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Kevin A. Carney

2 November 2018

Steve is a true insurance claim expert. As a real estate professional it helps to have someone who has an extensive construction background knowledge when it comes to an insurance claim. I have referred Steve to 3 of my clients and he has exceeded all expectations. Nothing but A+ feedback and reviews. More...


Aj Brinkley

7 July 2018

Steve was a tremendous help in getting the right amount owed from our insurance company after our house flooded. The first check our home owners insurance sent was half of the cost of the repairs. Then my contractor suggested I give a public adjuster call. It was the best thing I could have done! We are finally beginning construction now that we have the proper amount owed to us for the damages. Cant thank him enough. Definitely recommend his services. More...


Alex Rodriguez-Caceres

16 October 2016

Excellent company to work with, fast and very reliable.


Perry Grant

5 January 2016

After a huge flood in my apartment caused by the apartment above ..i arrived home from Europe to find my home literally in complete ruins. I had been away and the water "specialists " left my home looking like an episode of Horders . My insurance companies evaluation of my damage was completely beyond comprehension and there was no way i could rectify the extensive damage to my home and personal belongings . I was at a loss as to what to do and how i could restore my life back to normal. Steve Venook to the rescue ! I took a chance as i had had no recommendation and he turned out to be my savior . He took my case and fought the insurance company tooth and nail to get the settlement which was rightfully owed to me and mine Using all his meticulous knowledge i finally came to a settlement 4 times higher than was originally offered and the proper amount to restore my home back to its former state .I cannot explain the relief after being so badly treated by an insurance company i had been with for over 15 years and never missed a payment ! The settlement offer came two days before Christmas and i accepted it and i am now able to begin the work and restore my home and life .If you are in true trouble and don't know where to turn as i was then make the call and call him he will deliver the right outcome ..... Perry Grant Entertainer More...


Katherine Cerdeiros

3 December 2015

Mr. Venook did wonderful work for us after Citizens wanted to give us very little after a fire in our home. Highly recommend him!


Pete Mineo

19 August 2015

As an attorney who exclusively handles property insurance cases, I have had the opportunity to work with Steve and Advocate Claims to pursue the interests of our mutual clients. I have witnessed how Steve always puts his clients first, and routinely follows up on their claims to see what he can do to assist in resolving them even if they are in litigation. His advocacy for his clients, meticulous estimates and attention to detail when documenting his claim file have made it much easier to for his clients' claims proceed smoothly to a successful resolution. Accordingly, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to hire an experienced, reputable public adjuster. More...


Nancy Dominguez

3 August 2015

As the administrator of FAPIA the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, Florida's trade organization for public adjusters, I know Steve to have high ethics and experience. He has been a long time member and advocate for consumers. Before that he worked for insurance companies so he's familiar with all of the ins and out s from both sides of the fence. I can confirm that we have never received any complaints about this firm at FAPIA Headquarters. Steve always makes policyholders his highest priority--- More...