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ACCESSiFLY is a Toronto, ON integrated GIS/Geomatics, Building Sciences, Thermal Infrared (Thermography), Mobile Application, and Location Intelligence services solution provider specializing in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems ("Drone") imaging & ESRI (ArcGIS) Software Technology deployment for all commercial and private business applications.



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Engaging, interacting, and dialoging with our Clients in the field, on the phone, and through technology to deliver the solutions they need. Primarily, seeing a smile on their face when we hand them their deliverables and enjoying the ongoing healthy professional relationships we continue to foster after successfully deploying their solutions.

GIS and the ESRI "Science of Where" and our "Technology of Now" above the skies and on the ground.

We truly love what we do, take immense pride in our work, our skill mastery, education, training, customer and client service, and ongoing commitment to all those areas of growth. Our public transparency, safety, service diversity, professionalism, modern approach to work flow and pipeline, and "One-of-a-Kind" Thermal Infrared Imaging, Aerial Imaging, Surveying, Inspection, Precision AG, Training and ESRI Integrated GIS RPAS/UAV/Drone Imaging Solutions and Mobile/Web GIS Application Development set us apart from all others. We are also affordable and appreciate the challenge associated with Growing, Independent and Small Businesses. Likewise, we do not believe in "gouging" our Enterprise Clients and thorougly understand AP, AR and Budgets too. What also sets us apart from others is our ongoing support, which we always offer and happily provide without additional service fees and charges, including training your Staff and our Clients. We do not believe in "Final Sales" and are always here to help on site (yours or ours), by phone and/or via technology of your choice and accomodation. ACCESSiFLY does not just "recognize" diversity, equity and challenge, we value being "enabled" and "abling" solutions which are just that, and not "more problems" to help EVERYONE.



https://accessifly.com/aerial-surveys Our fully integrated RGB & Thermal Infrared Aerial Location Intelligence Surveys produce comprehensive data that supports all aspects of planning, compliance, monitoring, and complete future proofing in GIS, "Truth of Facilities" Reporting, Agriculture & Agronomy, Telecom/Data Transmission, Wind/Solar, Coal/Gas, Mining, Government, Public Safety, Media, Architecture, Engineering, Inspection, Construction and Earthworks industries. Our reports and surveys stand as notarized, legal documents and are designed as such for useful longevity.

https://accessifly.com/infrared-thermography Missing, damaged or inadequate insulation, building envelope air leaks, moisture intrusion, and substandard work are costly to residential and commercial building owners. A legal and bonded Terrestrial (“on-foot”) Infrared Thermography Inspection carried out in tandem with one of our Aerial Thermography assessments or commissioned on it’s own, and conducted by one of our Level 2 ITC ANST Certified Infrared Thermographers will help you quickly see and find the sources of energy efficiencies ("Prevention Analysis") , destructive water damage, and structural issues ("Deficiency Assessment") . This greatly aids in making informed decisions on needed repairs that can help save energy dollars, prevent escalating damages, as well as afford for more comfortable occupancy.

https://accessifly.com/precision-agriculture Precision Agriculture (AG) is one of the fastest-growing markets in the Location Intelligence industry today. Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/Drones are quickly becoming an indispensable tool to help Agricultural Professionals become more efficient in the field and make more informed crop management decisions; allowing viewing of an Agricultural Operation from a “perceived” 1,000-foot altitude while being able to zoom in to several actual centimetres above the planation at any time.

https://accessifly.com/integrated-gis GIS is changing the way the world works and our "understanding of the connectivity of relationships and their behaviours". The power to leverage Geographic and Spatial Data is available and affordable for EVERYONE. ESRI's Founder & CEO, Jack Dangermond, characterizes GIS as the precision science of location. Used to help us understand where things are and why they are there. “How” we see that data, visually, scientifically and even artistically, form our complete “understanding” of it and becomes the foundation that outlines the basis for a GIS; a Geographical Information System, “the science of where, and the technology of now”. (1) (Dangermond/ESRI, J. 2014, September 04. Jack Dangermond: GIS for Our Future. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijETWosBbu0)