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Toronto, Canada

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AH Media

Toronto, Canada



A specialized web design, video production + digital marketing agency
headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

We work with all types of brands and agencies to execute
creative digital marketing campaigns + event management.

The team behind #GenXYZ’s FAV digital authorities


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21 May 2017

Had an excellent experience with these guys and look forward to continuing our web, PR and social campaign. Very happy with this team.


Josh Newton

21 May 2017

Have been working with this team for a few years and it's always been a great experience. They continue to over-deliver in effort and results. I highly recommend them.


The ability to give the user what they are looking for and one that is super user-friendly and simple to navigate in all devices. And most importantly, must be relate-able to your audience.

What are your online objectives?
Have you ever run a digital marketing campaign?
Are you looking to build brand awareness or sell a product/service directly (lead gen)?
Do you have content/creative?
Are you looking for content creation?
Are you currently running a social media campaign - both organic and/or paid? If so, which mediums?
Do they have any key pillars or time-lines that you're promoting?
Who is your target audience?

Working with various businesses in so many different industries.

The love of digital marketing. I admire the evolving and dynamic world of digital marketing + media publishing. When I'm not schmoozing at events, you'll find me working on my crafts and striving to bring authentic, thought-provoking and inspiring marketing content to our clients.

It's not about us - it's about what we can do for you. We've been in the industry for over 15 years and understand that in order to create effective marketing campaigns, we need to first understand our clients, their objectives and their target market. If we can help them solve their problems and educate them on the right options, then we have a shot at becoming long term marketing partners and doing business together.


AWARD-WINNING CONTENT CREATION FOR WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN & INSTAGRAM CONTENT CREATION We'll beautiful and engaging content using video production, photography and written articles/copy to use for your social media campaigns and digital ads. We provide you with a custom social media strategy to help you set up & deploy social campaigns through Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. Build and grow your community and increase online traffic through editorial, display ads and sponsored content. FACEBOOK MARKETING We'll work with you to create the appropriate creative through written, photo and video content to deploy and test effective campaigns to your target audience. LINKEDIN MARKETING Depending on your type of business, Linkedin can be a very powerful tool to target your audience. We'll create the appropriate content + strategy to engage with your target demo and build a loyal community and source of leads. INSTAGRAM MARKETING Content & strategy to deploy various campaigns through Instagram to build and grow your community increase engagement and to establish a loyal following. INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN Create informative and optimized articles and position your brand around ongoing relevant content on major online publications as well as distribute through social and relevant industry sites to create massive brand awareness and drive leads.

CREATIVE VIDEOS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & DIGITAL AD CAMPAIGNS VIDEO PRODUCTION & MARKETING Our VIBE videos will bring to life the true essence of your business. We capture the decor, the people, your product and/or service to create unique video content for your social ad campaigns and to use throughout the web. We work with you to develop the stories/concepts for the video, including B-roll and interviews with your key team members. All Videos are professional and creatively edited including the addition of background music and text graphics optimized for use through social media.

We get that Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" can be a very confusing topic. At the end of the day, you just want to get your business to the top of search results - and you want to do it organically, efficiently, and most importantly, ethically. Quite simply put, that's exactly what we do. We place your business at the top of organic search rankings.

LEAD CONVERTING WEBSITES & LANDING PAGES Our goal is simple: to convert your traffic into online sales. For the past 14 years, all we've done is built websites and landing pages. We know what it takes to build highly optimized and conversion focused websites in hundreds of different industries. UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS We take the time to get to know you and your business before we talk strategy. CONVERSION FOCUSED We build our websites with sole purpose of getting you traffic and converting that traffic into sales. FAST & EFFICIENT Time is money and we know your time is precious. You can count on us to finish on time. QUALITY WORK You're getting experts at SEO making sure your website is always at optimal performance.

GET YOUR BRAND MASS EXPOSURE FASTER THAN ANY OTHER MEDIUM Need help gaining mass media exposure? PR is a great way to strategically communicate your business and message to a mass audience. This not only lends credibility to your brand name, but also provides you valuable content and web presence that lives online and provides quality SEO value to your website.