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Teresa Crane

17 March 2018

Maya has a true gift. I was referred to her by my dear friend, Claudeene. I had had pain and limited movement from my right shoulder and arm for years. She located several areas, which combined to make my hand, arm and shoulder very painful to use. The short version, now I can move my arm above my head!
Most recently, there was a sudden onset of massive pain in my left hip which made movement so painful it brought me to tears and made walking miserable. 1 hour of acupuncture with her and the pain was gone.
Thank You, Maya...You Rock


Richard King

15 February 2018

Maya is an AMAZING practitioner. Relieved my neck spasm in two treatments!! Excellent, caring, great energy!! Thanks Maya!


James W Conway

5 January 2018

I have had acute lower back pain for decades, but recently it has become chronic with more severe pain.
Having never tried acupuncture I was wondering if I could find some relief from pain and the constant tug of war of the muscles in my back.
Maya Martinez is a gifted practitioner well versed in a number of styles and techniques. She immediately put me at ease, answered my questions, and took some time to evaluate my pain.
Over the course of several sessions, she first isolated and reduced pain and swelling from sciatica in my right hip and leg, then worked to address by joint pain in my lower back.
I am amazed! Her worked so greatly reduced my pain that I can actually walk and stand with new stability and with nearly a total reduction of pain. I’m a little sore but am quickly resuming my back and yoga exercises. Did I mention I am a rancher and run my farm myself!
So very thankful to have met Maya and I look forward to coming to Portland to continue acupuncture with her.
You should not hesitate to seek her out to help your needs. You will be totally amazed.


Meghan Austin

29 December 2017

I was in a serious climbing accident last November. I started seeing Maya, shortly there after. Maya is a wonderful practitioner. Maya fills the room with so much positive energy, support and knowledge. I appreciate how she takes her time with my case and looks at the elements of pain holistically. Thank you for all your healing power, Maya! More...


Guiselle Edwards

3 November 2017

I have been Maya’s customer for over a year and I can say that she is a very caring and knowledgable practitioner. She takes time to explain, ask questions, and get to know you so that she can understand your condition.
I am very lucky and happy to have her as my acupuncturist.


Hieu Nguyen

2 November 2017

I had tennis elbow last year and Maya treated me. I felt better right after the first session. Maya is great in that she knows and understands the pains and/or discomforts that you are going through. Two weeks ago, I injured my left wrist. It was extremely painful where I couldn't even make a fist. I reached out to Maya and she was able to get me in despite of her hectic schedule. Again, my wrist was a lot better after the first session. I'd strongly recommend Maya if anyone has pain issues. Kudos to Maya!!!! More...