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Ashley Mcnamara

24 July 2019

Jim was such a great videographer. Communication was seamless, and it was so easy to have him around on the day of wedding. He was non-intrusive but somehow managed to capture everything (and more!) perfectly. Our video was truly special. He really captured the essence of our celebration and created a video that suits our personalities. We love it, and we know we're not alone...so many of our friends and family who have seen it have expressed the same sentiments. We're so grateful that we booked Abominable! More...



14 March 2019

Amy and Jim make an incredible team! They perfectly captured our wedding day with our video. This has been such a special memory to share with family and friends. Additionally, Amy is so kind throughout the planning process - and both she and Jim keep a super low profile on the wedding day! Our bridal party even commented on how easy they were to have around. Thank you Abominable Productions for all of your wonderful work! More...



25 June 2017

Jim and Amy were so easy to communicate with from the very beginning. Amy was so friendly and made my bridesmaids feel super comfortable while we were getting ready, and Jim with the guys as well. They did an amazing job of staying out of the way throughout the ceremony and reception; most guests didn’t even realize we had videographers there! I am so looking forward to receiving our wedding video from them, and I am sure (based on the MANY videos of their past works that I have watched) that it will be nothing short of amazing. More...



1 June 2017

This is by far one of the best investments that we made from our wedding. We originally were going to skip videography due to budget concerns. After being bugged enough by our family, we decided to hire a videographer after all. I am so glad that we did! The trailer and feature film are amazing. The film itself was artistically shot and the transitions in the film are great and obviously very well thought out. The quality of the film in also superb. We love going back and watching the film, as there are so many memories that pictures alone could not capture. They are truly talented videographers and I cannot thank them enough for beautifully capturing the moments of our wedding day. More...



21 April 2017

So let me just say, picking a videographer was last minute. And by last minute I mean we contacted them a week before the wedding and signed the contract the day before. They both were super friendly and I'm so glad we picked them. I haven't seen the video yet but I'm sure it'll be beautiful. More...



29 October 2016

We were on the fence about videography, but after putting off the final decision to a couple months prior I am so relieved that Jim and Amy still had availability on our wedding date. I know that for a lot of couples the video is one of the things that gets cut from the budget, but, I would not trade our video for anything in the world. While you are planning you might just see dollar signs, but after your wedding you will see the way your grandma danced at the reception or the way your best friend almost burst with joy when you came down the aisle. We worked primarily with Amy, who was amazing from start to finish. Be patient, as the editing takes time, but it is beyond worth it. Their attention to detail, to your day, and to who you are as a couple shines through in their work. More...



23 October 2015

We were on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer, but Jim's easy-going attitude, budget friendly options and high level of professionalism had us convinced that we made the right choice from the start. I was worried about a videographer being in our faces all night with a giant camera, but they were SO discreet - I didn't even realize they were there and they captured every single important moment of our big day in such a beautiful and special way. Our video is something we will always treasure and in a different way than our wedding photos or other wedding memories. When I watch our video, I remember everything I was feeling at that very moment and it's something that just can't be captured in a single photo. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such a wonderful gift. If you are feeling on the fence about wedding videography, just reach out to Jim and his team - you won't regret it. The video is absolutely beautiful and Jim even added a special section of outtakes to the end of our video because he spent some extra time editing our footage due to a lighting issue - which ended up being my absolute FAVORITE part of the entire video - it captures us as a couple perfectly. Thank you so much!!! Kate & Tom 10.23.15 More...



1 August 2015

Where do I begin with this review? I could write over 10 pages on how amazing Amy & Jim are! If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Even though my wedding just passed, and I haven't gotten my video yet (it takes some time from editing), I NEEDED to review Amy & Jim right away so I can entice some brides & grooms to book them right away.

I was very hesitant at first for booking a videographer, solely because spending the $$$ scared me! It was a very big investment but I knew if I did this, I needed the right vendor and had to have the connection. Rest assured, Jim & Amy put me at ease from DAY ONE. There were probably 15 emails back & forth between Amy & I, going over what was expected, pricing, what I had envisioned, etc. Never once, did Amy walk away from me and my concerns & questions. The more I kept talking to her, I felt home.

I booked Abominable in April, for our August 1st wedding. I was very thankful that during the emails, they were still available. It was truly fate and they were meant to film our wedding. The day of the wedding finally came & I finally got to meet Amy at my house while getting ready, while Jim tended to the groomsmen. The moment I saw her at my house, it all felt real, her & Jim were about to capture our wedding & I couldn't be more thrilled. Amy & Jim were spot on, they captured every single moment you can think of. Every corner I turned, they were there, capturing the moment & more. I am beyond pleased with their professionalism, their attitude, how fun they were, just everything about them is perfection. I am so anxious for the video, I know it will be absolutely perfect.

Brides, the investment is so worth every penny. Get on the phone, & book Abominable Productions....RIGHT NOW! im & Amy, words will never express or mount to how happy you made me & my husband. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



18 October 2014

We used Abominable Productions for our wedding video (short film and uncut full film) on 10/18/14 and were so happy with our choice! During the planning process, Jim was great to work with – responsive, friendly, and professional. During the day of – both Jim & Amy were awesome – flexible on our requests for being at different locations, worked really well with our photographers, and unobtrusive to our whole day, yet wonderfully captured all the details of our special day (they didn’t miss anything)! As far as the end product, they are SO talented! In watching our video, it truly allowed for us to transport back into the day and relive all of the happy and special memories! The whole video was really well done (and worth the few months wait!) – from the music, to the sequencing, creative cuts, deleted scenes and outtakes (too funny!), to the inclusion of the speeches/vows, it really captured the love, laughs of the tears of the day perfectly! Can’t wait to watch this through the years (I have already watched it tons!). We have gotten rave reviews as well from all of our friends and family! Thanks again, Jim & Amy! More...



29 August 2014

We couldn't have chosen 2 better people to film and create our wedding video than Amy and Jim. We are so happy that they were our videographers. The months after our wedding were well worth the wait to finally view our edited short film which they worked so hard on. They did an amazing job at capturing every little special detail of our day, as well as un-folding the story of how we met throughout our video. It is truly something we will never get tired of watching. Some of the responses we get from our friends and family when they watch it are "this is amazing", "this is the best wedding video I have ever seen", "thanks for the cry- this is beautiful." One of my family members even said, they don't even remember seeing videographers there that day- that is how un-intrussive they were throughout our ceremony and reception. If you are having trouble deciding between videographers, choose Amy and Jim, you won't be disappointed. -Tammy and Brian More...



30 November 2013

Believe every review you read that gives unqualified praise to Jim and Amy. And expect that it will take several months to receive your final product, it requires a lot of work and you will not be disappointed.

I was skeptical of having a videographer at our wedding - I promise you that you won't know they are there. Thanks to my wife for the effort she put into convincing me of the importance of memorializing it on video AND finding Abominable Productions.



25 August 2012

I can't say enough great things about working with Jim and Amy. From the moment the day started at 8am, to the VERY last guest left the receptionat 9:15pm - this team was there to capture every moment, big and small. They are such professionals. The quality of their work is top-notch. We have several friends who have also hired them - and those friends are STILL getting compliments on their wedding videos! I would have regretted NOT hiring them to capture our day. More...



1 April 2012

They are just plain fantastic. They are so easy to communicate with, responsive, flexible, suggest ideas and suit whatever need you have. The video quality is superb - I felt like I was watching a movie, some high caliber production! They capture every important moment artistically and respectfully. I HIGHLY recommend their services! More...



24 March 2012

Working with Abominable was a dream. They were 100% professional and really respected us and our families. People remarked how they never saw them during the ceremony and yet they recorded the entire thing! They worked all day and stayed with us starting with hair until the last dance of the reception. I would recommend them to any of my friends or family getting married. More...



12 November 2011

Amy and Jim were great I never even knew they were there! They were both so sweet and I really enjoyed working with them!


Jen & Mike

9 July 2011

These were the most hard working individuals. They started the day early at the house and stayed until very late in the evening. They went about there job and were not intrusive at any time. They took hours and hours of video, I'm sure the final product will be beautiful. More...



21 May 2011

they were great to work with. Good prices and prompt service!



5 December 2010

I don’t even know where to begin with this review except to say that if I could award them 6 stars out of 5, I would. If you’re an impatient person who’d rather not read through a lengthy review then my advice is simple: stop reading this, get on the phone, and book Abominable RIGHT NOW.

Jim and Amy are some of the most talented videographers and digital cinematographers I have ever seen. And that’s saying something because my wife and I work in television production and we critique video, pacing and editing on a daily basis. Trust me, these guys get it. The composition of their shots, the texture, lighting and intelligence is phenomenal. I was actually able to take freeze frames of their video that looked like a professional still photographer’s work – that’s how well-framed their shots are. Their thoughtful preparation is unsurpassed. Jim and Amy showed up at our rehearsal the night before the wedding just to scout out the location! That was beyond unexpected, but paid off tremendously in the quality of their work. You will not see other videographers setting up elaborate equipment to do a timelapse that ends up as 3 seconds of video in a 45 minute. Yet these exquisite shots remind you why they’re worth every penny. It takes an intense amount of planning to set up, which means forethought goes into your wedding video. These are proactive videographers, rather than the type of person who simply reacts to what’s happening. Their focus is on making a movie, not simply documenting the day. That means they’ll set up multiple cameras for multiple angles, and use different types of recording mediums (I’m especially fond of the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR they use, which has such warm tones and a better depth of field)

It’s one thing to shoot well, but it’s entirely different to be able to edit well. They make a fantastic team because they take this plethora of amazing video that was shot and stitch it all together into an emotional and compelling work of art. We just got our 2:30 wedding “trailer” back and it’s been a non-stop hit. Fellow co-workers, videographers and photographers I work with, rave about their work. Other people describe the video as so well-produced and emotional it’s like a season finale montage, others say it looks like a Hollywood movie trailer. Most of this has to do with how they weave nat sound (i.e. people naturally talking, overheard conversations, ambient music or noises) with gorgeous video to cover (we call it b-roll) and multiple camera angles to keep the pace up. Then they use the emotional highlights, such as personal wedding vows, a toast or speech to give direction to the “story” which carries through and provides momentum for the movie. On top of this, they add music (of your choosing!) to give the whole thing depth.

One of the biggest compliments I gave Jim and Amy was that many guests didn’t even know we HAD videographers at the wedding. It’s my belief that vendors who are not intrusive and pose such little distraction as to become invisible are the best of the best. We’ve come a long way from Bar Mitzvah or Wedding videos you might remember from decades ago. No star wipes, no blinding light mounted on top of an enormous shoulder-carried camera, no getting up in people’s faces while they try to dance. Part of the reason they could stay hidden was the new technology allows them to shoot in lower lighting situations – so they could stay far away, or if they had to get up close it wasn’t with a bright spotlight.

So let’s get down to business. Unlike their competition they give you a wedding trailer, a full-length edit, multiple DVD copies AND a blu-ray. Other companies wanted to charge me $995 for a bluray. Are you kidding?! I could burn a copy for $10 on my own computer. Talk about a ripoff! But Abominable gives you all this included. I’m tired of wedding vendors trying to nickel and dime couples who don’t point out the overcharging. Secondly, I must have looked at 100 companies because video was extremely important to me (pictures can’t help you remember how your vows sounded when you want to show your kids) At most, 5% were worth contacting. Abominable’s work is on par with Dave Williams at CinemaCake, except his team uses actual steadicams (Jim and Amy use glidecams – almost the same effect but less costly equipment) and CinemaCake has a huge staff, while Abominable is just Jim & Amy. So CinemaCake has to justify all that and charges $5,000 to start. You could get Jim & Amy with bells and whistles for half the price. HALF! And yet their work is worth just as much, if not more.

So what else do you get by going with Abominable? Well – Jim & Amy are fantastic to work with. They’re smart, extraordinarily friendly and easy-going… all things much appreciated during the hectic photo shoots on the day of the wedding. And because it’s just a two-person outfit you get more personal attention… meaning everything from going over the style of shooting, special requests, what songs for the background, quick responses to e-mail and whatnot. And, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping out a small business as compared to some of the more corporate feeling “we’ve done this a million times” video firms. I’ve watched ALL of Jim & Amy’s wedding videos (if you can’t tell… I’m thorough) and each of them are different. The quality is just as high on all of them, but my point is that each movie is tailored to the couple getting married and their day. There is no formula. I challenge you to find many videographers who will spend that much effort on each of their clients. It’s usually B.S. marketing but in this case they really do treat everyone as if they matter.

I could go on and on… I really feel that strongly about recommending Abominable… but I won’t because it would be tiring for me to keep writing and you to keep reading. I will tell you that literally the day I got our wedding trailer back we showed it to friends who are getting married and they called up Amy within minutes of the clip ending to book them for their wedding. Follow their lead.

I would also gladly serve as a direct reference so you can contact me and realize I am not a friend or family of Jim & Amy – just an extremely satisfied customer. I know it may come off sounding too good to be true, but seriously… these guys are the diamond in the rough. There is no other way to explain it. Go to their blogspot page and watch the videos. If you don’t “see it” by watching the videos then you’ll never get it and you don’t care about a good video anyways.
Here's ours: http://abominableproductions.blogspot.com/2011/01/vanessa-matts-wedding-movie-trailer.html

p.s. isn’t Abominable Productions a clever, cute, ironic name for wedding videographers?!



2 July 2010

I can't say enough about their professionalism, quality of work and value. Amy was an absolute gem to speak with and she helped guide us into the correct wedding package that we wanted. You don't have to be a movie critic or director to see that Abominable's work speaks for itself. We just knew that we made the right decision after seeing their work on their web site and were not disappointed. More...



4 June 2010

Amy and Jim did a fantastic job shooting our wedding and were exactly what we wanted and at the right price point. After the fact, Amy was more than helpful and accommodating with my questions about the editing and the final products we were going to receive, and in the end, we were all so happy! Great shots, great editing, and a fantastic end product. Well done!
Throughout the wedding, these two were hardly seen, but were capturing some great scenes. They were unobtrusive to the photographer, and actually worked very well together.
Thanks again guys!



29 May 2009

They were amazing!! Alot of my wedding guests didnt even know they were there!! But in the end they developed the most amazing wedding video I've ever seen! I still watch it and get a little teary eyed everytime..I could not recommend anyone better to capture your memories!!!
Andrew and Sara Vice



29 September 2007

Abdominable Productions sent us a sample of the wedding video and it was wonderful!! The video is great and they put everything to music and really capture your special day. They have done my wedding and my sisters and both videos were amazing. More...



8 September 2007

Jim and Amy were absolutely fabulous! I wanted a journalistic approach to photography and videography and Amy and Jim delivered! They had a fabulous eye for detail and made some wonderful touches during the editing process which made my video a beautiful reflection of my special day. One of the biggest hassles of planning a wedding is getting in contact with all your vendors. Jim and Amy were SO easy to get in touch with and were always professional. They were also incredibly responsive to calls and questions, which made me feel comfortable putting them in charge of capturing my wedding day. I am thrilled with my final product and am SO glad I used Abominable Productions. More...



7 July 2007

My wedding video is AMAZING thanks to Abominable Productions! They were able to capture intimate moments without being intrusive, which is quite an accomplishment. They were extremely professional, and produced a DVD that is visually interesting as well as touching. I've seen some painfully boring/tacky wedding videos before, but not the case with this incredible company! More...