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With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, AKP Studios aims to provide you with photos your friends and family would be jealous of.


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Aside from composition, or having a "good eye," there are 3 real secrets to taking a great photograph:
1) Patience - Waiting for that perfect moment before taking the shot. Quality over quantity (it helps to tell a better story).
2) Connection - When establishing a connection with the subject, it helps to make them look more natural in the photos as well as build trust.
3) Direction - A good photographer will provide the subject direction to make that shot perfect.

1) How do you envision your event?
2) What are the hours of your event?
3) How many guests will there be?
4) What are your expectations from us?

Building friendships and making people happy with my work and services!

I started out photographing dance as it was a passion of mine. Shortly after, people saw my work and began asking if I can take pictures for their weddings. I was hesitant at first but the more events I did, I realized it became something bigger and more meaningful to me. I love connecting with people and have a pretty competitive nature for learning and with a background in business management, starting this business seemed inevitable.

I have over 10 years of experience in wedding and event photography and have taken multiple master class workshops from prestigious photographers. My team and I are personable, organized and very professional. We maintain a photo-journalistic approach (staying hidden in the background) so that you can enjoy your day and will help with directing if needed. Photos are done within 2 weeks from the event date.