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We offer personal and corporate tax return preparation. We also do accounting/bookkeeping and payroll. We specialize in companies who have not had any bookkeeping done at all. We have a quick turnaround time for work paid up front.

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Janet Gonzalez

21 January 2019

I have been doing my taxes here since i was 16 years old. They have the best customer service, they listen to all questions and concerns and my refund is always more than what i expect. Every year filing my taxes is a breeze with them. More...


Ruddy Lee

17 November 2018

They are the best people to do taxes


Maylin Hernandez

30 October 2018

They have been our accountant's for over 20yrs and we are very happy with the service! Great attitude and attention, thank you! ✔️


Gonzales Angie

29 October 2018

Sus servicios muy profesional y su atención muy amables.


Lianette Olive

27 July 2018

Been with this tax family since 2011 and wouldn't change them for the world thank you guys


Mini Mi

27 July 2018

Great service, only took me 15 mins to process as a first time client! ... and got my taxes within 3 weeks... planning to stay as a client for the longest i can.


Zaoris Zottola

27 July 2018

I have been doing my taxes with them for over 15 years. Would not change them for anything. Excellent service year over year.


William Castillo

27 July 2018

They are truly like family. Gabriel always has our best interests at heart and treat us like one their family we've been going there for the past 10 years, and never thought of going somewhere else. Gabriel is always looking out for us. More...


Taina Lamboy

27 July 2018

Been going there for about 4 or 5 Years. They always make sure you have my best interest at heart. They are very caring. And I am never disappointed with my refund you guys are the greatest and I appreciate you every year when I come to see you thank you and keep up the great work don't ever change More...


Jorge Taboada

27 June 2018



Giuliana Sabrina Casanova

26 June 2018

Great costumer service! Professional and efficient.


Jackie G.

29 April 2018

Great service! I've been having my taxes prepared since I lived in Miami for 6 years, moved to Broward about 4 years ago. I just hope that they don't become too busy to slow down on the services.


Bryan C.

6 April 2018

Amazing educated and fast professionals that know exactly what they are doing! Thank you guys for all your help over the years !!!


Bruno Gattamorta

28 October 2017

At Advantage you feel at home, these guys do your taxes quick, reliable and in a family environment! My top choice!


Roger P.

11 June 2017

Been doing my taxes here since 2012, and they are the best accountants I have encountered. I get the maximum return in my income and answer my questions if I have any doubt of something. They're fast and friendly. They make tax season awesome.In addition, I was filing for the first time my business taxes, and after having a bad experience this year with another accountant, or CPA, to file my business's taxes, these guys solved it in no time. Everything needed was on the papers I was handing the other CPA, but for some reason that CPA I was going to didn't want to help out as much. These guys are real business and they will give you the best service, price is a bit high but you'll have a great service with them. More...


Diana L.

8 May 2017

Adrian doubled my return! So glad I trusted their reviews. The service was fast but thorough, friendly and professional. The small fee I paid turned out to be a great investment and spared me the headache of doing it myself. More...


Johanna Harold

25 March 2017

Very nice and professional great customer service keep the good work!! Thank you.


Carlos O'Barrio

12 March 2017

Great customer service!!! They take their time with each customer which makes the wait well worth it.


Dayamis H.

24 February 2017

I've been going with Gus Rodriguez for my corporative and personal Income Tax Returns, to his family business consecutively for about seven years now, not only are they skilled, experienced, educated and professional but also very attentive.  Prices aren't the cheapest in town but they're very competitive if you think quality and peace of mind. Oh, and they have, or use to have, a referral discount system. More...


Marilyn Barba

28 January 2017

The best! Reliable, efficient, friendly service by these professionals! I've been coming here to Adrian for years now. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Highly recommended!


Barbara Massana

23 January 2017

Best tax professionals around!!! Have been going here and handling my taxes with Gabriel for over a decade and he has never let us down. Very fast, very detailed and best customer service!!! I highly recommend them! More...


Tania Gisel Velasquez

29 December 2016

Its the best service ever you can't get service anywhere else like this the best I recommend it to everybody I been doing my tax's there for more then 10 year's


Astrid Lique

21 December 2016

This is the best place to do your taxes with an excellent service.!!


Denisse D.

2 April 2016

If you're like me you avoid getting your taxes done until the very last minute. The way I see it, if I owe Uncle Sam, then he can wait. If he owes me, then hold it, so I won't spend it so fast :)Advantage income tax has always put that stressful feeling at ease for me. I've been going to then for over 10 years. Actually, come to think of it, I've been filing my takes with them since I entered the work force. That's trust and loyalty right there. They have always treated me with the upmost respect, they value my business and want to educate me. In every interaction, I am left with more knowledge on the income tax process. I will share one year where I strayed and went to another place. Shame on me, I know! Of course, with the other guys who can "get you more money" I quickly got a letter from the IRS saying "This is not an audit" lol....like I said shame on me for not sticking with Advantage! I have never received anything other then my refund check from the IRS when I went with advantage. Of course, some years I owe, but it all depends on your exemption style. Something I learned from them....you see it's all about being a savvy citizen! If you are looking for a family owed business who does their job with pride, while educating their clients then come visit. You won't be disappointed. You will be welcomed with that warm family feeling, but feel secure in knowing that your very important tax business is taken care of. More...


Jessica Rodriguez Obando

5 February 2016

I have been a client of Advantage Income Tax Services for many Years and I wouldn't trust anyone else doing my taxes! They are very professional and knowledgable! I highly recommend them


Yamila Rodriguez

4 February 2016

We have been clients since 2003, and we are very satisfied with the service.They are very friendly and professionals. Special thanks to Gabriel.


Jana Marley

3 February 2016

This is my second year, a friend tell me good about this guys and I really like the costumer service and the attention with me. I recommended!


Yolanda Moreno

3 February 2016

Let me tell you guys about my experience with Advantage Income Tax this is the best place to go reliable honest and they tell you this day ur getting your return and you could actually make plans with your money I've been with since 1998 now my son is with them also it's like being family with Advantage


Nicole Bloom Rodriguez

25 January 2016

I have been a client of Advantage Income Tax Service for 5 years. I have always had a great experience. These men are extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I highly recommend this company for your best chance at getting your tax refund in the safest and quickest manner. More...


Siimply Mii

27 October 2015

I've been going to Advantage for over 10 years and I can truly say that I would never go anywhere else for my taxes. Hands down the only company that will do things in an honest way and correctly. Never had any issues or wrong documents. 5 stars is not enough stars to rate them. Family owned business that knows what they're doing, and treat each and every customer with the up most respect. I would drive any number of miles to go to them no questions asked. -Aida More...


Elvia M.

3 February 2015

This is the best place to do your taxes! I have been coming here for years and they also have different services they offer year round.


Jessica D.

26 November 2013

BEST TAX GUYS IN MIAMI! I've been doing my corporate and personal taxes with Gus Jr. for 8 years now and he's absolutely amazing! Highly recommend this tax family for any of your tax needs! Family business so you're always at home! Plus a little free wine is a major plus :) More...

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Creating financial statements on a monthly basis. Help setting up so that payroll for you can become a breeze. We setup phone apps so you can pay employees and payroll taxes directly from your phone.

It is important because the last people you want knocking down your door is the IRS. We can make sure that all your filings are prompt and on time. IRS does not usually audit small businesses who have all their filing done on time.

I get to help people figure situations they no nothing about. I make this process much easier than most other accountants.

Because I make a complicated process feel easy. We service 6000 yearly returning personal clients and over 1000 yearly returning business customers. If 7000 people keep coming back every year maybe we are doing something right.