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Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, East Sussex

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Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, East Sussex


We are a small video production company who value long term relationships with clients . We have over a decade of experience of working with companies and individuals. We work quickly and efficiently meeting deadlines and coming in on budget.



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People is what we love most about our job. Building a relationship that allows the best solution to present itself and which everyone can be a part of. We want to improve what we do with every new production. We love to learn what works and pass that on to our clients. We like our clients to feel that they have a bargain every time they use us. This is why we keep our clients, We are a client focused, people friendly video production company.

We have always worked for ourselves. We feel we do our best doing work when we are not aware that we are working. We can be flexible with our time and work when we need to to meet deadlines. Being autonomous and having flexibility go hand in hand.

Our clients should choose us because we are all about the client. We are all about asking questions to find out exactly what it is that you need. It is almost certain that unless you are a seasoned hirer of video production services that you will not know what is possible or how to get it.

We have at times discouraged clients for having a production (at a financial cost to us) because we felt it was not in their best interest. Above all we want you to be satisfied and to use us again.

We are rigorous with our planning attention to detail and always thinking about your bottom line for the production cost itself. If there is a more efficient way to achieve what you need, we will find it. We offer training as part of our service should you require it. We are free with our knowledge and encourage you to produce some of your own content should you wish.