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steve tatum

23 July 2019

Absolutely positive experience in all aspects! No insurance issues at all, clear and concise communications, reasonable and achievable goals and expectations... VERY impressed with the professionalism.Rotator cuff surgery rehabilitation is ahead of schedule!I have and will recommend Anu and this staff to everyone. More...


Andres Portillo

13 May 2019

I would highly recommend this place for your physical therapy needs. The staff is professional, friendly and committed. I had a hamstring injury and recovered faster than expected, thanks to the recommended program I conducted here. Can’t argue with positive results. More...


priya tharshini

21 March 2019

Great physiotherapy. Thank you for giving my active life back. I had severe right nerve sciatica pain for 3 months. Very hard to walk even stand also. They understood my problems and gave the correct treatment. I really relieved from the pain completely with In two weeks. Very caring and kind staffs who are all working there. I strongly recommend it. More...


Simeon Igwesi

21 March 2019

Absolute physical therapy is # 1 for all your physical therapy needs. When I went there for my physical therapy needs the staff was professional, caring, & very understanding to my needs! The program they placed me in was directly targeted and brought solutions to my pains in a very short time. I highly recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to anyone with joints, muscles, and nerves pains because it is solution focused. -Simeon Igwesi, Houston, TX More...


lesley vasquez

21 March 2019

I had an ORIF in October after fracturing my tibia, fibula and ankle. Robin and the staff are so helpful and motivating. I came here on two crutches and a boot, I am now walking and getting better by the day. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of PT. I will continue to come here for fitness once we are done with my physical therapy sessions! More...


Stephanie Wiggins

23 August 2018

I have severe bone on bone knee pain, that even prescription medications didn't touch most times.Then by 'accident' I was sent to Absolute. I was ready to turn around & leave since they did not have aquatic therapy. But something told me to stay...Thank God I Did Stay! I haven't had this many pain-free minutes, hours and days since being diagnosed with arthritis. I recommend any & every person in pain due to DJD, come here. More...


Judy Barry

23 August 2018

Great physical therapist. All the personnel are respectful and strive to getting you back to a life pain free. Dr Thomas, Nancy, Alexa and Nick are the best along with all other personnel. Thanks to everyone for helping me in this journey. You have taught me valuable exercises to help ease the pain. More...


Griselda Barrientos

20 May 2018

Very friendly and clean. Therapists are professional but still personable. They took great care of my grandma, so I would definitely trust them with any of my loved ones. Definitely 5 stars!


Brenda Moreno Villegas

20 May 2018

After dealing with an excruciating pain for too long I was diagnosed with Bursitis of the hip and referred to physical therapy. I had read the reviews for this place before making an appointment and was a bit skeptical as a few we're not good and wasn't sure what to expect.However I'm glad to have ended here, the staff truly cares, you can tell they're being honest about their concern and ensure you're heading the right direction to recovery.Robbin is amazing! He is passionate about what he does, I loved the fact that he explains what he's doing and what it helps with. I'm happy to say I was a bit sad on my last session because they all had been wonderful and I had gotten used to seeing them so often but happy as they had done a phenomenal job at getting me back on track, no more limping. More...


Lemetrice Harris

20 May 2018

I had the opportunity to observe here at this facility. The staff were so helpful and nice. I also had the chance to shadow the physical therapy techs who were great & attentive to the patient during treatment. Highly recommended. Thank You.


young shabaneh

24 October 2017

Very friendly staffs, knowledgeable physical therapists, easy to make an appointment, and no waiting time. The ASTYM treatment relieved pain and improved limitation in movement. I highly recommend absolute physical therapy and fitness . I just referred my husband to get therapy from here. More...


Dave T.

10 September 2017

Went here for treatment in the past and had an amazing experience. The one person that make it a wonderful and memorable experience for me was Tommy. Totally recommend this place


Gene V.

5 September 2017

I came here for a short session for my back and I felt so welcomed! I really didnt know too much about aside from what my doctor said and they were able to fill me in on what I need and gave me all the encouragement to press on. Tommy is so kind and is such a bright attitude during a potentially stressful time for me. Thank you so much I really appreciate the patience More...


Angel O.

4 September 2017

I got into a car crash not long ago and hurt myself. I was contemplating on which therapy to go to since I've always hear stories about how certain facilities doesn't really help. I ended up at Absolute since it's close to my house. The check in process was quick and I was being treated with care. There was a cute/buff guy named Tommy, he looks strong but very gentle. My legs are feeling so much better after only 2 sessions with him. I would recommend this place and definitely ask for Tommy. More...


Trang D.

4 September 2017

I've been to a couple appointments because of so much joint aches and lower back pains and honestly, the treatments have turned it all around! And I am not being over the top when I say that. The people working are always attentive and helpful. I've been treated by a sweet guy named Tommy. So great at what he does. It's funny because he's a pretty muscular person but treats with such soft and gentle manners. The people here are definitely caring about their patients. If you need anything or have any questions you can and should always ask! They have yet to fail me at anything whether it's explaining something or informing me on the smallest details of my treatment plans. More...


Charlie L.

4 September 2017

I injured my lower back while working at my construction job and got referred to absolute therapy by my doctor.  All their staffs are extremely nice and helpful, especially Anu and Tommy who helped correct my posture and also gave me advices to prevent further injury. I would highly recommend absolute therapy. More...


Truong L.

4 September 2017

I love their hours of operation, it starts early in the morning till late in the evening. I would highly suggest Dr. Anu , she is very straight forward and doesn't candy coat anything. You will either love her or hate her, in my case I love her. More...


Rob D.

25 July 2016

I was rear ended while on vacation in Florida and sustained whiplash.  My insurance company approved my physical therapy and have attended 5 sessions with 3 more to go. When I get to my appointment, one of the techs takes tou into a quiet room, puts a warm pad under the affected area, turns off the light and the heat penetrates and warms your body. Chris and Jason are the techs and both do a great job  running you through all your exercises and Dr. Anu  has the most Magic hands rubbing cocoa butter on the affected area of your body using her hands and an instrument she holds in her hand. Are the employees are very caring and professional. I would recommend them to my mother if she needed physical therapy.  I look forward to my next visit , which is in 2 hours.....can't wait for Dr. Anu's magic hands. More...

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