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I have been very passionate about IT since I started in 1999. A lot has changed in my field in that time obviously and to stay relevant I have made IT both my profession and hobby! I truly enjoy every aspect of technology.

I started AK Consulting in 2014 after working in the IT field for over 19 years. For the past 19 years I have worked in many different IT environments. From working on teams managing over 10,000 PC's to consulting for many small to medium businesses. I have decided to dedicate myself to managing my own IT business using the skills and best practices I have gathered in my time in IT.

I provide personalized support for the home user or small business owner at fair price. Calling a big box support service leads you around with hold times, different techs and people following a script. I know because I started out working for places like that. From the first phone call to closing your issue I will be available with updates and answers to your questions.


Full hardware and software support for Windows based PC's and laptops. I also provide software support for Apple as well, both Mac OS and iOS for iPhones and iPads.

Networking services for both home and small business.

Most issues can be solved remotely. If onsite services are needed please contact for availability in the Twin Cites.

Starting a new home business or small office and not sure where to start with your IT equipment? I would be happy to help with choosing the right products to help you build your success!

Do you have a disk that is no longer readable in Windows? Before you send it off to a expensive data recovery company let me take a look at it! Data recovery companies start with software and a range of different devices to try and recover data first before using drastic measures like a "clean room" . I have had success with using software and hardware recovery attempts with drives that will still power up.