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Advance Hypnotherapy Dublin, Sean Flanagan.



Advance Hypnotherapy Dublin, Sean Flanagan.



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Karen Murphy

27 September 2019

Sean was recommended to me by a friend. Straight away Sean made me feel comfortable and at ease. He has made me understand how the mind works and I feel I have much better knowledge of my thought process. I would highly recommend Sean for anyone looking for a better understanding of their fear. He has really helped me see things clearer which I am very grateful for. More...


eoghan ryan

2 August 2019

I highly recommend Sean, he truly helped me overcome my problems with anxiety and see the world in a better light. I am now a lot happier thanks to the work I did with Sean.


Anthony Lannon

30 June 2019

I highly recommend Sean.Sean has made a massive positive difference to my life and helped me to understand how our thoughts work, why we think the way we do and most importantly he gave me the tools to change my way of thinking. I worried a lot previously and felt anxious about a lot of things. I visited Sean 4 times and I am positive, energetic and have gained control back over my life and thoughts. I now use the tools Sean gave me if my thoughts go down that negative path to bring me back to the positive, happy person I really am. Thanks Sean. More...


Laura Allen

19 May 2019

I could not reccomend Sean more highly. He has helped me so much. My frame of mind is completely different after suffering with anxiety for years I feel like there has been a serious weight lifted from my shoulders. I am a thousand times more confident in the things I found so difficult (which are now only small matters to me) and also in myself! If ever I am having a hard day and my mind starts panickin and wandering off I think back to the conversations with Sean. Thanks for everything! More...


nicoletta chiriatti

14 May 2019

A very nice man who helped me rationalise the fear of flying and helped me seeing it for what it is : a distraction of thought, not something real. I felt much better during my last flight, my first one without sleeping/calmimg tablets. There s no such thing as fear of flying, it's just our mind playing some tricks on us. Sean gave me the means to recognize them, aknowledge them and then just move on. This is only the beginning of a new vision and possibly a new life with no anxiety.Thank you Sean. More...


Lily Conlon

7 May 2019

I will begin by saying that I can't recommend Sean Flanagan as a therapist enough! He is an extremely empathetic, kind and compassionate human and I have never once left his office not feeling better, more composed and truly supported. When I have negative thoughts, my conversation's with Sean pop into my head and I remember what to do. I am so grateful to have met Sean. Do not hesitate to get in contact with Sean if you want to feel better and be open to the myriad of benefits that his knowledge can offer you! More...


Anne Giordanelli

21 April 2019

I can highly recommend Sean as a therapist, he got me off my beloved cigarettes 3 years ago & I have never looked back. I was with him again 3 weeks ago after making many attempts to lose the weight after giving up smoking. I don't live in Ireland so I only managed to get to see Sean once but I have lost 5kg since seeing him. Sean you are a star & I am fortunate to have met you. Thank you More...


Ann Maguire

21 April 2019

After spending many years in therapy, there were some deeply embedded pain points I struggled to overcome. I was recommended Sean through a friend and to be honest, I was rather sceptical but was equally desperate to get to the bottom of these debilitating thoughts and feelings so went with it. He has brought a significant change to my life and introduced a freedom and courage I never thought I would ever feel. I'm so grateful and would recommend him to anyone who wants to change something within themselves. Thank you, Sean More...


Marie Kennedy

22 March 2019

Just over 8 years ago I attended Sean determined to kick the 30+ cigarettes a day habit I had developed over about 15 years. I had tried and failed on a number of occasions and using a variety of methods. Sean came highly recommended by a colleague who had a few months before successfully stopped smoking after one session with him. So I went in a 30+ a day smoker and 90 minutes later I walk out a non smoker. No willpower, no cravings, no weight gain - nothing other than a sense of achievement and gratitude towards Sean.Fast forward 8 years and for some time I had been concerned about the amount I was drinking. I never got drunk, only had one or two drinks when out socially, had no craving for alcohol but each and every evening I would get a bottle of wine as I walked home from work. The routine, for evenings I was not going out, was home, out of work clothes, TV on, laptop powered up and the wine opened. If there was a good late film on or I was engrossed on-line a second bottle could be opened. Not a good way to spend almost every evening. So with Christmas over and no alcohol in the apartment I again turned to Sean.He was just as (and this is a very inadequate word) nice as I had remembered. Sean puts one at ease very quickly. I think I told him more about myself than I have told my partner of many years. He does, of course, need the insight in order to tailor the hypnotic suggestions but it goes further than that - the guy is just genuinely interested in people and helping them. I didn't want to stop drinking, I simply wanted to break the habit of not drinking at home alone every evening. Four weeks and three sessions later and I have not even thought of drinking at home, no willpower necessary, no cravings, no negatives. The positives are more money, some weight loss, better skin, better sleep and more energy and more productive evenings.For anyone considering hypnotherapy please don't confuse it with stage hypnosis, you will not do anything crazy either during or after your session(s). Its not frightening, its very relaxing and Sean is someone I highly recommend. More...


David Gilligan

20 February 2019

I'd like to thank Sean Flanagan for helping me overcome my fear of public speaking, I'm now a member of Toastmasters and enjoy every meeting I go to. Sean also thought me to stay 'present' every day which a very positive effect on every day life.Thanks SeanBest regardsDave Gilligan More...


Frank mc cann

20 February 2019

Sean's talks are very easy going and informative. His insights to how the mind works and how we use it are very interesting and fun to discuss. He encourages participation in the talks and you really feel part of group. More...


Judith Fitzgerald

21 January 2019

Amazing results from Sean, he has helped me overcome my fears - and there were many. I had tried other support methods before but this was the one for me. He is also a very warm person so he makes you feel very at ease which is hugely important.. Thank you Sean, my life has changed so much for the better. More...


Maralane Rocha

12 January 2019

Seeing Sean twice made a big impact in my life. he doesn't rush and was quite patient listening to everything I wanted to let out. All I needed was someone to talk to giving me some intelligent and long term solution. I hesitated to look for help all these years in my life where I suffered on my own from anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts, low self esteem and deep sadness...and what I can say is that I wish I went for help before but it is never too late to make a change in life , it's never too late to learn and start appreciating our values. Please, if you are suffering from anything similar DO NOT wait any longer and book an appointment with Sean, I highly recommend his treatment. Going for hyonihyp therapy was the best decision I have taken this year. I will be seeing him again for sure! I went from negative thoughts towards myself to someone who is eager to learn more and more about the most important person in my life, me. I have fought this battle all my life and i can finally see what I couldn't. The power to be the owner of our thoughts is something extremely important and easy to achieve !

Thank you!