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Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Isle Forest, North Carolina

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Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Isle Forest, North Carolina


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Laura Popa

4 July 2018

I had a meal here and I was so delighted! The food was amazing. The lentils are wonderful, especially the red lentils, and so is everything else I tried. I would strongly recommend you come here!

Yes, service was definitely slower than I'm used to in a restaurant, but I was expecting that because Ethiopian cuisine isn't particularly fast. It took an appropriate amount of time for our food to come, and boy, it was worth the wait. Delicious and flavorful, without being overwhelming.

Other reviewers said something about waiting a long time before being seated or even greeted, but that wasn't the case either for my party or the other guests I saw come in. We were all greeted and seated promptly. The more important factor to me was that the server was friendly, helpful, and awesome. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a meal out that I didn't feel rushed at. It was a great place to go and chat with friends, catch up, and have a great, delicious, and filling meal together. I will definitely be visiting again!



10 June 2018

The food was delicious. Don't be in a hurry or extremely hungry because the food is cooked to order and culturally slow by Western standards. The conversation is just as much a part of dining as the meal is. Our male waitress was very friendly. I feel bad for the restaurant because they've been struggling to come back since an episode of bad management. It was not busy at all for a Saturday night. I would recommend it though for a different cultural experience. More...



4 June 2018

Food was delicious, there are vegetarian/vegan options. People was welcoming and food came in timely manner. I also appreciated that we weren't rushed (I like to take my time to eat!) and music was excellent. All of it coronated by a good price. Definitely coming back! More...


John Towler

20 May 2018

First I don't know what a previous post was talking about an 80% health dpt rating. I am looking at the sign and it is 96.5.
Anyway really good food. We got the vegetarian and meat combo platters and couldn't finish them. Everything was flavorful and tasty. Seated quickly, friendly waitress and food came in a timely manner.


Andrea Locke

14 May 2018

I visited this past Saturday with my family. The food was delicious and Mona was so very kind in the way she served our table. She took time explaining things and the various cultural norms of eating in Ethiopia. I will definitely return. The beef tips were tender and well seasoned and the veggies on the combo platter were wonderful. Even my 7 year old daughter thought it was delicious. Wonderful experience! Thank you! More...


Benjamin Collette

13 May 2018

Food was pretty good, and that fancy juice was yummy. Service wasn't as slow as some people made it out to be. In and out in less than 90 minutes. I got the meat platter and wife got the veggie platter. I would go again if I lived in the area More...


Polly 4Life

16 March 2018

One of the more genuine and special restaurants around. My cousin and I ate here and the food was awesome :) It was actually my first time eating here. The staff is nice and friendly. You got to try it. More...


Corey Martin

14 March 2018

Be sure to make a reservation! Just kidding. But boy, what an experience.

I've been to this place a few times, and after my most recent visit, I decided to write a review, in the naive hope that maybe the owner reads these reviews so they can take some pointers and maybe stave off closure for a few more months.

When we first arrived, we stood in the entrance way near the host's counter for four minutes (we timed it) before anyone arrived to greet us. This might be forgivable if the place had been poppin' and it was obvious we'd have to wait for a table anyway, but at the time, there was only 3 other people in there. I think there was only 1 person working there at the time.

Just as we were about to leave, we were shown to our table. As someone who visits restaurants often, I can tell you that environment and atmosphere is a contributing reason to my decision to return, and the thing I noticed most about the atmosphere and environment of this place is that about half the lights were burnt out. Imagine eating dinner in a prison basement, except the prison is solar powered and it's really cloudy out. That's what the lighting was like. Sort of blueish, flicky, dim, outright dark in some corners. If they were going for the electrical infrastructure aspect of Ethiopian dining, they nailed it.

Now the food: it was fantastic!

I had the yebeg wat (delicious) and the injera was great too! I'd get it again if I wasn't so excited to try their other menu options.

My score: A for food. C- for non-food related experience. Maybe a better option for takeout/delivery.


Somayya Al-shishani

26 February 2018

Delicious food. 91.5 sanitation rating. Good service although only one worker, but it was pretty slow traffic. Not 5 stars because tablecloth was a little dirty from before and we asked for no chicken in the meat combo but still received it. Not a biggie, was still delicious!


Payod Panda

1 November 2017

Nice little hidden gem in Mission Valley. Food isn't super cheap but not expensive either considering one portion is probably good for two meals. Good quality food, feels homemade and made with care. Flavorful without being overwhelmingly hot.

Was recommended to me by an Ethiopian, glad I tried it out.

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