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We are a specialist security, surveillance, and investigations company. Combining years of military and police experience, abroad (middle east/ hostile enviornments) and within the United Kingdom.

Our experience in multiple disciplined professional operations enables us to evaluate risk and offer consultation, combining recommendations and a proportionate response for our clients.


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30 July 2019

Airvis supported a rural security operation during the summer using drones. Very professional service, equipment and personnel, highly recommended. Thank you for all of your assistance and advice to the security of our site. More...

9 May 2018

had a phone call, sounded very knowledgeable and knew what they were doing, had mega confidence in their ability after the chat

2 December 2017

Excellent professional service very good monitoring and reporting, I will recommend them to any one who looks for peace of mind

24 November 2017

Excellent service. Found out exactly what I needed to know through the investigators skills and expertise. No regrets with going with these guys. Thank you so much.

9 November 2017

I had serious concerns that my husband was cheating on me, and with nowhere to turn I instructed a Airvis Ltd to conduct some investigations into my suspicions.

Immediately I felt reassured and confident that they had my best interests in mind. We discussed the case and my concerns, they listened and formalised a plan with a few options based on their advice.

I decided on the surveillance option over the course of a few days. Airvis kept in contact with me and nearer the end recommended that we terminate the surveillance early as they were confident that they evidence that they had collected was sufficient. They did this to minimise costs to me.

I was presented with a very comprehensive report that was clear, structured and easy to understand. I met with my solicitor and showed her the report, she agreed on the quality of evidence and it was successfully used within our divorce proceedings, ensuring that his lies and dishonesty was highlighted.

It was an extremely difficult time for me and I felt embarrassed and scared, but Airvis were professional and objective at all times, which is exactly what I and my children needed.

I cant thank you enough, I felt like I was going insane and that there was nowhere to turn!!!!

I highly recommend you to anyone else in a similar position, if I had to summarise it for anyone, it would simply be: "don't waste your time, jut the phone book down and just contact Airvis".

Jen, Thank you for taking the time to write such an esteemed review, it is hugely appreciated and will hopefully assist and placate others whom may be in a similar position. I truly hope that you may never require our services again, however on the contrary, if you ever need any advice or guidance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me directly. All the best to your new life. Kind regards Derek (Operations Manager)

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The diversity and dynamic approach to finding a solution to a problem. Educating, advising and consulting clients on best course of action and offering solutions that have a positive effect on peoples lives.

Years of amalgamated private and military experience inspired me to start up a business that would offer clients a professional standard of service.

I have provided armed protection in multiple theatres and hostile environments. Drawing upon all military, private security, surveillance and medical skills and experience offers clients real peace of mind.

We provide highly qualified and experienced operatives, for private and commercial clients. We do not outsource or broker our services like many others, all operations are conducted by a close knit team of in-house professionals.

We have a huge amount of expertise within the team and our wider network of professionals that we may call upon to support us for the occasional niche request. Our experience in both hostile environments and within the UK ensures we have a very good understanding of modern threats to our clients and the law.

We are perfectly placed to offer advice, based on our experience of previous successful operations, and consult our clients ensuring they have a successful outcome.