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Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned Mobile app development company USA and our experienced developer proved it every day. We strive to deliver services in iOS app development, Android app development, E-commerce store development, custom app development, and enterprise mobility solutions etc. We all are concordant on a point that mobile users are breaking the internet nowadays. The vast number of mobile devices forced every business owners to develop a mobile app for digital appearance. We have a vast experience of serving in the most industry i.e. Health, Business, E-commerce, Banking, Sports, Finance, Game, Hospital, Art, Enterprise, B2B, B2C and so on. Our developers are capable of formulating your dream project in a profitable application. We always revere to our client's vision just to meets the expectation.

We offer the best iOS app development services. We cater iOS app development in the field of iPhone app development. Our team always revere to clients ideology, we never develop app alone, our team involve clients in development to develop the same apps as clients recite us, that’s why we become the best iOS app development company USA, India.

Our Android App Development services are the most prized assets of your services. We take advantage of 10 years of experience in the field of crafting a next-gen Android application. We offer Android development with custom app development, Enterprise mobility solution and template design. Our developer may add some plugins to address better UI design but never cut the corner. We always penny of clients thought that’s why our team carefully listen to the suggestion from the client's side.

It the best of both world, if a company can cater their services in mobile app design as well as develop the application at the same time. Many of the app development company either provide app development or mobile app UI design services, it’s tough for the customer to hire two company for the same panel. To ease this process, We providing both services on the same roof. We provide the best web design and development services with an appealing web appearance.

Acquaint SoftTech Reviews

Acquaint SoftTech Reviews

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Tejas Solanki
5 28/05/2019 Tejas Solanki

In my opinion, Acquaint SoftTech is one of the best mobile app development company. The senior are investing their time and experience with other colleagues, got a chance to work on unique and competitive projects. The working environment is super cool.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Jay Bhalodiya
5 12/04/2019 Jay Bhalodiya

Had amazing experience of working with Acquaint SoftTech - One of the top mobile app development companies. All Developers are super creative, they are just playing with codes. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to join the best app development company.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Akruti Chhatbar
5 05/04/2019 Akruti Chhatbar

Cool office environment, Employee Friendly HR Policies, supportive management and there are many more reasons for joining Acquaint Softtech. It is one of the best decisions I have made to grow my career. Got a chance to work on unique projects in the past year. They are keeping transparency on each stage. The best place to improve skills regarding mobile app development.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Hetal Patel
5 04/04/2019 Hetal Patel

Working in a company like Acquaint would not only motivate yourself but encourage you to be something in your life. Work culture is flexible, cool and stress-free. Seniors are very supportive So highly recommend for freshers to learn professionalism and elevate skills. I feel prestigious to be a part of it.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Imran Khan
5 03/04/2019 Imran Khan

Phew! Still remembered my first day at Acquaint Softtech, I was a little bit nervous but the way all colleagues communicate with me is super duper cool. Coolest company interior and craziest people make Acquaint the best company to work with. They elevate my career to the next level. Highly recommended for the app developers.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Dilip Mariya
5 Dilip Mariya

I just feel free to work on any task.Great support from team member and team lead

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Kartik Champaneriya
5 Kartik Champaneriya

@Acquaint SoftTech Pvt Ltd is a Great Company to working

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Minal Chauhan
5 Minal Chauhan

The culture of this company is great and everyone I worked with was amazing.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Ahmed Ginani
5 Ahmed Ginani

All team members are supportive and expert at their skills.

Thank you guys - you're the hero for all projects I do manage at Acquaint SoftTech Pvt Ltd.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Tejas Solanki
5 Tejas Solanki

Exciting and great work environment, amazing experience. , in terms of allowing work/life balance. Great people. Fun and creativity.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Ankita Simlai
5 Ankita Simlai

Great company to work with. Good environment with supportive and friendly staff.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Mayur Nandaniya
5 Mayur Nandaniya

I love working at Acquaint - I find the days to be exciting and different. Acquaint fosters learning and personal growth.
Many opportunities to train and expand knowledge.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Vidisha Sinojiya Padalia
5 Vidisha Sinojiya Padalia

Acquaint SoftTech is a company with a human face reach out to its employees in the time of crisis, supporting them. Environment is very friendly. All co-workers are very helpful.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Chetan Ram
5 Chetan Ram

Great environment and excellent working experience lots of fun and we are doing much other extra activity and playing games during office time and thank you guys for helping and supporting me.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Soumya Surendran
5 Soumya Surendran

The great resources, the way of work I did, plenty of opportunities to grow up and expand knowledge in different technologies, supportive management and colleagues and over all nice people and friendly working environment to work for !!

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Bhupat Bheda
5 Bhupat Bheda

I have been working with Acquaint SoftTech for about 3 years now and I can honestly say that I have been very happy with my decision. The work environment/company culture is very positive and makes the work day enjoyable.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Madhuri Patel
5 Madhuri Patel

Great Honor to be part of Acquaint softtech PVT LTD.
-Allows you to enjoy challenges in free environment.
-It helps you to love your job and want to imply your own thoughts to your work.
-Holds your hand to mold your career.
-Nourish you to stand with your own identity.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Tejas Prince Prajapati
5 Tejas Prince Prajapati

Acquaintsoft is biggest Softwer Company To start with, the most amazing part of this company is it does not let you feel like you are a employee. It feels like a family. Work is good and great seniors to guide.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Shakil Saiyed
5 Shakil Saiyed

A typical day is just walking in and sitting down and start coding. I learned so many things from here. Management is great. My co-workers are very friendly. Thank you guys. :)

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Gõhîl Vãîbhãv
5 Gõhîl Vãîbhãv

-No hierarchical structure in company. You are the owner of what you do, You get appreciated for the job well done.
- Working with the best guys in management.
- A healthy and helpful bunch of Colleagues. You can jump on to anyone for help and you won't be disappointed.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Bhavyesh Dhaduk
5 Bhavyesh Dhaduk

Collaborative teamwork and friendly work environment.

The good things:

Management is really good and job tasks are clear. Managers are working together with staffs in the most of times. Friendly work environment.

The challenges:

Depending on what job you're doing, every job has its challenges but Acquaint SoftTech awards you with a job well done at the end of the day, either by a supervisor telling you that you have done well

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Sanjeet Verma
5 Sanjeet Verma

I have been working with Acquaint softTech more than 1.3 years
I think most of IT company need quantity work, but in this company always need quality work and it’s can help for growth and learn.
Everything flows from top whether bad or good. The CEO is highly Loveable and Motivated which brings lot of positive energy in the team & All colleague are very supportive Thank you guys for your support
Great Work culture, Best of talented colleagues, Flexible working hours, team training, trip, cricket tournament.

Review of Acquaint SoftTech by Alpesh Nakrani
5 Alpesh Nakrani

People tend to listen and follow company's example and guidance. They pays great attention to detail and have always presented work properly checked and completely free of error. Always succeeds in explaining ideas clearly. They have the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with them are two-way.

They will always willingly and successfully try to do what is required, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly.

Acquaint SoftTech

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Acquaint SoftTech Q&A

Acquaint SoftTech Q&A

What makes a great website?

As we all are acquainted, a website created for addressing the audience so a great website must contain easy to use features. Also, UI/UX, Eye-catching design and rich content make a good website into a great website.
Here are some basic feature that defines a great website
1. Visibility of important links
2. Landing page
3. Detailed Footer
4. Ample Font Size
5. Classic Font Style
6. Easy To use UI

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

At Acquaint SoftTech, We revere to the client's ideology and their suggestion. At the beginning of a new project, we ask a few questions to identify the decode the idea. Here are some questions...
1. Nature of Business
2. Platform (Website or Application)
3. Prefered Technology
4. Project Documentation
5. Suggestion For Analysis
6. Deadlines
7. Targeting Audience
8. Contact detail for further communication

What do you love most about your job?

At Acquaint SoftTech, My job role is to manage the app projects and coordinate with the team of app developers. I am also responsible for bringing the new talents and experience app developer in our team. Also, I randomly discuss the latest app technologies with the team whilst making next-gen outputs. The Futuristic approach and brainstorming ideas are the two reason to love my job.

What inspired you to start your own business?

As we know there are thousands of mobile app development companies so what inspired us to start a new one. We all are concordant on one point that most of the app development companies are not feeding values what they promised. An IT company should be client-centric but this approach is missing in most company. Also workflow and quality of coding is also a serious concern. The gap between clients and code encourage us to make a company where we can fill that gap with creativity and futuristic approach. That’s we craft Acquaint SoftTech...

Why should our clients choose you?

At Acquaint SoftTech, We are far beyond what expected from a mobile app development company. Our dedicated developers are most prized assets for us.
Quality And Bespoke Service
Customer-Centric Approach
Dedicated Team Of Developers
Clients Satisfaction For Project
Unbeaten Experience In IT Industry
Filled With Curiosity & Develop With Creativity
At Acquaint SoftTech, We are following the trends and technology but never design the same. We are unique in style, approach, vision, and working method. Our developer relies on creativity and it shows in every project. Our portfolio brings many creative and unique projects.

Services provided by Acquaint SoftTech

Acquaint SoftTech Services

Mobile App Development

Acquaint SoftTech is the best mobile app development company in USA, India for a reason. Our mobile app development services are the most affordable & creative benchmark in the IT industry. Being a reputed mobile application design company, we offer Android development, iOS development, Enterprise development and so on. We are far better than your expectation from a cross-platform mobile application development services company. Learn more

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Acquaint SoftTech is a top enterprise mobile application development USA, India. Our cutting edge services are just up to the mark that’s why we reviewed as an enterprise mobility management company. We serve in all domain i.e. Health, Entertainment, Business, Sports, IT, Real Estate, E-commerce, Finance and so on. Our developer elevates our authority as an Enterprise application development company. learn more

Android Development

Android Development Acquaint SoftTech is a reputed Android Mobile app development company USA with top-notch Android application development services. Being a leading Android mobile app development company in India, we are working around the clock to give the best development experience. We are far beyond what is expected from an Android application development company, our services, customer-centric approach & affordability proved it. Learn more

iOS Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading iOS application development company in USA, delivering cutting edge iOS application development services to the clients. Our developers are the most prized asset for us, just because we strive to be the best iPhone mobile application development company. We formulate clients idea into profitable apps. Our creative team develops the best solution to become an iPhone app development company. Learn more

React Native Development

Acquaint SoftTech is renowned React native mobile app development company in India. We provide vast services to React. Being a reputed cross-platform native app development company, we develop with every relevant technology and revere to our client's ideology for meets the expectation. We deliver the most customer-centric and bespoke services compare to other React native mobile app development company. Learn more

Flutter Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading Flutter app development company. Our dedicated developers are striving to provide the best Flutter app development services. We are always ahead of the curve in order to make a next-gen app that’s quality makes us Flutter mobile app development company. We are far beyond what expected from a Flutter application development company, our customer-centric approach proves it. learn more

E-commerce Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a renowned E-commerce website development company in USA. Our developers are always on the ball to make an alluring web appearance for our clients. Being a leading E-commerce website design company, we deal in e-store development, custom E-commerce app development and theme development. We are working against the clock to become the best E-commerce application development company. learn more

Web Development

Acquaint SoftTech is a leading web development company and our services are just up to the mark. Being a reputed website design and development company USA, we offer the best customer-centric experience and affordability in development. We are far beyond what expected from a web application development company. We offer eCommerce development, enterprise development, custom web development, theme and plug-ins development that’s why we are a custom web application development company. Learn more

PHP Development

Acquaint SoftTech is the best PHP web application development company in USA, India. Our dedicated developer working against the clock to become a renowned PHP website development company. Our team have a bag of tricks for a bespoke solution that diverse us from ordinary PHP web application development company. Being a custom PHP development company, we offer custom web development, custom plug-ins & themes, etc. learn more

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