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Falkirk, Stirlingshire



At Ahead Business Consulting we help businesses to GROW, overcome their CHALLENGES and achieve their GOALS.

All business can grow - they just need the right support and expert advice. We provide this:
- Business Strategy
- Business Plans


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18 October 2019

Very professional, excellent communication, would thoroughly recommend.


I love the variety that working with different businesses brings and the challenges of each. I find it personally very rewarding seeing the tangible results of my support as my clients' businesses grow and become more successful.

I have a passion for helping businesses to succeed and, having led a 160 strong Strategy and Transformation Consultancy, I know how to. 
I founded Ahead Business Consulting as I wanted to make a difference, so I created a unique approach which allows us to provide business expertise at an affordable price.

7 good reasons!

- A HELPING HAND. Having an expert objective view to guide you and bring effective strategies provides that much needed support - and will pay for itself by taking your business to the next level
- PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS. We are not in the business of theoretic advice, but of practical, actionable solutions, that will grow your business and resolve your challenges - all explained clearly in plain English.
- WE DELIVER SUCCESS! Our strategies work. We add lasting value - growing your business and helping you to achieve your goals.
- TOP QUALITY AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. Our flexible approach means we offer a unique proposition of top-level consulting expertise at a price you can afford - you won't find this elsewhere!
- WE DO BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY. Everything we do starts and ends with the customer, and we always deliver results with integrity, honesty and respect. #DoingBusinessRight
- OUR CLIENTS SAY THE SAME. "The Strategy Day we had from ABC was invaluable. It gave us reassurance that a lot of what we were already doing was on the right track, whilst challenging us to think differently, and guiding us with helpful recommendations and advice. We left the day with a set of practical plans and actions which can achieve tangible results against our strategic vision, and has made some of the more aspirational goals actually feel real and achievable. Yet possibly more than any of this was the insightful and actionable solutions they suggested to a particularly tricky problem we have been wrestling with. Thank you!" Helen O'Donnell, CEO, Children's University
- OUR GUARANTEE. If you come to us and we cannot find effective solutions that we believe in, we won't charge you a penny.


We help businesses to grow and reach their potential.

We help business to set effective strategies to become more successful and achieve your goals.

We help businesses to make effective business plans - both financially and actions of what needs to happen and when.

We help ensure you have the right customer proposition, that meets your customer needs, differentiates you from your competitors, and is delivered the right way.

We help to identify and deliver cost reduction opportunities to maximise your profits.

We are process optimisation experts, so can help to streamline your services, improving customer experience, improving quality, saving time and reducing costs.

All businesses face challenges. We resolve them. Whatever issues you are facing we are expert problem solvers, adept at identifying root cause and providing practical solutions to resolve your business challenges.

You go to the doctor for a health check - this is the same for your business. We undertake a thorough review of all aspects of your business to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, with advice on how to maximise your strengths and opportunities and minimise your weaknesses and threats.

Marketing is the lifeblood of growing your customer base - yet it is surprising how many businesses don't get the most our of their marketing (even established players). We are marketing experts, who can help both with the strategy, but also - and very importantly - with the marketing message on your materials. This will provide huge benefits at little or no extra cost to you!

If you wish to optimise your organisation structure then speak to us - we are experienced organisational design consultants, who can help your business to become more efficient, and ensure your staff are all clear on their roles and responsibilities.