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gabriela gauri tvrda

4 December 2018

Honest and very professional doctor. Doc Jens has really good heart and approach and only treats you for what you really need. Doesnt recommend you 10 other session in order to get better. He treated my gluten and milk allergies just by one session each. I know his office is far for many of us, but def worth the drive and time. He is real treasure. More...


Kelleigh Gamble

4 August 2018

If you're looking for a doctor who will help you find a long-term solution to fix the root of your problem and not temporarily relieve a symptom, I highly recommend visiting Dr. Jens. For well over a decade I've been suffering from abdominal and digestive issues. I've seen an unreal number of doctors and specialists over the years who have grossly misdiagnosed me and pushed drugs on me that have only made me feel worse.A friend recommended Dr. Jens. I was a bit hesitant at first as I've never attempted alternative types of medicine, but I was open to it.In my experience, Dr. Jens is willing to listen and genuinely cares about your health and well-being. He and his staff are also very kind and inviting. Since I have been seeing Dr. Jens, I feel that we have identified some of the true issues and started working on long term treatments. For the first time in years, I'm actually in a comfortable place with my body. I've felt far less symptoms and started to feel real progress. If you're having abdominal and/or digestive issues and just can't seem to find positive direction, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Jens. More...


Dianna Newby

4 June 2018

I have gone to Jen twice now for food sensitivities. I have seen major improvement. I have more energy, feels like I have sparked a rejuvenating engine in my body. Looking forward to my next appt.


K hart

4 June 2018

Very knowledgeable, soothing atmosphere, and great bedside manner! Spent lots of time with me really listening to everything I had to say so that the appropriate treatment was administered. Everyone in the office is super friendly and accommodating. More...


Dan Tsunekawa

4 June 2017

Dr. Jens is so amazing and changed my life forever! He is extremely caring and makes sure you feel comfortable and listened to. If you have any pain, stomach issues, allergy problems, or hormonal problems, go to Dr. Jens. You will not be sorry! I had chronic pain for over 6 years and doctors told me the pain could last for a lifetime. 3 months of spread out acupuncture, and my pain is gone! I also had terrible stomach problems causing me to throw up daily for years, and doctors told me nothing was wrong with me. The first session, Dr. Jens spent over an hour listening to everything that was wrong with me, and was able to diagnose that I had severe allergies to sugar, fish, fish oil, and fruit. He has "reintroduced" my body to all of these things and I am officially not allergic to any of the above and haven't thrown up in months! He also gave me some amazing herbs for hormonal issues such as pms and my emotional well being is stable and I am not crazy anymore! My quality of life is So different, and I have hope that "living normal" is possible. Thanks Dr.!! (This post was written by Dan Tsunekawa's wife) More...


Jillian Feulner

4 June 2016

I wish I could give them 10 stars! They truly know what they are doing. Jens and Vanessa have your best interest and will take the time to really help whatever needs you have.


Kelly Wilson

4 June 2014

I walked into Dr. Jens office with intense neck and lower back pain as a result of a car accident. I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t exercise, it hurt to sit at my desk at work and I wasn’t able to sleep. I had tried several other types of treatments in the past such as Chiropractic, Pain Relievers and Cortisone Injections with little relief. After I left my first appointment with Jens I was already noticing a decrease in pain and I was able to start moving my neck again. I was amazed by the quick results and in just a couple of weeks I was back to my old self again. Dr. Jens is genuine and he has a real passion for helping people. His knowledge and expertise is what helped me get my life back and I am incredibly thankful! While I no longer need to see him for any neck or back pain, I now recommend him to friends and family that have pain or allergy concerns. More...


Livermore Martial Arts Academy, LLC

4 June 2013

My experience at Advanced Acupuncture was great. Jens truly wants to help people with a holistic approach to medicine. He is very knowledgeable and very kind to his patients. I recommend people with any kind of ailments to make an appointment to determine what they can do for you since Jens treats a variety of ailments. More...


Kelley Foulk

4 June 2013

On my first visit, Dr. Maassen spent over an hour with me gathering medical history and answering my questions. I've never had a care provider give me that much 1 on 1 attention. I've now been a patient for 8 months and always have a relaxing and therapeutic experience when I visit AAC. For those who are wondering, the needles are not painful at all. Give it a try! More...



17 December 2008

I have suffered with horrible migraines for years. After trying numerous medicines, doctors, chiropractors and accupuncturists, I found Advanced Acupuncture Centre. Since seeing Jens Maasen, licensed accupunturist, I have been migraine free for months for the first time in years. His practical approach and ability to listen helped find the right solution to what had been an untreatable program. He used both herbs and accupunture with superb results. I don't like needles but the beatiful offices and the accupunturist's gentle needle application make the experience pleasant. I highly recommend Advanced Acupunture Centre for help with migraines. More...