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Welcome to Absolute Martial Arts located in St Louis. We offer classes in Karate, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitu. We are a Martial Arts school for the whole family. Whether you looking for fitness, stress relief, self-defense, or just to have a great time.

Address: 8822 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123, USA

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Yolanda Davis

Absolute Martial Arts is very flexible for a changing lifestyle. My daughter attends the children class in the evening. She likes it a whole lot. The kids are friendly and inviting. Ana the teacher is great. I can not express how valuable she to the kids. She is stern, but caring show no aggression or mean tone in giving direction. She is safe conscious in teaching different techniques to the children. What caught my attention about AMA is the first priority is teaching respect in class and also at home. Just having this basic skill takes a child a long way in life. The reason to enroll in karate benefits goes on and on. The staff and the environment of AMA is inviting and helps ease any type of fears that people have when attempting fitness at this level. Five Thumbs Up!!! More...


Amy Luchun

Absolute has strengthened both of our children's sense of courage, kindness, and determination. It has taught them that winning isn't everything, but practice and dedication mean more. They truly love practicing karate at absolute martial arts and we look forward to what the years of practice will give them. More...


Austin Wade

AMA has helped my son be more disciplined at school. He is more focused, and treats everyone with respect. I highly recommend this school for you, or your kids.


Brandon Dutton

This is a great place to train and build a better you. It has a family feel with the Coaches and others that are there to train as well. Everyone shows an honest willingness to help you along your path.
I highly recommend this school for the entire family. I look forward to my journey with them.


Kathy Blaskow

Absolute is a great place to be! The coaches are the best and can work with people of all skill levels. It is a very welcoming atmosphere and you are treated with respect. My kids love it here too!


Jeff Woodruff

I've been studying jiu jitsu here for 7+ yrs. Wonderful atmosphere of learning and respect. Professor Keith's knowledge and level of instruction is second to none. My kids also do the kids karate classes. Ana is a wonderful instructor, and my kids are always excited to go to class. I can't say enough good things about Absolute!!! More...


Katie Weiskopf Kuehn

My kids have been with Absolute Martial Arts since 2013, and have loved every minute. They have grown as people by leaps and bounds. Even their teachers have mentioned all around improvements at school. They are a part of a big family there and soon enough their father and I will also be training there! More...


Tony Ligue

Such an amazing environment with very fun and knowledgeable staff!!


Eric Parker

Loved the place! Super friendly people, very clean, excellent atmosphere for beginners and advanced, alike.


Ellen MacPherson-Salyers

Excellent instruction from all the coaches. They are knowledgeable and patient, and always willing to walk you through the moves. I've been going to the kickboxing class for about 3 years and I've definitely gained muscles! The best part is that it's still just as fun and challenging as it was when I first started. Never gets old. More...


Jocelyn MB

This week will be our first promotion ceremony, and my daughter is very much looking forward to it. We started at the beginning of October, and my daughter has learned so much already, including self-defense and how to handle frustration. The one and only thing I have a hard time with is that classes are sometimes huge and I don't feel that enough individualized instruction is possible. My daughter is SO excited to be able to start sparring now! More...


Michael Villa

Absolute has been like a home away from home for me. Ive felt welcomed since the first day I walked through the doors. The workouts are a challenge but they are very fun. This is a tight group that are very inviting and willing to take the time out to teach you anything you may have questions on. Give it a try and experience it for yourself. More...


Daniel Stavrides

My daughter has been going to absolute for six months it has been great for us and her. She has learned discipline from her instructor Ana and learned how to respect others. The instructor Ana has spent time with my daughter one on one showing her how to take her time and learn things even if she doesn't get them right the first time. This has instilled confidence in my daughter which she has shown at home an in school. My daughter is excited when I tell her we are going to karate tonight and she has made a couple friends in class also. I plan on letting my daughter stay in karate and work her way to a black belt someday. Thank you absolute! More...


Ellen Emmons Nolan

Absolute has been a great tool for my son to instill self-discipline and learn how to work for goals. He’s excited to work towards his stripes and new belts and enjoys the friendships he has made!


Kristina Mujkanovic

Love this place my son started going here and he loves it its amazing definitely try it out guys !!!


Victoria Potts Keale

Absolute has made a huge impact on my family. Before joining, I was intimidated by kickboxing classes but after one class I realized my fear had no merit - the folks at Absolute are like family now. I am stronger, healthier, more confident and happier than I was before, and I have made some amazing friends. Even on those days I don't want to get off the couch, once I get to the studio my whole attitude is changed and I am pumped. Absolute is always adding new classes, new sessions, and holding events & contests for us to stay engaged. It's been over 4 years for me and it never gets old!

My two sons joined me over a year ago - one in Jiu Jitzu and one in kids class - and both have shown tremendous growth. Ms Ana and the kids class have brought out the best in my 1st grader, teaching him respect, determination and pride in accomplishments. We love Absolute!


Ryan Landers

My son just started a couple of weeks ago. They are wonderful with the kids! We love it!


Laurie Larkin

We are so pleased with Absolute Martial Arts. They have been so patient with our son. He enjoys learning from Ms. Ana.


Mark Rider

My middle daughter has been enrolled a little over a month and she loves it. I just signed up her sister for kickboxing too! Great family atmosphere, and great structure for the kids! More...


Emily Michelle

Such a fantastic place! The people are so welcoming here, that they take the intimidation out of learning something new, especially as an adult learning - and they really care about teaching you and pushing you to be your best. Absolutely love coming here for classes, seeing everyone weekly, and learning Muay Thai! More...

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