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Darrell Haynes

31 July 2018

I have been working with Dave for 3 months. At our first session he identified 2 simple changes that would increase our revenue by over 25%. Now (60 & 90 days later) our monthly revenue has increased by over 30% (in Feb & March) over our best previous months. Last week I took my first vacation in years and my staff handled all the issues without my assistance. I can’t believe how well things are going by simply applying his coaching to my company (AGEINT Security). If you are serious about achieving your goals in business I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Dave. If you just follow his system you can’t help but grow and most of the things he has taught me so far required little or no additional capitol but rather he focused on making our systems and training more efficient. Work with him! It’s not rocket science, it’s experience. More...


Tina Chandler

31 July 2018

I am truly grateful for David's guidance as a business coach! In a very short amount of time, he has gently guided me in the direction of making tough decisions in my business in order to take ACTION on making my dreams come true. David is calm and sincere while standing firm on his past experiences in owning successful businesses. To me, experience speaks louder than anything, and David has been through it all so he can help us achieve the same! If you're looking for results, cut to the chase and go to someone who knows how to get it done! Thank you, David! More...


stephen weston

31 July 2018

From just talking with Dave you can tell that he is very experienced with business and entrepreneurship. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and willing to do so. He's helped me get focused in my business leading to more clients and more free time. Give him a call if you're looking to get to the next level in your business. More...


David Dunphy

31 July 2018

As my coach Dave kept me on track to grow my business 20% and still growing. Keeping focused is hard when running your own business and everyone needs a coach who knows what they are doing and is willing to have the tough talk to help improve me as an entrepreneur.


Martin Sande

31 July 2017

Dave is a great coach with tons of real life business experience. He is loaded with ideas and helps you formulate real plans to help your business succeed. And, like a coach, he not only gives guidance, support and knowledge - he pushes and prods as needed. Highly recommended!! More...


Amanda Hofstra

31 July 2017

Dave has a great wealth of knowledge in helping business owners and entrepreneurs that are in all stages of their business! I highly recommending taking the time to sit down with him & see how he can help you develop a detailed strategy to take your business to the next level! More...


Bee Organized

31 July 2017

Dave is an amazing Business Coach, if you are growing but want to grow faster or if you are struggling to grow your business Dave is amazing and will help you achieve that goal. Active in his community, kind, and knowledgable. I cannot say enough good things about how Dave with Action Coach has helped my business grow. Call him TODAY! More...


Jennifer Boudreaux

31 July 2017

Dave is an incredible source knowledge. He really opens your eyes to things that new business owners and entrepreneurs are not even aware of how not aware they are on so many levels. I highly recommending taking the time to sit down with him and see how he can help your business get to the next level! More...