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Kari Rae

24 February 2019

Amazing and amazingly convenient and tasty!


David Matthew

21 February 2019

amazing food! above the grain exceeded my expectations!


Laura Burns

20 February 2019

What a great service! Meals are made fresh and are always delicious. Owner will work with your dietary needs and is passionate about what she does. Working at the company I was able to see first hand how much thought and care goes into each clients meals. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone looking for a meal service More...


Lauren Simonds Krause

12 December 2018

Above the grain catered to our Richards plumbing and electric Christmas party and did an amazing job. The partygoers had nothing but good things to say about the food, all the different selections, and even offering gluten-free options. I would highly recommend giving them a try for large parties, company events and or weddings.I’m sure we will be booking them again next year for the annual Christmas party. More...


Sophia Dasilva

29 November 2018

I am happy to be able eat healthy just by grabbing some food out of the refrigerator.


Alexis Williams

29 November 2018

I am so happy to have a refrigerator full of tasty meals. When I am in a hurry it’s so nice to know i can eat healthy without worry.


Kerri Marie

14 November 2018

Jenn and her staff are amazing. She listens to you and does exactly what you want. Her cooking is out of the world delicious. I have used her company for serval events of mine and all my guest can’t stop talking about yummy her food is. Her prices are reasonable as well. I would refer her to anyone that is looking for good , tasty, flavorful food. She can cook anything that your mind can think of . -thanks again Jenn for being such a great person More...


Ivan Navarro

2 July 2018

got chance to try the great food! Very impressive, it's healthy and tastes great!


Pablo Esteban

19 May 2018

Had lunch at Bold at their Food Truck. OMG! �. Can’t wait to have their food again.


Joe McIntyre

19 July 2017

Always a wonderful experience working with Jenn and enjoying her food on a weekly basis.


Jacklyn Humbard

10 April 2016

I'm a picky eater but everything I have tried from Above the Grain has been delicious! I have even tried things I wouldn't have considered before and the fact that it's healthy and that I don't have to actually put effort into making it makes it 10 times better!


Allison Marsai

7 April 2016

About five years ago, after a long frustrsting (and painful time) I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. When the doctor said no more wheat, no more bread, no more cereal... I felt it was a death sentence. Never would I eat tasty food again. After talking to Jenn, she assured me there were amazing foods that could be made that were both delicious and that would keep me healthy. I was skeptical, at best. Have you ever tasted this womans jumbalaya?!? Omg, if you haven't... then you must. From meatballs to paleo bars her food is amazing. Although I thought being Celiac would be the worst thing if my life, but it turns out I've never looked so good... that's what clean eating will do for you. Try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed! Oh, and did I mention she delivers?!?! Could this be any better? More...


Marsha Henry

17 October 2014

I love this service. Different variety of meals each week. The buffalo chicken with sweet potatoes casserole was awesome!! I would definitely recommend this service. More...


Lori Amling

16 October 2014

Great food!!! Must try!! Jenn is very talented.


Tracey Punzone

7 August 2014

Jen burns is a talented wonderful chef! She makes the paleo diet fun! I've tried 4 meals and everyone is delicious!! She also makes the best bars for when you need to snack!! Thanks Jen!


Paige Milisci

17 July 2014

Having such a variety of meals that are pre made ready to eat has made paleo so easy for me to introduce. I never feel like I miss anything I used to eat because of how "homestyle" and developed these meals are! I actually have a hard time not eating clean now that I am so used to eating healthy. More...


Becky Hayden

13 March 2014

Loved the samples you had out at the gym the other night! glad to see you're doing well!! :-)


Bryan Inclan

3 November 2013



Rachel Amann

28 September 2013

The lemon chicken, and carrot salad was excellent! It nice to find a healthy alternative that is also delicious! Keep it up Jenn, you're amazing!


Jessica Hudon

24 September 2013

As a nurse working night shift the convenience of these meals allows me to sleep and workout by cutting out the shopping and meal prep time, but still not breaking the diet. Even better they are delicious, I have never got a meal I didn't LOVE! More...


Andrea LeBlanc Faline

4 June 2013

ABSOLUTLY, THE MOST DELICIOUS MEALS!!!!! Each dish is FULL of flavor, very fresh, and hits all hunger needs. I HIGHLY recommend ABOVE THE GRAIN. You will be EXTREMLY satisfied, and you will keep coming back for MORE AND MORE!!!! More...


Jay Haren

21 May 2013

I recommend getting the sausage and peppers! I had it the other day and it was amazing!