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One day your children will look for a photograph of you. What will they find?
You are beautiful and I will help you rediscover that beauty. You don’t need to lose any weight to be photographed. Your time to shine is now! Book a session with the award winning photographer Agata Powers and decorate your home with love.



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The lighting and posing. Not every photographer knows how to guide their clients to make them look amazing!

How would you like to display your portraits in your home? Wall art, album or maybe folio box?
How would you like to be portrayed in your photograph?

Making women rediscover their inner beauty and making them feel absolutely amazing and beautiful.

Showing women that they are good enough, that they are incredible human beings and that family is everything. Possessions will lose their value overtime and photographs will grow in value.

Because I’m passionate and detail oriented. I deliver the highest quality of service and product there is on the market.