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adio chiropractic

Des Moines, Iowa


adio chiropractic

Des Moines, Iowa


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Jeff Maples

31 July 2019

Caring staff and works with your schedule. Came to see Dr. Stickle after being in a car wreck. He took time to explain what he found in the exrays. Besides what he does in the office he set up and had the equipment for therapy I can do at home. I would highly recommend ADIO to anyone thinking about having chiropractic work done. More...


Kendra Louise Hoekman

11 July 2019

Zak made me feel fresh after my adjustment & spoke in detail about things I wasn’t sure about. Cool guy!


Chelsey Johnk

15 May 2019

Dr. Heller has been an absolute pleasure to work with. It's been great to work with someone who understands my condition and can help me to the fullest. He takes his time and does his best to help you understand what's going on. Would definitely recommend him to others. More...


Donnie Brinstad

24 April 2019

Great place, Dr Zak Laird is awesome!


Matthew Banks

3 April 2019

Yes, I feel old today. Jeff Stickel's daughter works with him. I let her know that I've been coming to see her Dad for chiropractic since before she was born. Jeff Stickel is the best chiropractor in the business. More...


Ladonna Jackson

2 April 2019

Everything From customers Service to the actual Treatment ❤️❤️


Tim Thomas

7 March 2019

By far the best choice I have made since my back troubles started. I couldn't even get out of bed before I was told to try ADIO Chiropractic and my only regret is I didn't hear about them sooner. I will be coming here for as long as I live in the Des Moines or surrounding areas. More...


Sheila Thomas

10 February 2019

The best place in town! My Son Absolutely Love the Doctor's Mom messages!


Jamie Bonnett

16 January 2019

I had my first appointment today and Dr. Stickel was Amazing and very gentle. He explained what he was doing and how it would help. He even called this evening to check on me. I am so thankful as this really brought me a lot of relief of my extreme neck pain. I definitely am going back! Thanks Dr. Stickel your truly awesome!!! More...


Melisa Sue

8 January 2019

Dr. Jeff is the Best !!! His techniques and hands will heal your body to the best of his ability he loves his patients one at a time he will pray for you and with you and take care of your family as well he cares and he is compassionate no one comes close to his care .


Angela Thompson

20 June 2018

I've known Dr Stickel for years. I was in so much pain when I saw him 2 days ago and now I'm feeling a lot better. He knows what he is doing and he's the best that's why I keep coming back. Thanks Dr Stickel.


Jennifer Lynn

6 May 2018

I came in with difficulty walking, recommended by a friend, and have been amazed with the results and improvements I’ve seen! So much so I even sent my parents there. More...


Melisa Rogers

1 September 2017

This is the place to go when life knocks yo u do an and the place to keep keep going when your put back together! Thank you Dr. Jeff Stickel ! You definitely changed me . More...


Michael Greene

14 August 2017

The best chiropractic care I have ever received.


Lorenzo Tagger Jr.

10 October 2016

Hi! When I first came to Dr Jeffrey Stickel, I had average back issues, only visited a few times and ceased. When I was only age 31, life guided me right back in his direction. I couldn't walk anymore from a work injury. Dr Stickel had me back walking within a month and working in 3 months. I'm so happy to have my ability back, I don't even walk, sit, it sleep the same. Persistent and proudly being mindful of my posture for my health's sake. Due to the fact that Stickel his taught me so much that Chiropractic health truly saved me life!!! More...


Nancy Ault

24 September 2016

Best place ever! It really helps! Dr. Jeffery Edward Stickel, the other doctors and the rest of the staff are really friendly, helpful and great!


Lori Tiangco

27 July 2016

Dr. Sticker has been a blessing I am sleeping better at night instead of tossing and turning and being in pain unable to get a good night sleep. It also helps when I am stressed, not feeling well, have a migraine. He has also helped my knee, my wrist and more thank you Dr. Sticker and all at ADIO CHIROPRACTOR More...


Lynita Bushman

3 May 2016

I met Dr. Miles at the Great Iowa Pet Expo, of all places! I work in the veterinary field, and never expected to find anything there but some cute cat & dog toys, or a chance to learn from other veterinary professionals. . Little did I know there was an opportunity for relief there!! The reason I took a chance and stopped for an evaluation was because I couldn't take the neck/back pain & discomfort any more. That was November 2015. It is now May 2016 ... and I've haven't felt this great in a long time. Thanks to the corrective care program & my continued adjustments, I feel better than ever. It's been a long time & I can say, with all my heart, if you choose this program & DO YOUR HOMEWORK , you will not be disappointed!! In the end, it all boils down to what do you want to do to be healthy. I love this place!! More...


Lisa Ivanovich

28 April 2016

Long rant ahead....I'm not sharing this for pity or poor me or anything like that but I'm frustrated and angered that our medical professionals just don't seem to give a shit anymore. For probably 9 months to a year now I've suffered from numbness/tingling in my hands and up to my elbows in both arms especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I honestly don't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. I don't remember the last time I wasn't up at all hours trying to stop the numbness and tingling. I don't remember the last time I could sit in a recliner and not have the numbness or tingling...until last night. I have gone to specialist after specialist who have taken x-rays, MRI's, test after test and have all told me I have carpal tunnel but not to the extent that would be causing my severe numbness/tingling. I was even referred to a neurologist who, again, took x-rays and an MRI on my neck and upper body and found nothing. I hurt my back on Saturday so I went to Dr. Jeff Stickel yesterday at Adio Chiropractic and he actually sat down and went over my x-rays with me..can you imagine? A doctor who actually took the time to go over shit with me? He said you've got a-lot going on...see here my finger should fit in between your top vertebra and the top of your skull and there's no room in between there and then all the other vertebra and scrunched up and I KNEW...I KNEW the numbness and tingling was coming from my neck down. My question is...how did the neurologist NOT see this? The hand/wrist specialist who referred me to him said this could be a rare possibility and I am assuming that was in my notes because he forwarded all of my records to the neurologist. But, again, how did a neurologist miss all of this with the MRI and x-rays Dr. Stickel said he could help and after ONE adjustment I actually slept through the entire night other than getting up and going to the bathroom with NO tingling or numbness until early this morning. I'm not gonna lie...I may have cried for a second or two this morning because I've been so tired and no one wanted to help. I know WAY TOO MANY people are going through much worse than I am medically and not getting the help they need. One friend, who is dealing with more than anyone should have to medically, just diagnosed herself with a very rare auto immune disease. WTH? I swear, doctors are becoming worse than politicians. I'm only sharing because I am hoping maybe this will help someone to keep looking for the answers they deserve. xoxo More...


Kathleen Smith

28 October 2015

My husband and I had an amazing experience. We had our first adjustment with Dr. Miles last night. We both have extreme issues with our backs, lots of pain. This morning my feet hit the floor and had no pain at all! I felt more upright, my posture has already improved. Looking forward to the rest of our treatments. More...


LLiam Bicsak

2 October 2015

Nothing short of miraculous. Dr. Stickle is a Godsend...


Long Le

19 August 2015

Went there with a shocking sensation up and down my arm, had X-rays taken three sessions later I feel great, I even sleep better now, highly recommended


Debbie Aldridge

17 June 2015

They are a very caring facility. I enjoyed my program there. I really wish I could go back. They made my life much more easy to deal with my back and hip pain. I would recommend everyone that needs adjusted to give them a call. Very good staff support system. More...


Lacey Haynes

26 November 2014

Professional!! Great staff!! Very educational ! I know I made a great decision to start my chiropractic care here!!


Mark Wilson

9 November 2014

I've been seeing Jeff stickler for a long time when he still had his old building I had hurt me back an had fusion after being adjusted for a month most of my pain is gone. Thanks Jeff.


Jim Bishop

23 August 2014

Lived with bilateral carpal tunnel pain in both arms for 12 yrs. started seeing Dr.Stickel and have been pain free for the past 5 years.......go get your life switch turned on. More...


Brianna Burns Titus

31 July 2014

the kids and i love coming to Dr. Abrhams !


Geoffrey Johnson

25 June 2014

Dr stickel has played a major part in my life success with fitness goals