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Croydon, Surrey



Hello, I'm Jayne, Facilitator of change.

I work with clients who are ready and willing to change; a habit, something that's sticking you, upset, fear, stress, anxiety or anything else you are using to keep you from showing up and living the life (relationship and body) you would really like to have.


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Eriks Lociks

17 July 2019

Awesome course! A magnificent blend of craftsmanship, passion for Access Bars and humanity! Jayne really carries the spirit of Access, lives it and generously share it.Everything is clear, to the point, and with deep knowledge / understanding.The course was very useful both in terms of understanding the technique and the spirit / idea itself. The man who really should learn.It can help you realise and lay the right foundations / base. Special thanks for personally giving me so much extra attention! More...


Nathalie Mucka

3 June 2019

It was a really fun day and I left feeling I had lots of exciting tools to play with, not just the experience of the bars itself. The experience of the bars was very interesting in that it reminded me of what happens in particular when I do a group meditation day or a retreat. It was that same feeling of "slipping/diving" into the beyond, the total silence of all possibilities where healing and opening to all that is happens. Only you can get and give that experience within minutes of running someone's bars. Very exciting! It was inspiring to see that a child can learn it so easily as we had a little girl in the group and she was great. And to witness how you can run the bars on a child, as I got two children myself. Thank you Jayne. More...


Ebru Osar

27 April 2019

I had an amazing experience with Jayne! My email to her. Hi Jayne, Since Saturday I am not wearing my verifocal glasses. If I need to, I have reading glasses. Jayne I have been suffering from my eyesight since childhood. And that makes me really upset to “need them desperately” What happened to me? You are my angel. Thank you so much!!!! So so much What else is possible? More...


Catalina Botello

18 January 2019

Jayne is a joy, came away with tools and such a feeling of it's all good!


Rana Rodger

1 January 2019

I learnt the bars from Jayne a few days ago and it was such an incredible experience; Jayne is a walking lightbulb, so full of positivity and a great inspiration. We had a really fun time and I am so excited about using the bars and the work of Access Consciousness. Thank you so much Jayne x More...


Coleen Fyfe

13 September 2018

I came to Jayne to have my Bars run after finding out I was pregnant, and wanted to help alleviate the anxiety I was feeling around pregnancy and birth, not only has it helped immensely with this but I was inspired to take the course with Jayne be to be an Access Bars practitioner. Jayne is inspirational with what she does and how she does it. Nothing is a problem for Jayne, and I left at the end of the day knowing that I’d moved forward greatly in my life for the positive and as Jayne kept asking throughout the day, what else is possible, and how does it get better than this? It has left me feeling that everyone would benefit from having their Bars run and being a practitioner. Thank you Jayne! More...


Wendy Boitel

6 August 2018

Thank you Jayne, it was a great experience. I really loved it! You are fantastic Bars facilitator.��


Sharmin Malik

3 August 2018

I learnt Bars from Jayne and also had my bars run with her and i must say it was a wonderful experience. So many confusions got cleared and so many more doors opened. I highly recommend bars with Jayne! She is excellent with her work ! Thank you Jayne�� More...


Natálïa' Sïlva

2 August 2018

Jayne is really amazing! I had a great day today doing the course! I am really grateful


June Moncrieffe

1 August 2018

Really enjoyed the classes with Jayne would recommend these classes to anyone


Susan Roberts

31 July 2018

Jayne is a very accomplished Access Consciousness facilitator. Her classes are fun, very engaging and her energy work is amazing. I always feel absolutely 120 per cent afterwards and am open to so many more possibilities. Love to u Jayne for Being you! More...


Katie Lees

31 July 2018

My friend & I learnt the Bars with Jayne. We had a fab day, Jayne explained it well & we both got to try it out during the day. She even ran through how to have a business running Bars. I am a new mum & Jayne let me bring my baby to the class. She was so accommodating & relaxed, despite him refusing to eat & putting us all through the ringer! A truly lovely, fun & at the same time calm person & a great teacher! Thank you Jayne! I would definitely recommend you! More...



24 December 2014

I have been taking Yoga classes with Jayne for a good few years now, and have always found her classes to be immensely relaxing and revitalising. Having classes on a Monday makes sure that you are set up nicely for the whole week ahead. Jayne always injects a sense of fun into each class, making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. The classes not only focus on the wellbeing of your body, breathing and building your strength, but also helps to encourage space and balance for you. The classes are always very varied, and Jayne ensures that the content of the class is accessible for all abilities. I would recommend these classes to everyone. More...



17 December 2014

Jayne's pregnancy yoga is the best thing I have done for both my pregnancies and the class is a weekly haven for me as a mum of a toddler and another due in Jan. It is gentle, practical and very effective. The breathing exercises and positions were really helpful in my first birth and midwives commented on how calm I was during the birth. I would recommend this essential class to any mum-to-be! More...



3 June 2013

I have been attending Jayne's Yoga class since 2005/2006. I look forward to attending the class. It makes me feel so relaxed in 'Body, Soul & Mind'. This has also increased my physical fitness. Jayne has great leadership style & always makes all attendees feel so welcomed with her warm nature/attitude. K.P More...



2 June 2013

So glad I found Jayne and her awesome yoga classes to help me through my second pregnancy. I really enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere of the classes and always leave feeling more centered, energised and positive. I am much more confident about the birth this time round and I have Jayne to thank for this. The breathing techniques and relaxation exercises are going to be super useful during labour (...and beyond no doubt!). Signing up to course has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself this pregnancy, and I thoroughly recommend the classes to any mums to be. More...



31 May 2013

Fabulous classes! Really helps to bring a sense of balance, mental and physical- and means that I look forward to Monday evenings! The only class where I have kept going, week after week- Jayne is supportive and nurturing and as a result the classes are really fun, a breath of fresh air after yoga that takes itself too seriously! More...



30 May 2013

I would recommend Jayne’s yoga classes to anyone who wants to increase their physical and mental fitness and brighten up their week. Through her encouragement and guidance my yoga and quality of life have improved considerably over the years. I have found the sequences and postures have helped me considerably increase my confidence and ability to deal with stressful situations and anxiety – breathing techniques and core strength being a very important part of this. The class is always fun: Jayne creates a light-hearted happy atmosphere, at the same time encouraging a real commitment to our yoga and, through positive affirmations, positivity and intention. Jayne gets to know each member of class individually and is very perceptive about people’s individual needs, so you can apply what works for you. More...


Empowering others, creating change, meeting all kinds of people and being part of their journey!

The freedom to create my life and business in a way that is ease and fun for me this reflects in how I show up for my clients.

I don't judge, I ask questions, empower you and you get results!