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Rachel R. Heller

29 January 2019

I joined there because their direction are valuable and they have all type of instruments in house.


Janice Mandry

31 October 2018

The stretches we did felt felt good. I have a stressful job with a lot of multi-tasking. One of the steps I really enjoyed was 'Gotcha Back'. It felt like I was stretching and strengthening muscles I didn't know I even had --my legs, arms, back, even my face! . As a matter of fact it felt almost like a 1 on 1 private session because the classes are small and Monifa spends a lot of time making sure you get the most from every minute of the class. I have to say I especially loved the affirmations because they're a good distraction from counting repetitions, instead you just recite the positive affirmations that encourage you to actually finish the workout. It's different, and I loved it! I would highly recommend this class yes! More...



1 October 2018

South bridge fitness center has an amazing positive environment. With such good energy you'll always have an amazing experience. As soon as you enter the door you are greeted in the most stunning way. The facility is clean and the staff is pleasant . The monthly fee is reasonable and the location is fitting. More...


Nicole Rousseau

29 May 2018

Feels like home, great owner, great trainers. Gives you the vibe of your own personal gym, and they give you a of attention. I live nearby so it is very convenient. More...


peter molinelli

29 May 2018

Great little gym in the heart of downtown NYC. Caring and respectful staff and hands on owner. Constantly improving, adding equipment, classes. This gym will meet all your fitness needs, but YOU have to put in the work. Meet the trainers half way and you'll see and feel results. More...


The Leadershift Project with Shani

29 May 2018

Southbridge Fitness is a gem! The owner Addo is one of the most wonderful human beings I've ever met - generous, warm, loving, committed to his clients, his friends, and his native country of Ghana. I get a huge bear hug every time I come in. Training with Addo never fails to lift my mood as well as my heart rate :). His knowledge of the body's bio mechanics has really helped me reduce pain in my neck/back and hip. I also get the pleasure of working with amazing trainer, Monifa, who is also kind, upbeat, and devoted. I have given her book, Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow, to 2 friends and a family member. If you want a zero zero pretense, but effective place to work out and become part of a family, I highly recommend Southbridge Fitness! More...


Larry Collins

29 May 2018

I have known ADDO for many years and after a series of serious illness, I knew he was the right, man to help me recover my fitness. The results have been nothing short of dramatic, and knowing that his expertise is nearby & always available to his patient community is a great relief for my chronic stenosis.in addition, I get to spend quality time with ADDO, and his positive attitude & vibe.I like to think that we are partners in achieving our goals & he works so hard and cares so much, I don't want to disappoint him.As is so often the case, my progress with ADDO has spiritual as well as physical benefits.Southbridge Fitness Center feels like home to me and that's hard to find to find in a big box gym.One session with ADDO/Monifa & you will experience , self evidently, the positive results & unique focus on health & fitness this gym offers. Highly recommended! More...


Dmitry Elkind

29 May 2016

By far the best trainer I have been to. His level of professionalism and overall knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend going to see Addo and joining the center.

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