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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a natural healing process as an alternative holistic therapy, with the use of the hands that work in the persons auric field. Like Reiki it balances the person's Chakras or auric energy field to promote healing that is crucial for their well-being.


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Cintia Ferreira

26 June 2019

Very professional and friendly service

Thank you Cintia for your review


Cintia Ferreira

26 June 2019

I had a wonderful session very professional and friendly service


Gary McLeod

26 June 2019

I went for a healing at Agile Spiritual Healing as I was feeling really stressed having started a new job. I'd also began experiencing upper back pain and my energy was low. During the consultation Bola listened carefully while I described my symptoms, then went on to explain what the treatment would involve. Tbh I wasn't sure what to expect not having had an energy treatment before however, I was pleasantly surprised. Although initially anxious, it wasn't long before the anxiety lifted and I relaxed into the treatment. I was so relaxed in fact that I actually nodded off a couple of times. This feeling of relaxation remained with me throughout the long drive back home. It wasn't until the next evening that I noticed that my back pain had subsided. Unfortunately, the pain returned a couple of days later. However, Bola did say that it could take a few sessions in order for my energy to be rebalanced. I know I need to go back but it has been difficult finding the time. Would I recommend Agile Spiritual Healing...absolutely!! More...


Grace Oshea

25 June 2019

I had my second section of spiritual healing yesterday it was great as I have a lot of pressure with my head and my balance not being great i find it freezes it all away i get great comfort from it it relaxes the whole of my body hence a great night sleep 8 hours sleep last night i want to say a big thank you to agile Spiritual healing you are the best i will be booking you soon for my next session


Agnieszka Frydrych

11 June 2019

I recommend Agile Spiritual Healing because during the spiritual healing session, I felt the heat flowing through my meridians and balances the energy in my body, removing all the blocks in my body. Still naw I feel the strength and power of energy that flows in my body. I feel strength, power, all fears have gone More...

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I love people and the uniqueness of each individual regardless of faith, or gender status. It teaches more about the human condition and more about me as a therapist. Everyone's journey and story is different and this fascinates me. We are all coming from and going to different places on this journey called life
It's how we can make a positive difference to that journey. Knowing that there's a place that clients can come back to for advice, counsel or direction, gives me a sense of satisfaction and pride.

I have a unique insight into people and their problems there's nothing more fulfilling in helping others and how you can shape that service to become a beacon of light to others. I set out to offer something unique.

I'm personable and creative in the sense that my approach is not conventional. My clients feel an overwhelming sense of personal satisfaction. The heart of ther service is client led. Building and focusing on the relationship of the client and focusing on their goals. This instills confidence, so that they want to return even if it's just to report an update on their personal progress.