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Juhelle Boulet

23 July 2019

Very friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable athletic therapists!


Ira van den Berg

23 July 2019

Chelsea and her staff are excellent at alleviating the causes of my aches and pains!


Brian Steeves

15 May 2019

Love this place! Excellent trainers, great facility.


Shayne Baziuk

30 April 2019

Chelsea is very knowledgable and is able to explain her diagnosis in relevant terms. She creates a very comfortable and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend to anyone looking to see actual improvement with their injuries! More...


Eleanore Clemens

30 April 2019

Chelsea and the team are fantastic! I highly recommend!


Reynold Miguel

6 February 2019



Jim Anastasiadis

6 February 2019

Great place to workout!!!


Asher Richter

6 February 2019

Having Devon Lyon as my trainer was an amazing experience. The gym itself has a wonderful, inclusive atmosphere. It was great coming in on a daily basis and having a different workout each and every day, learning new exercises and ways to improve my fitness. It really made each and every workout exciting, never stale. They work with your body, teaching you about your strengths and weaknesses, improving on what you can already do while helping you to overcome your weaknesses in other areas. I have never felt so physically healthy and confident in my life.
I feel amazing after my experience at Advantage Conditioning and would recommend it to anyone at any level of fitness. Whether you've gone to the gym every day of your life, or you're going for your first time; Advantage is definitely the place for you.


Krissy Barbour

6 February 2019

I took a free bootcamp class and was overwhelmed by just the warm up! I went to tell the instructor (Kristen) that I would be leaving the class, and I started to tear up as I felt embarrassed. She said "No you're not! I will modify all of the moves for you. We all start out as beginners."

It was just what I needed to hear. I finished the class doing the modified exercises and felt amazing for the next 3 days. So I bought a 20 class pass and I'm now starting to go more. Kristen helped me to not feel embarrassed over my decreased physical fitness, and she motivated me throughout the class, even when I was just sitting down and trying not to vomit. I can't say enough good things about the boot camps and Kristen.


Glenn Howell

21 May 2018

Been coming here for three years, great staff and classes!


Margaret Camara

21 May 2017

Love it.Quaint and smaller facility, which I like.The Boot camps are excellent.The trainers are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.I will be signing up for more boot camp. More...


Louise Babych

22 May 2015

This gym gets results! I've been a member now for almost year. I attend one hour classes 2-3 times a week consisting mainly of bootcamp and just started strength training. I am totally satisfied with everything this gym offers. Excellent instructors; flexible affordable packages; up to date equipment and most importantly (to me) daily class times to accommodate working people. I've tried others but I highly recommend Advantage! More...

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