we discovered a problem with the web hosting (I lost about 8-10 inquiries) and Ross came to the rescue asap.  He fixed the site and added some software so I'll never lose an email contact again - all at no charge.I highly recommend Ross. Do yourself a favor.  He's fair, prices are reasonable and comes through every time I need help!  Thanks Ross for renewing my faith in internet advertisers! More...


Cyndirella L.

17 October 2014

Ross created my website. He interviewed me, did research, inquired about my goals and the direction I wanted to go with my business. Then reviewed all the similar business websites. Ross drafted all the text on my website and shined a bright light on my business. The SEO that Ross does every month keeps us on top of the list of folks looking for business' like mine. This is a great investment for my business. I think Ross is the Bomb. I have recommended many folks use him to do their website. Now I am going public with my endorsement. Thank you Ross! More...


Irina D.

26 July 2014

I had two great meetings with Ross to go over SEO and marketing optimization for my husbands new Private Practice business in Menlo Park.Ross was not only extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but he was also super down to earth and easy to work with. Those five or so hours with him was better than any seminar, book or classroom could teach me in months.Thanks to him my husbands practice will hopefully fill up and I can already see the leaps and bounds we have made when it comes to search and google placement.Highly recommended!! More...


Kristina Wolf

22 May 2014

I could not be happier with the work Alameda Internet Marketing has done for my company over the past few months. Ross and his crew came highly recommended and I was sorely in need of help. My website wasn't registering with the search engines and my marketing was ineffective. I opted for their monthly service and was so pleased with the results that I have since gone back for more help and gave them more responsibility. Not only does Ross help with my search engine optimization, he also is working on my social network marketing to great accolades. Please do yourself and your company a favor - hire Alameda Internet Marketing to position your company for the future. More...


C B.

20 May 2014

I spent one hour with Ross from Alameda Internet Marketing for a consultation and review of his services as a Google Adwords expert. What I learned during my meeting was far more valuable then what any ad could do for me. Ross offered fundamental advice that he suggested I take before paying him for any services. It made me make immediate changes to my existing plan of action with a new website project and probably saved me countless dollars in lost business. Ross was honest and straight forward and I can't wait to work with him in the near future. More...


Jackson B.

7 May 2014

I came to Ross at Alameda Internet Marketing for assistance boosting the SEO for my website.  I am no expert, but web-savvy enough to maintain my own website... but I did not want to pay out the nose for optimization.  In our initial consultation he offered a few tips for changes that might help, and to show the basics of what he does to accomplish ranking improvements.  I know just enough to realize, wow - this guy really knows his stuff!  Long story short - after implementing his suggested changes, 2 weeks later I was on the front page of google for my category!  (As a small business owner, I can't tell you how many calls I get from SEO companies promising that...) I think that results that fast are unusual, but I was blown away.Anyway that was just the start.  I am using Alameda Internet Marketing's services to continue to improve my website's rankings and his consultations are teaching me a lot about how to look good in the eyes of Google. Which, let's face it - that's what good SEO is all about.  Highly recommended if you want to get your business on the map of the interweb! More...


Jay M.

10 April 2014

Our transportation company has been working with Ross since January, 2014 with the goal of improving our online presence.Ross has gone above our professional expectations and has been a pleasure to work with. While contracting him for his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, he has also taken made many positive contributions to our website and overall online presence. I highly recommend his services.Thanks Ross! More...


Fiesta Bounce

22 May 2012

I hired Alameda marketing because I heard good things from a good friend.
Turns out, he was right. Ross took a hold of this SEO beast by the horns and now my phone won't stop ringing. Which is great!
Thanks for your help Ross.


Brad J.

10 April 2012

The proof is in the work! The bottom line is, Ross is a professional SEO and Web site builder with results that are almost impossible to beat. I have a construction company in Alameda and if you search for "Alameda Contractor" along with many other key words, you will see incredible results. If you are a small business owner and want to get specific results like I did, then Ross is your only option. Bay Area SEO is reasonably priced, easy to work with, and like I said earlier, his work speaks in RESULTS! More...